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  1. Intelligence test

    Maybe they can find two brain regions that are forming or maturing their connection at this age. Here is a news on a similar study
  2. Intelligence test

    After I could recognize intelligence I became obsessed with it and at 27 and a half I discovered the intelligence cycle. My brother could recognize it at 29 and a half, he has a lower intelligence than me.
  3. Intelligence test

    After 25 I could recognize intelligence.
  4. Intelligence test

    There is an age at which intelligence can be recognized. It depends on the person's intelligence. The ones that are intelligent can recognize it at about 18 yo and the ones that are less at about 35 - 40 yo old and even more.
  5. Intelligence test

    Well I have an observation regarding intelligence, also, but I won't reveal it as you don't believe me anyway !
  6. Intelligence test

    Well, I don't respond to such question as how I recognize intelligence ! It's derisory!
  7. Intelligence test

    Someone said about studies.
  8. Intelligence test

    You said a study was done on intelligence. They definitely weren't looking for the intelligence cycle because science is intentional. Watch this video
  9. Intelligence test

    This idea is not to gloat about intelligence, but it is the fundamental truth about intelligence. It is not subjective because I evaluate each intelligence how it really is.
  10. Intelligence test

    It is not meaningless because I observed theirs intelligence without knowing any IQ and arrange them in the order of their birthdays. Do you can recognize intelligence ? If yes you can start recall people you know and do what I did and see...
  11. Intelligence test

    I don't guess any number. I evaluate about where is someone's place on the cycle. It is useless to calculate because there are different intelligence tests which gives you different results. I did 3 types of tests and gave me different scores. In intelligence measurement they have no standard test. Or you tell me what is the standard test ?
  12. Intelligence test

    Where can I find the list ?
  13. Intelligence test

    Yes I can know their intelligence by observing them. Only I can ?! You can't know if you know a person if he is more or less intelligent than you ? What's so hard ? In regard to memory I also observed memory of persons that I know, and it corresponds to where they are placed on the cycle of memory !
  14. Intelligence test

    I can't do memory tests as I am not a psychologist. In sport you have also to be talented.