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  1. It's more of a moot point for me. If I knew that my gut had made me do everything that I regret I would no longer feel the guilt but then who decided that? It just doesn't change anything. So I choose to act and feel as if I have freewill. Just in case. Even though it changes nothing I find the subject interesting and deserving of it's own thread apart from our inner pees thread. I have been known to fib to prove a point but thanks koti. @Eise nailed it!
  2. So...I have a wife and daughter with fairly long hair and if you imagine I clean out my drain traps once a year you would be right. How risky is it? Trust me no one has to tell you to wash up after cleaning, what we call in Alabama, a pee trap. Dosent matter if it's the kitchen sink it's still a pee trap.
  3. MigL I thought the mass determinations of distant galaxies were done in part by luminosity/apparent magnitude so that if the distances are different than our current understanding they might have more or less mass. One of the key indicators that DM exists is that most (all?) galaxies we observe don't have enough visible matter to hold themselves together. So if the distance to a particular galaxy is adjusted I assume it's mass would be adjusted as well. Or I could be wrong.
  4. Thanks Mordred I know I'm not the only one on the board keepin you busy ATM so no hurry.
  5. All is well and all is well and all manner of things be well. Thanks! Dave and Cap'n.
  6. Zap has told you several times and yet you just rinse and repeat as always. Go back and reread the thread if you are honestly confused. So you refuse to answer my questions?
  7. Nice how you ignore all my questions and demand I answer yours. Thank you for an excellent opportunity to exercise my self control. Of many options I choose to answer the question. I choose not to drink any whiskey and to guard what I do drink carefully which makes your question moot.
  8. The board has peformed much better today. 8 hours ago everything was fine pages loading in 4 or 5 seconds. By noon (4.5 hours ago) the wait times had increased to about 15 seconds on average and the occasional 30 to 45 second wait.
  9. Ah yes I was wrong...again...sigh. But it does stand that we have alot of evidence for a 13.8 billion year old universe and very little for an older or younger universe? Also much of the evidence for the age of and the expansion of our universe,DM and DE overlaps? I have a related question that I would appreciate your opinion on in just a sec. Well maybe not and I apologize for the confusion I caused. But as I said to Strange I think the point still stands. And yes I understand we must consider all data points. Here is my question that I hope both of you will offer your opinions. It has been claimed "estimated that between 18% and 48% of all the Type Ia SN prior to 2013 have been misclassified and should actually be Type Iax SN." Any idea as to the accuracy of the claim? If true would this be a real game changer? I'm guessing it would definitely change the age of the universe. Remove the need for dark matter and/or dark energy or possibly increase the need. Among other things. T.McGrath made the claim in this thread. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/110756-why-do-we-think-there-is-dark-matter-and-dark-energy/
  10. So we have multiple lines of evidence pointing to a 13.8 billion year old universe and thousands (more?) of observed objects that fit very well into that framework. And we have a very small handfull of anomalies that suggest a different age. It should be easy to see where to start the inquiry.
  11. Yes! But how better to fight that? And even if you convince me to fight my bias and I convince you how do we spread that to a larger audience?
  12. Ok iNow thanks. So you have just abandoned any pretense that this is a serious subject for you?
  13. iNow I agree freewill is both a fascinating and worthwhile subject. Would you agree that in most (all?) situations it is better to act as if we have it? I mean I wouldn't know how to act as if I didn't. Reframe the question please I apparently don't understand it as asked.
  14. zapatos I agree of course and thank you for laying out my position so succinctly. dimreepr I have complete control over my intake of alcohol unless you are going to bring up some totally off the wall situation.
