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  1. Another successful landing. Go NASA! https://mars.nasa.gov/news/8392/nasa-insight-lander-arrives-on-martian-surface/?site=insight
  2. That was awesome! Thank you.
  3. While worded poorly I think this mostly correct. This is what you need to cite or better yet retract because its just wrong. AFAIK the only thing that alters a gravitational field is more or less mass. Also why do you spell gravitational like this "gravit." This is also wrong. It is simple aerodynamics which is why we can and do ignore any gravitational effects. Your not wrong that particles in the air have a gravitational attraction its just that its so small that we can ignore it. Cross posted with Strange.
  4. Thanks beecee for bringing this to my attention and also for all the other science news you post. I don't think it was just "sensationalist media propaganda" although there was an element of that in the story. I think Strange (above) got it about right. I think it is safe to assume for now that gravitational waves have been detected. After all the visual confirmation was the smoking gun IMO. Also I have a lot of respect for David Shoemaker who is on the team. Meanwhile people are out doing science with these results. https://ras.ac.uk/news-and-press/research-highlights/gravitat
  5. Thanks Strange. That was fun. I missed 6, 7, 9 and 11. I just guessed on the plank length question and got lucky. So I probably don't deserve my 11 score but will take it. https://insidetheperimeter.ca/physics-quiz/ 12/15 on this one.
  6. Outrider

    about humour

    One thing I haven't really seen discussed here is my belief that certain jokes shouldn't be told because it normalises certain behaviors that most of us find aberrant. Such as racial, rape and pedophile jokes. In fact I just noticed a pedophile joke in the The official jokes section thread. I think the wrong joke told at the right time could convince a racist that he's more the norm than he thought he was yesterday. Or convince a man thats having urges he hasn't acted on that hey everybody's doing it. Just something to think about.
  7. Without a doubt! My daughter was in the third grade when she came home one day and told me that joke. We still laugh about it now. Some time later she came home and told me this one. Q. How do you make a tissue dance? A. Put a little boogie in it.
  8. So here is some interesting reading I found regarding the OP today. The first is a transcript of a NPR debate on the pros and cons of thorium reactors between science writer Richard Martin (pro) and electrical and nuclear engineer Dr. Ajun Makhijani (con). It is rather lengthy but it helped me understand why some are leery of this technology. https://www.npr.org/2012/05/04/152026805/is-thorium-a-magic-bullet-for-our-energy-problems The second is a list of pros and cons of thorium reactors. https://vittana.org/16-big-thorium-reactor-pros-and-cons# From the second link
  9. Ok we are on the same page here. Good deal! We need to promptly decide which illegals deserve amnesty (most of them) and then revamp the whole system. Not gonna happen but needs to. Did you know this was state law? I didn't. Maybe its not as big a problem as you think. http://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/felon-voting-rights.aspx So you just have a beef with 12 states. Also voting rights are not all felons stand to loose. For one employers may discriminate if they wish. https://thelawdictionary.org/article/what-rights-do-convicted-felons-lose
  10. Again I see these as problems that need to be fixed. I don't see how giving felons and non citizens the right to vote fixes them.
  11. Here is the link for the quote 2 posts up. https://www.zmescience.com/ecology/what-is-molten-salt-reactor-424343/ I forgot to add it earlier, sorry. I thought it sounded to good to be true. Thank you for your comments. Hopefully more later if I have the time.
  12. In-laws of the same ethnicity often don't get along either. I'll need a cite for that. Or they may have a wonderful time learning each others culture. Do you not find that plain vanilla gets bland after awhile? What the heck is a "third culture kid"?
  13. Yes you are right nuclear power is actually low risk due to the safeguards put in place. Yes MSR's are considered fast breeders. Can anyone comment on the authenticity of the quote above?
