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  1. please answer,show me how you got it and teach me how to get it thanks for boyle's law a. p1=2.5atm , v1=1.5L , p2=3.8atm , v2=? b. p1=2.0atm , v2=350mL , p2=750mmHg v2=? c. p1=75mmHg , v2=9.1 mL p2=? , v2=890mL Charles' Law a. v1=10.0mL , t1=210k , v2=? , t2=450k b. v1=255mL , t1=55*c , v2=? , t2=150k c. v1=13L , t1= -150*c , v2=52L , t2=? Gay-lussacs a. p1=1.74atm , t1=120*c , p2=? , t2=20*c b. p1=220mmHg , t1=150*c , p2=? , t2=300k c. p1=0.75atm , t1=198*c , p2=220mmHg t2=? it's not really homework just examples i saw in the book as i need to prepare for a quiz tomorrow morning. when this was discussed i was absent that's why not sure if i am violating anything but might as well try
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