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  1. Hello, I'm 17 years old and I live in Upstate New York.. I have one younger brother who is 2 years younger than me and i have my parents who don't really know English so English is not my first language. My situation right now is horrible and i have no idea how to get all things together.. i would like to explain in little briefly i have never really expressed myself to anyone other then my family.. i really need help figure out what am i suppose to do and make this all work.. so i basically moved to US in 2016 from other country when i was in 10th grade..i was living alone without parents for 3 months because i came at the end of the year and school refused for my transfer to other school but gladly, my brother got the transfer and lived with my parents. and i had to catch up everything in short amount of time.. after finishing, i moved with my parents we lived together for 2 months then we moved to other town.. my school was changed for a straight year (11th Grade). After a year, we moved to other state, we lived there for a month but we were planing to live more than we actually lived but plans got changed and we moved to straight up north in PA. Successfully, me and my brother started school and i had all advance classes it was all going well but due to my parents work, they decided to move again after 2 months to NY.. my school year (12th Grade) was basically messed up due to moving around a lot, but somehow i was trying to put all thing together until NY school decided to drop me out from all advance classes especially (pre-calc and Physics) they are my main subjects for engineering i was actually struggling because i had dumb teacher in PA and i wasted 2 months for that.. after coming NY, Physics teacher at school started giving me all the work together ( past 2 months and current work) same with pre-calc.. teacher of pre calc in PA were excellent but when i came to NY, i realized that this state has complete different text book and teacher's teaching strategy. Then a teacher of 9th grade math came up to me and said, "you have math regents in 1 week" i thought it was some reguler high school test but no it was the freaking STATE TEST.. principle decided to give me all 4 highschool years classes also regents ( math regents and algebra 1, no science, US history 11 (i basically took that Classes when i was in 11th grade but teacher failed me for some reason and i talked about that with my councilor and she said he is racist) and regents, English 12 and its regents) these were my classes when i was in 12th grade.. where i had many plans but school changed it all so technically i failed all those regents in january because i had no knowledge about anything and it was my first time.. then i took those regents again with "okay" help in June, i actually passed most of it but sadly failed English regents with left of 5 grades from passing grades, i didnt got my diploma and i did summer school and i gave english regents again on august 2018 and i still havent got any news about it im so worried because if i fail aug's regents then i will have to wait till january (they wont hand me diploma until i pass it). In between the summer vaction i went to the college for enrollment i actually got accepted to the college all went well until the guy in one the college buildings said (im not ready for college) he gave me ESL classes and 1 arithmetic math class with no credit and also charged me $2k so techincally an engineering student can't take college classes but yes dumb classes for a semister and give placement test of math again.. i seriously have no idea what i should do with my life should i still keep dreaming for engineering or just give on them? People, i need an honest straight forward answer for my situation i'm crying while typing this please give me a best opinion for this.. please and thanks!
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