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  1. You did a much better job of explaining yourself this time NortonH so I hope the mods will leave this open and lock the other thread. This is true. This is not true in the case of wind turbines. The source of energy is the wind and obviously it exists with or without the turbines. Also the turbines don't consume any energy that we have to realistically "pay for" other than construction and maintenance. Thats the whole point. This is also trivaly false. You can buy a watch these days that cost more than some cars the watch used less energy to "create" and uses less to r
  2. Really nice catch Alex. Thank you! There will be a tv show in just two days on the National Geographic channel. I surely would have missed it if not for this thread but now my DVR is set. Also NatGeo has an online app and some may be able to watch that way. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180201006278/en/Lost-Treasures-Maya-Snake-Kings-Rewrites-History Also from the same link. Mayan history as we know it is apparently going to be completely rewritten in the next few years. Very exciting stuff.
  3. http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/results/polls/#val=USP00p1 Democrat on the left and Republican in the middle. No answer on the right. https://www.debt.org/faqs/americans-in-debt/economic-demographics-democrats/
  4. We may now have an orgin for Oumuamua and its not as far away as first thought. Postdoctoral fellow Fabo Feng of the University of Hertfordshire claims that Oumuamua comes from a loose Stellar Association known as the Local Association which is part of Pleiades. https://theconversation.com/how-i-discovered-the-origins-of-the-cigar-shaped-alien-asteroid-oumuamua-89577 Also consensus has been building that Oumuamua is a comet with a cosmic ray baked on shell of hard rock with an icy core.
  5. Which makes some people like me and Fermi wonder where they are at. Maybe it will turn out that the UFO nuts were right all along. Yes I do as well. If Breakthrough Starshot stays on schedule (they won't) I will be 96 when the data starts coming in. I doubt I will make it. OTOH I am very grateful for what I have got to see. The Voyager spacecraft forever changed our views of the moons of gas and ice giants. I got to see Shoemaker-Levy slam into Jupiter. Recently we had a vistor from another star system Oumuamua. And its been confirmed that black holes do merger and neutron star me
  6. Ok that makes more sense than what I said. From wiki (I'll post a link later) "A phased array of ground-based lasers would then focus a light beam on the crafts' sails to accelerate them one by one to the target speed within 10 minutes, with an average acceleration on the order of 100 km/s2, and an illumination energy on the order of 1 TJ delivered to each sail" Thats gonna be about 100 gigawatt for 10 minutes for each of 1,000 craft or the average output of a nuclear plant for seven days. Wiki says one by one but I have read other articles stating they might have 10 or more probes per sa
  7. Because the resting clock is moving through time only while the moving clock is moving through time and space? X-posted with geordief
  8. Yeah, there are plans on the table but nothing AFAIK green lighted so far. http://www.space.com/37952-hunting-second-earth-next-generation-telescopes.html Hubble's primary mirror is 2.4 meters in diameter and JWST's is 6.5 meters. So not quite 10 times as big but still a big step up. I wonder will I still be around to see it. Well the Breakthrough Starshot team is looking for one fifth the speed of light using nanoprobes called Sprites. Funded by billionaire Yuri Milner and guided by Facebook guru Marc Zuckerberg and Stephen Hawking. The team have 5 or 6 sprites in orbit
  9. Yep that too but the first thing I had to loose was the notion that there was something special about the clocks. Exactly!
  10. I think you are doing fine on your own. I didn't really like Blindfold my ICE but the other four are great. Sorry I'm not more help but I got nothing.
  11. This was very hard for me to wrap my mind around as well. Its not just the clocks everything is moving at a different rate including ageing processes. If you look out at earth from your spaceship traveling at near light speed not only will you see clocks moving slower but the people will be moving slowly as well.
  12. They are not being deceptive. They have different criteria. As it turns out my explanation was deficient. https://exoplanetarchive.ipac.caltech.edu/docs/exoplanet_criteria.html Maybe thats stupid to you but I really don't see it that way.
  13. Except that it is. https://www.seeker.com/exoplanet-count-blasts-through-the-1000-barrier-1767964789.html
  14. The Paris catalog adds an exoplanet as soon as an announcement is made. NASA only lists them after they have been published in a scientific journal. "No later than" launch date as opposed to the working launch date of March. I too am very excited to see these missions inching closer. A bit miffed as well the JWST original launch date was 2013 and just last spring it was slated for October of this year. TESS has suffered similar setbacks but appears to be on track for now. I know. These are big one shot missions and its important they get everything right. If JWST lives up to
  15. Not at all it's just if women are being abused because of the clothes they wear I would like to see some proof. By personal did you mean personal attack? I honestly have no idea why you would take it that way.
  16. Having raised a fine young lady there did come a time when I needed to have just that talk with her. It was appropriate that I did so. But in the context of this thread it is highly inappropriate to bring it up. I hear this often and I often ask for a real life example of a woman getting raped due to her attire. Nobody ever gives me one. Would you like to be the first?
  17. And the excuse is always "the defendant deserves a vigorous defence." So is it now time to set some rules in place to stop the victim blaming defence? I think so. https://m.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/woman-who-was-gang-raped-as-a-teenager-calls-to-st/3245561/
  18. Great vid! It is part of the PBS Eons series. I had not seen this particular one before or encountered this idea. Very interesting.
  19. It's all good. I really enjoyed your article and hope you read mine. I have been fascinated with Europa and Enceladus for some time now. They are so much more interesting to me than all the other "worlds" in our solar system. I sure would like to know what is under all that ice. Is anybody ok with us sticking a drill in? Anybody not ok with it? I mean we have already mucked up one habitable world. I am on the fence myself.
  20. In Bama no less I am proud of my of my fellow statespersons right now. I know it was not easy for any of us. Maybe a bright new day, I hope so.
  21. I said on this very page looks like unpopular candidates all the way around. I can't call you wrong.
  22. I gave you both a national poll and a poll of democrats. We are not back in 2015 and both your charts are supporting what I have said. In particular the bottom on shows that only 40 percent of her own party saw her as strongly favorable while they were out voting for her in the millions. What is that a concession of?
  23. https://www.savetheinternet.com/net-neutrality-what-you-need-know-now What concerns me is the big corporations are going to have even more control over information flow.
  24. How bout this. Typical political discussion on the internet and in the White House and in all of US Congress no one concedes anything it might show weakness.
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