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    Trump tweets

    Apparently we value different things.
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    Trump tweets

    No he dosent he says what he thinks his supporters want to hear. He is often wrong and rarely honest. I have no problem with him using Twitter, Facebook or any other medium that suits him. I have a big problem with what he says most of the time. And being dishonest about being dishonest.
  3. Lets try this. For me inner peace is a state of mind I prefer in most (not all) situations. For you inner peace is a quality that allows you to be ok with being mad or sad or disappointed? Maybe we could use content instead of "be ok with"? In any case we may just have to agree to disagree and I'm ok with that. But I will never be ok with anger or grief. I have accepted that I cannot control the situations that will surely bring these emotions but I will rage against them anyway. A spoilt child is an abused child so I don't know what you are on about either. But this I like: Ok I don't agree with the illusion of time part. Time is very real. And I really dont agree with us being clones I think we are all unique. But yes we have very little control and it is a good thing to recognize and acknowledge. The only thing we can control is ourselves and many times even that ain't easy. Like any muscle control over oneself can be exercised and this can lead to better wellbeing. As for expectations well if I don't expect anything out of you I won't be disappointed. But as a fellow member of the human race I do have expectations for you.
  4. Yes I do and what kind of truth we are talking about defines what kind of fear. Since you started with climate change I will go with that for the moment. If we replace all the coal plants with solar panels there would be disruptions and some pain felt by both of us I am sure. But when that has passed I think we would be really happy with the results and agree it was well worth the price. I repair equipment used to produce porcelain tile and I am very good at it but my skills are a lot more specialized than you might think. I couldn't quit here today and go have success doing the same thing in a coal plant and visa versa. What about the 50 year old man who has spent his whole life gaining a better understanding of the process of burning coal to produce steam to spin the turbines that produce the electricity? You may think that this guy can learn new skills but he dosent. He feels that if you are correct about climate change his way of life is over either way. So it's easier just to lie to yourself and when you are backed up the Trumps of the world it gets even easier. About 30 years ago cod fishers were in the same boat. They knew what was happening but they couldn't figure out what to do so they just lied to themselves until they went out one day and there was no cod left. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collapse_of_the_Atlantic_northwest_cod_fishery This is what we are up against and it dosent help when all the workers in the oil, gas and coal industries look up see Gore and Pelosi and other champions of climate change maintaining many large houses and flying around the country in private jets. If you want to find middle ground with these people and change the debate from "is it happening" to "what are we going to do". As it should be. 1. Convince those who wish to campaign for clean renewable energy to reduce thier carbon footprint that of an average middle-class household. If they won't denounce them loudly and often and don't vote for them. 2. Give the workers alternatives to what they are doing now and make them good ones. So much time is spent on the dire consequences of global warming that none is left to discuss what we are going to do with those displaced. So my 78 year old dad was lying when were discussing this the other day? Elders take action on climate change http://www.eldersclimateaction.org/ http://100grannies.org/past-events/grandparents-climate-action-day/
  5. It's here http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/102-general-philosophy/ Please don't drink-n-post lol
  6. Yes I read your article with much interest. Thank you for the link. In the article I read where one of the researchers considered that the discovery might affect our understanding of galaxy formation. Which I find a more likely result. Of course anything in cosmology is open to question. Here is a star older than the universe. Note that the researchers are trying to understand where they went wrong with the star and not the universe. http://www.space.com/20112-oldest-known-star-universe.html In this thread T. McGrath discusses a way we might be misunderstanding the age of the universe. I'll leave a little bit below but please go read the thread. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/110756-why-do-we-think-there-is-dark-matter-and-dark-energy/ T. McGrath said
  7. I'll certainly be happy to see the guilty pay as it happens so rarely in these kinds of cases. I still halfway expect it to come down to some bs fine like chinagate. I also think Mueller and crew are doing some good work. It's been mentioned that Pence might be worse and I think he will be but that in no way allows us to ignore crimes of this magnitude.
  8. Haha I had always assumed the serenity prayer was attributed to folklore I never knew it had a (known) author. It does put my in mind of some irish folklore which will go good with the thread. I'll have to look it up or else I'll screw it up. Irish folk saying.