  15. Tell you what dimreepr I'm just going to leave the muddy waters behind. If I have done anything to offend please forgive me. I believe that both you and me have some measure of control over our own physical bodies and also our intellect that is our thoughts, moods and emotions? Do you agree? If not why? I believe that by exercising my control over myself I can increase (yet never master) that control. Do you agree? If not why? I believe that gaining better control over my thoughts, moods and emotions is a very important (not the only one) component in the road toward inner peace. Do you agree? If not why? I also believe I have proved this to myself in my own life and am trying to pass it on. All the while listening to the other commenters hoping to gain new insight. Wimning the argument is trival for me. If I learn and you learn that is more than enough satisfaction. Yeah I was trying to be funny and make a point at the same time. I'll not make the same mistake again. When a bird builds a nest it is taking some measure of control over it's environment. When a colony of ants builds a hill it is likewise taking some control. And while I my not have the skills to build an a.c. unit from scratch much less build and maintain a power grid to run that unit by myself. With the help and cooperation of my fellow human beings I can. And yes I have a very small bit of control over that process as well. I can pay the power bill or not. This shows I did a really bad job of explaining myself, sorry about that. No I really don't feel the anger at all when I am in control of my emotions. When I am not in control I do feel the anger and in some situations I suppress it. I don't think it is always a good thing to express our emotions in the heat of the moment depends on the situation. Control of emotion and suppression of emotion are two different things. Do you agree? If not why? So anytime you see something happen to another that would make you mad and they don't get mad do you assume they are suppressing?
  16. Yeah it's running a little faster for me as well and I agree with you it's an onsite problem. BTW I'm not complaining I am just reporting. I am sure Dave and the Cap'n are doing all they can.
  17. No they were Republicans back when they really were grand. Ironic considering your first sentence in the quote box. Part of the problem with finding middle ground is that neither party can resist taking shots at each and both find it easy to rewrite history whenever convenient. It's part of the reason I no longer identify as Republican. Most of this shouldn't be considered partisan issues. The fact that you and others think they are is part of the problem.
  18. Wait times in the minutes on chrome with firefox 30 to 45 seconds on an android . It's been like this for about 4 days.
  19. Why only coal counts? When you add in oil and natural gas it's about 50/50 and thats me letting you have biofuels and nukes. Which while renewable are not really clean. I know I only addressed a small group of deniers but I stand by my proposal. According to your chart above oil, gas and coal represent over 1 million jobs I think their concerns should figure into any middle ground we can find. Of course your right and if I came off as proposing a solution to the entire problem that was not my intention.
  20. Thats impossible I am just trying to minimize it. I am looking forward to it! It's not you. Of course we do. I have the air conditioning running right now. I choose what I consume I am lucky that way not everyone has the same choices I do. No I don't feel the anger. I agree that suppressing emotions is a very bad thing but suppression and control are two very different things. So anytime you see something happen to another that would make you mad and they don't you assume they are suppressing? Maybe they just have a different perspective. That is what control is all about gaining better perspectives. When I am driving and someone cuts me off I can get mad or just bump the brake and let them go. It's my choice. But what if it makes me late to work then I should get mad? Not really I could have left the house earlier. In fact that is an actual strategy by me to cut down on situations that cause me stress. I'm usually 20 to 30 minutes early to work. If someone says I'm wrong I can choose to get mad or I can choose to investigate the claim. If they call me a name I can get mad or I can choose to pity them for their small vocabulary. I can't avoid anger in every situation nor do I want to but I have become fairly skilled at minimizing it and I think that has enriched my life. The point about expectations is if you have none you will never be disappointed but I think expectations are a good thing. However many people set them to high. I need to keep my expectations reasonable and realistic. No one here has claimed this.
  21. Maybe. You said everybody above the age of 70 was ignorant of climate change and my dad and my mom are in that group so maybe. I would still have problems if you had said the Chinese or any number of other groups on the same grounds. What you said was unfounded discrimination. I have shown you where you are wrong. What? This thread is about climate change and I had assumed you meant our elders were ignorant of that now you implie they are ignorant of everything? You make a test get out in the world and talk to some older folks. I have no need of a test I talk to my 70+ parents just about everyday and they are neither deniers or ignorant. "physics, chemistry, biology" I am ignorant in quite a few areas on these subjects and so is my dad. But give him any kind of "modern" computer with any kind of soft or hardware malfunction and he will have it repaired before either us is through troubleshooting.
  22. Outrider

    Trump tweets

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">If Senate Republicans don&#39;t get rid of the Filibuster Rule and go to a 51% majority, few bills will be passed. 8 Dems control the Senate!</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href="https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/901029770401546243?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">August 25, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Few, if any, Administrations have done more in just 7 months than the Trump A. Bills passed, regulations killed, border, military, ISIS, SC!</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href="https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/901032475111116800?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">August 25, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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