  14. And its just a slogan. If I cross state lines and buy a candy bar and pay the sales tax should I be allowed to vote in that state? I think not. China pays tariffs on their imports do they get to vote? If you want to talk about specific classes of people we might find some agreement but not much on your two examples so far. I didn't read your link but the sentence seemed unduly harsh to me. But I am ok with certain convictions disqualifying the perpetrator from voting. As far as non citizens voting yeah I would be against that. We need to fix our immigration policies in the wors
  15. So the topic now is why wind turbines won't work? No one is proposing that we use only one type of power source. These technologies are working and will work better in the future. This is just propaganda. Enercon's E-126 in Germany runs entirely without neodymium and has been running that way since 2011. As far as copper, aluminum and stainless steel I'm willing to wager that nuclear power sources use more per kilowatt. See with the turbines (once construction is complete) there is nothing to mine, refine, transport or dispose. If your going to compare the two systems y
  16. Wow he beat his doctors to the tune of 55 years! Much respect for a fallen giant. I read quite a few of his books and enjoyed the small parts I could understand. Yes! Depite having published 100's of scholarly articles and was still publishing last summer. Despite having a major role in furthering our understanding of black holes, inflation and the orgins of our universe. Despite having continually coming up with new and clever ways to communicate to the outside world. I agree his biggest accomplishment was bridging the gap between physics and laypersons. Carl Sagan laid d
  17. Yes or close enough at least. I was thinking along the lines of Chernobyl with its 1,000 or so square miles that can't be cleaned up at least by us. Thank you! Nuclear reactors are high reward/high risk operations. High reward because the energy generated is very clean (disregarding spent fuel*) and practically "free" for us and I mean free in the renewable sense. That is if everything works properly. High risk because if something does go wrong you will almost certainly have killed most of the people in the plant and possibly many persons, plants and animals in the surr
  18. Turns out Russia has what is described by Wiki as a sodium cooled fast breeder reactor know as the BN-800. It has been producing commercial power since November of 2016. It runs on a plutonium and uranium mix. Weapons grade if the article is accurate and I'm not missing something. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BN-800_reactor I have been hearing thorium quite a bit lately and what little bit I have read about it seems very promising. Inda seems poised to make it a reality. http://www.indrastra.com/2017/09/India-s-Tryst-with-Next-Gen-Nuclear-Energy-Systems-003-09-2017-0008.
  19. Yes according to François Hammer Et Al. it is very possible that Andromeda (as we know it) formed over a billion years after our own solar system did. A French and Chinese collaboration of scientists made deep observations between 2008 and 2014 and came up with a numerical model. They fed the model into some of the most powerful computers in France and got back a simulation that produces a galaxy that is a dead ringer for Andromeda. Their hypothesis is that between 7 and 10 billion years ago a much larger galaxy collided with a smaller one. The merger finally settled into the configurat
  20. It is a prestige item but it is also a production item kinda like you can pay 15$ or 50$ for the same ribeye steak some people just prefer to pay more. This is why cost isolated from all other considerations is not a good way to judge what you are getting. But nevermind I withdraw my example and provide another one. 50,000$ Ram 1500 vs 70,000$ Lexus GS 450h F sport. If we just do it by cost we are going to miss alot. For instance do I get to factor in the fact that if I go to the river and catch a fish and eat that fish I will be ingesting mercury spewed out by Alabama's coal burners?
  21. Ok I was thinking of posting some links myself but lets just do this your way. BTW I worked in a coal fired steam turbine plant for a number of years and thats how I know that one day wind will beat the pants off coal in efficiency. You all know how we generate electricity, a few magnets, a shaft and a coil and one more thing some way to spin that wheel. You can spin with your finger or a bicycle it doesn't matter its just got to spin. The coal plant does this by burning refined coal to heat the water converting it into steam and shooting the steam through massive turbines that spin
  22. Hello NortonH. Your welcome thank you for yours. Ok I am anxious to see the evidence for this seeing how the method we use to gain electricity from coal involves numerous, numerous processes. The method we use to gain electricity from wind turbines uses, laughably, one. Common sense, or logic if you prefer, would indicate the simpler method would prove to be the more efficient one. Ok the Mp 05 Laferrari 50 Days Power Reserve Men's Watch coming in at just under 250,000$. Costs nothing to operate and manufactured for less than 5,000$. VS 2018 RAM 1500 loaded
  23. The documentary was IMO really well done. I enjoyed and highly recommend it. Thanks again Alex.
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