  9. That was my understanding as well. Here from a 2012 article. http://www.space.com/16641-oldest-spiral-galaxy-hubble-telescope.html The galaxy in the article was said to only be 10.7 billion years old so it got nudged out by a mere 300 million years.
  10. I guess we just have a slightly different way of looking at it. I would say the "letting go" is when we are experiencing inner peace and the "rant and curse" is when we are not. I would also say that a degree of inner peace can help us cut down on anger in inappropriate situations. Someone suffers great harm due to an individual's selfish and/or foolish act yes I will be mad. But someone cuts me off in traffic I just bump the brake a bit and let them go. Anger would be a waste of time and emotion for me and not affect the reckless driver in any way and if I attempt to reciprocate I am placing my life and those around us in danger. Of course I wasn't always like this my biggest pet peeve on the road has always been tailgating. In my younger days I would speed up and if they stuck with me I'd hit my brakes I even got one to hit me pretty hard. His insurance paid for the repairs and I thought I was really smart when in fact (with his help) I could have got us both killed. Nowdays I just go slower and slower and if that don't get them to back off in a couple of minutes I pull over and let them by. Good stuff right here Zap! I would say it's a good one sentence description on how to acquire inner peace. Also accepting that people are going to let me down and deciding I will forgive them when they do. Also understanding I will let myself and others down and I will forgive me when it happens.
  11. Moontanman while I respect your opinon because of your extensive knowledge in this area... ...I think it's more the former than the latter. If they find a big torpedo shaped toothy carnivore with fins swimming around under the ice of one of Jupiter's moons and people want to call it a Europa shark it really won't bother me.
  12. The first thing I thought of was being really angry and deeply in love at the same time. My wife can do that to...well to this man anyway. The fact that you changed means it wasn't simultaneous. When you lose someone you care so deeply about that you would gladly change places with them at first it's all tears and all sorrow. But later and it may be days or it may be years later or for some unfortunate persons it may be never you will have days where you laugh and cry at the same time. A memory may pop in your of a good time you had but then the memory that they are gone hits you and the joy is still going strong even as the sorrow wraps around you. And it can happen the other way around as well and while most of the time one emotion wins out eventually there are times when you are just locked in joy/sorrow. I like to think thats inner peace.
  13. Star Trek Enterprise! You had me searching all over Netflix looking for the original Star Trek episode I somehow missed. I forget why but I didn't really get into Enterprise and so only watched the first few episodes and now (thanks to you) I'm on the 5th episode of season 3 and (knowing me) I'll end up watching all 4 seasons. Thanks. lol. And yes the aquatic Xindi are pretty ridiculous but I am enjoying the show ridiculousness and all. Also an interesting concept 5 highly intelligent species evolving on one planet.
  14. Thats a good start I would add the ability to not hold a grudge and not seek revenge even when it is due us. The ability to have empathy for strangers without getting depressed. The ability to be happy at what I have and also be happy for what you have even if it more than what I have. Yes! I like to think on my good days I'm fairly skilled but on my bad days not so much. Also it's not always desired if I am attacked I'll find something better than inner peace to them over the head with. I would say they are related. Think of it this way any ballplayer can be content with winning but a ballplayer with inner peace can be content with losing. Which brings us back to it's not always desired. This is not a made up situation for me and probably not for you either. You are right that at the moment you learn there is absolutely no peace of any kind. But hopefully at some point you can accept that your time together was a gift. On my good days, the days I feel like I have inner peace, I can accept and enjoy recalling our time together. On my bad days I rage against the dying of the light.
  15. This maybe dosent apply on the board but what if you are speaking in public how do you know there isn't someone in earshot that has the capability of understanding the insult but isn't able to understand how you are using the word? I have already conceded that there are certain situations where it would be really awkward to avoid it but I don't see that this is one of them. It's not so much that you should not. Its more like it would be nice if you did not. Yes that's the better option I assume you will take care of that for me. Just kidding. It really would be a nice world if everybody had your level of education but thats just not the reality we have. So now the better educated among us are being asked, as a favor to the less-fortunate, to express their selves in a different way. Thank You!
