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  1. I wasn't quantifying prosperity. I would think those are all important metrics plus many more. Also context is always important. In the future if you have any questions for me, please, ask me. I am not Waitforufo and I have no association with him other than being fellow mb members. Well I'm not going to engage to the level you wish but for my small participation lets use U.S. News. These arguments rarely win over any hearts so no I'm not going to pick the best economy ever. I don't have the knowledge to do so and when I turn to the experts they are often divided.
  2. So you can see the sun with all the suns rays absorbed?
  3. Overall yes but Reagan's administration had the biggest positive change. He inherited the biggest mess but stiil managed to get it almost as low as the two you mentioned.
  4. Ah people like him always seem to want more. Now that theres a durn good point and a durn good question. I guess if travel bans had been handed out we would have heard? Might be a good time to start.
  5. John you are a smart man and I have a lot of respect for you but unemployment peaked the year Reagan took office and was back down to 5.1 when he left. In fact if you add unemployment to inflation you get what is called the misery index. Using that metric Reagan out performed all recent presidents. Inasmuch as we can give him credit for these things. https://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2016/02/daily-chart-13 Take a look at the chart above. Do you still want to claim them as democrats? I have told you once before why this is a bad idea. It just causes confusi
  6. Cross posted with Ten oz I guess. Sorry bout that.
  7. And get cut out of the will? I'm not so sure about that but I do feel the prosecution will need something recorded to nail down Trump. That is if he was smart at all about it. Not necessary a given. Im thinking with Jared and Jr it will come down to whats promised and wether they trust the promiser. Hmm a thought just struck. I wonder if anybody runs?
  8. I think thats the source Strange. Or maybe not. I haven't clicked on it.
  9. Thanks for providing the link but your quote does not say gravitational waves are electromagnetic. "Just as" was your first hint.
  10. Well you certainly have spent an inordinate amount of time critiquing others posts and very little discussing the articles that were asked for and were given. Heres another. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/are-we-living-in-a-computer-simulation/ Please let us know what you think. Oh and just for fun heres a flash fiction story on the subject. Everyone please read its really short and more interesting (so far) than this thread. http://dailysciencefiction.com/science-fiction/virtual-reality/philip-apps/the-no-sick-box
  11. Well I can't call you wrong. And I didn't read most of it for the reason you stated.
  12. As Strange said they are still not electromagnetic. We wouldn't need LIGO if they were. BTW the waves are not LIGO either.
  13. I think he probably will do some time. Trump will probably not although it does look like impeachment looms. One would think Trump insulated himself well enough to stay out of prison but he continues to suprise me. The other day he went after Joe Scarborough for no reason at all. Now Joe is claiming someone in Trump's inner circle said Trump has dementia. Which would explain some things.
  14. Rut roh it's getting hot up in the White House. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/12/01/us/politics/michael-flynn-guilty-russia-investigation.html?referer=http://www.google.com/
  15. Here LMGTFY. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulation_hypothesis BTW this is a very old idea some Mayan texts indicate that they thought we exist in the dreams of gods. And in the 3rd century BC Zhuangzi Zhou wondered if he was a man who dreamed of being a butterfly or a butterfly who dreamed of being a man. Also Houman Owhadi, Tom Campbell, Joe Sauvageau and David Watkinson have proposed some experiments. https://arxiv.org/abs/1703.00058 As for me? Much like the question of free will I can't see what difference it makes so its just easiest to assume reality is r
  16. The Initiative for Interstellar Studies (i4is) is planning to build a probe to chase down Oumuamua and make some closeup observations. According to the i4is website they are a dedicated team of volunteers, committed to the vision of seeing interstellar flight achieved in the very near future. Sounds impossible to me. The fastest thing ever built by man is the Voyager 1 and it is travelling at 17 km/s. Oumuamua is moving at 44 km/s and it already has a large head start. https://i4is.org/i4is-announces-project-lyra-mission-a2017-u1-interstellar-asteroid/
  17. I really enjoyed the articles. I like how Cornell ranks theirs beginner, intermediate and advanced. But how could you forget xkcd? https://what-if.xkcd.com/49/ He mostly focused on the positives. Maybe you learned that from Phil Plait. He has a really good article on "stars that you see that don't exist anymore." http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/08/13/are_the_stars_you_see_in_the_sky_already_dead.html
  18. A couple of more. I can never really get enough lol. So the first vid explains why the Milky Way might reside in a cosmic void. And the second one is a different take on the vid Mordred posted.
  19. I would see a doctor too. Have you lived in the same place all these thirty years? Wikihow has a pretty good page on how to get rid of spiders and keep them gone. https://www.wikihow.com/Kill-Spiders I particularly liked these suggestions.
  20. Very cool. Thanks Strange! I shall now attempt to embed a youtube video. It has some animations of Oumuamua plus a few words from Paul Choda who is manager for NASA's center for NEO studies and Kelly Fast (nice name for an astrophysicist) who is program manager. Paul says "we have been waiting for the discovery of an interstellar object for decades." Ok that was a lot easier than I thought it would be.
  21. Wow thats crazy awesome! Thanks so much for turning me on to this. I watched on my phone but will definitely watch on tv later.
  22. Professor Arjun Berera from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Physics and Astronomy has authored a paper suggesting that life on earth may have been seeded by cosmic dust streams. And not only that but Earth may be seeding other planets in the same way. A link to the abstract. https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.01895 So apparently we are stardust transported by cosmic dust. Heres an article on the paper. http://www.astronomy.com/news/2017/11/life-in-dust Now click on the link above and go look at the picture of a tardigrade. Please!
  23. Not me but... ...somebody did http://www.astronomy.com/news/2017/11/interstellar-asteroid-is-a-quarter-mile-long-red-beast
  24. @studiot said @sci-man let us know how the experiment turns out.
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