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  1. Hint: a and b are distances measured from focus in formula 1 and from optical centre in the other.
  2. In studiot's solution; The required area is area of ∆ABC - area BDCB.
  3. I have four chickens and when four is squared I get the no. of pair of socks I have. There must be a link between socks and chickens? Pie squared is not exactly equal to 9.8 m/s/s It is just an approximation which sometimes help you in problems where g/pie becomes 1!
  4. Are you sure that unwashed gel got into your scalp and is causing baldness. Better consult a doctor.
  5. In the mobile version of our forum; if you select a thread from new content, in which you have never posted, will always begin with page one. Anyone else noticed?
  6. Telling answers is against rules here. You don't seem to know what Boyle's or Charle's law mean. How about finding out them first. You will find the questions to be ridiculous once you understand the law . These are 'plug and chug' type.
  7. Have you done the experiment or read somewhere that the tube glows? You can get direct answer with a little google search, though. You should always try that first. You can also look into your book and investigate.
  8. I think a cation can react with non polar species as in coordination compounds. For example, oxo-ligand compounds where oxygen act as a ligand.
  9. Do you deliberately mean 'protons' rather proton. I don't think literature ever mentions charge by mass ratio of system of particles. Even then:No e\m doesn't change. It is constant.
  10. Engineers experiment to make things while scientists make things to experiment.
  11. rktpro

    Roget's Spiral

    When the circuit breaks and the coil tries to come down, copper would provide an upward force so that it can resist increase in flux. Since copper is better conductor, the effect might be more. I suspect that's why mercury is quoted in books. Am I understanding you correctly?
  12. rktpro

    Roget's Spiral

    In that case, metal would support contraction. As you raise metal, flux through it increases and it tends to oppose the factor increasing the flux.This case is different from what is intended to be shown in Roget's spiral.
  13. I feel source of knowledge is- Through someone else's words Through literature Through experience Through assumption (as when I see smoke from a forest, I assume fire and act accordingly) I think my list is exhaustive.
  14. rktpro

    A Big Thank You

    He or anyone else posting the above already know what view more than half of the people have.
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