  16. MigL As a lifelong fan of Samuel Langhorne Clemens I would of course pick A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court it's the better read anyway. That's the point in most settings we have a choice.
  17. Also from Airbrush's article (which I'll repost to save confusion) more evidence of Trump's childish way of thinking. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-told-la-david-johnson-widow-that-he-knew-what-he-was-getting-into-congresswoman-says/ I probably don't have to explain this but when accused of failing to do something we ought to have done we either explain why the accuser is wrong or apologize. Pointing the finger at others isn't really an option.
  18. And Star Wars episode two had the water planet of Kamino also rather far fetched but still an interesting concept IMO . http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kamino Also it didn't really work if you thought about it to hard but still overall I liked it. If you are into sci-fi at all see if you can find the movie Europa Report. It's about a manned mission to the ice locked moon of Jupiter. I thought the science was fairly realistic and perhaps one day man will land on Europa. http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2051879/
  19. They have more experience L.A. which gives them a better understanding of the situation IMO. I'm thinking of it in these terms who is in better position to decide how we use this word a doctor who treats mentally challenged patients, a parent of one of these patients, me or you? I have some limited experience with mentally challenged people but I think from your reactions you have none. Am I wrong about that? This may be why we approaching this in such different ways. I understand that it's not all completely logical but I also understand I don't have know that my child will always be different from not only their peers(if they even have any) but their parent as well. Or really anywhere else. Thats a great point if I have to insult you to win the argument not only have I already lost but I probaly know it too. Your not the first to make it but it is the best point. If someone says thats offensive to me please stop and it's easy (like finding another word to convey a thought) to do what they ask why not just do it.
  20. You don't understand because you won't go read. I have told you this before these are the experts in this field. These are the organizations that work with and for disabled people every day. Where else would you go to get an educated opinon on the matter. Your not disabled, you don't take care of anyone disabled so why do think your opinion is better than those who are and do? The site is ran by The Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation for the Benefit of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and supported by The Special Olympics if that helps any.
  21. You specifically said "it really has nothing to do with the words we use." Why is it do you think they want people to stop using the r word? It's because they think it has alot to do with the words we use. Do you remember when I said it would help if you would read the links? It really would! http://www.r-word.org/r-word-why-pledge.aspx#.WezQBXNOm7N There is my cite thats words do matter can I see yours claiming they don't or would you rather just withdrawal your comment? Of course not no one has claimed they will. But it is funny how you mention it since you stubbornly refuse to educate yourself on this issue. I have provided links where you can do just that.
  22. No thats just wrong the words we use have a big influence on the people we come in contact with every day. I gave you a list of over 200 organizations who say its wrong to use this word (in certain contexts DrP et al) and if you are going to assert they are wrong then you need to provide some citations of your own. I largely agree with this and only want to add that sometimes changing our words can help change attitudes.
  23. Correct. Correct. Correct. I am sorry it took me so long to acknowledge that this word is correctly used in industry all the time. I admit my "any and all uses of the word" was pretentious and heavy handed and most likely wrong. And thank you. It's not really my request but those who suffer this disability and those who care for them. I can agree with that but I have seen first hand how this word affects people. Those with moderate to light disability understand the word very well and identify with it in ways that they don't idiot, stupid and moron. I can't exactly tell you why that is the case although I and iNow have made some suggestions. We both know that should be and is are often two very different things.
  24. But you did. I do realize it was not intentional but there gets a point where intention dosent matter. If you call me a grapefruit you are saying I am in some way similar to the grapefruit (who got the bigger insult I dont know) but you are also saying the grapefruit is in the same way similar to me. I am sorry but there is no way around that. If I call a sot an Irishman I am implying that all Irish are drunks. Any word I use as an insult that can be traced back to a particular group of people is in fact an insult to that group. I did give the short answer to that in a reply to John and that is I really dont use those words either and wish you wouldn't. The main reason this particular word over the others is because the group that it hurts says it's the most hurtful. Now I'm just guessing but I think it is because it is the most ingrained. When is the last time you libidiot or reporon? Also maybe because idiot and moron felt into disuse in the medical profession a long time ago. This word was abandoned in more recent memory. Thank you for your acknowledgement. You described the law in 5 different ways in your post so I think you can if you want to.
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