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  1. Whatever your politics, it must be refreshing to see a candidate for President speak (and write) above a fifth grade level.
  2. It is scary, to me, that they are allowed to get away with such deception. Look at this person, for example, and how much lies and defamation he has spread yet he is still free. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2019/02/26/jacob-wohl-spread-twitter-lies-mueller-rbg-2020-election/2917226002/ Kamala Harris ineligible to run for president because her parents were born outside USA Fabricated sexual misconduct allegation against Mueller Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in vegetative state After flying to Minnesota to investigate "allegations" (read: malicious lies) that Rep. Il
  3. How has “going high” benefited Democrats?
  4. He did not offer to pay their legal fees.
  5. Hi Jasmin, In short, no. Do not give up on your engineering dreams. I cannot give you information specific to New York as I have not lived in the state and do not know much about their education system. But, you can always go for a GED if you have trouble obtaining your high school diploma. A GED is equivalent to a high school diploma. For more information, please visit the following website: https://ged.com/. I also recommend talking to your high school guidance counselor and to a college guidance counselor, and explain your situation. They will be able to help guide you on wha
  6. I assume you're asking about how effective gun control laws are at preventing people from converting semi-autos to fully automatic weapons? Please clarify before I respond.
  7. It is legal to own fully automatic weapons in the US under the National Firearms Act of 1934, as long as it is registered with ATF (with $200 tax that goes with it). However, the registry was closed in 1986, meaning no fully automatic firearms made after 1986 can be registered. To obtain one legally, you'd have to find a legal owner and convince the current owner to sell it to you. The limited supply means you'd have to pay a hefty sum. The other way would be to obtain a Federal Firearms License and have a law enforcement agency request you get a post '86 dealer's sample (any fully automatic w
  8. Could you please list the names of places in France, Britain, Sweden, and possibly Germany and Belgium, which are allegedly "no-go" zones? Once we know which places you are talking about, then it will be quite easy to verify your claims.
  9. @waitforufo There is a clear-cut contradiction in your stance with respect to "government handouts" or social welfare in general. For example, you oppose universal health care which is subsidized by taxpayers, yet at the same time oppose "government handouts". However, people who cannot afford health care and go into medical debt (which constitutes the #1 reason for personal bankruptcies in the US) are more prone to need "government handouts" in order to survive. If a universal health care system was implemented, they wouldn't go into crippling debt and they wouldn't need "government hand
  10. The most troubling success of Trump so far is his federal court appointments, most of which will be confirmed by GOP Congress. Midterm elections in 2018 are crucial, and that cannot be understated. "Trump’s predecessors all slowly ramped up their judicial nominations during their first six months in office. Ronald Reagan named Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court and made five lower-court nominations in that period; George H.W. Bush made four lower-court nominations; Bill Clinton named Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the high court but no lower-court judges; and George W. Bush named four lower
  11. The Swastikas were a celebration of Indian and East Asian cultures, duh!
  12. Keep watching -- BB starts off really slow. When I started watching it, I watched first 3 episodes and stopped... only to binge watch the whole thing when my Facebook blew up about the series finale, some 3 years later.
  13. Lost after season 2 started going downhill, in my opinion. Still a great show; I wouldn't say 'best' though.
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