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  1. This is a simulation not an animation. In my opinion it is awesome. Before scientists had to chose between long, large scale simulations with little detail or short, fine detail simulations. But with the Hazel Hen supercomputer in Stuttgart, with16,000 cores running for over a year. A simulation of a cube of space measuring more than 230 million light-years in diameter and has 20 billion particles representing dark matter, stars, cosmic gas, magnetic fields, and supermassive black holes has been generated. The team was led by Dr. Annalisa Pillepich of the Max Planck Institute f
  2. I agree with all that. I have been misunderstanding you quite a bit. Sorry about that. I think she used a slur to criticize policy and did it on purpose. AIPAC is a political action committee (PAC) which basically means they legally bribe politicians to vote in their interest. I am very much against PAC's on principle. In particular AIPAC is a bad one because the money comes from Israel. So we have other countrys bribing our politicians to influence our foreign policy with them. Ain't America great. So Omar has every right to criticize them. But Omar wasn't criticizin
  3. The question can war be moral is philosophical. But the question should it be avoided if it is all possible is a practical one and the more important of the two. And on that we all agree. So here is a very hopeful 6 minute Kurzgesagt (german for "in a nutshell") video about how war may becoming (mostly) a thing of the past. Yeah I was lucky that way myself. I fell between Nam and Iraq. My grandaddy was on Omaha Beach on D-Day and somehow survived. Two uncles I never knew died in Vietnam while my dad served as a conscientious objector. I served during peacetime and my s
  4. Why else would she bring up the fact that what she said is a fairly well known anti-Semitic trope? I would think if she really had not known she would have just apologized for offending people. That is the part of her quote I'm referring to. To me she acknowledges she used one. You are one of the most moderate posters on this forum and I respect your opinion. But we have: She has used blatantly anti-Semitic rhetoric in the past. She used a word for word anti-Semitic trope in this case. Leaders of the Jewish community met with her just last year about
  5. Yeah pretty much what Charon said plus our funds are finite and Trump's pet project takes away from other worthy pursuits. A wall is an inanimate object and as such can be neither moral or immoral. OTOH China built one 2000 years ago and they have absolutely no problem with immigrants from Mexico. No, no thats a joke please don't take that seriously.
  6. Thanks Charon! I hope I am not coming across as thinking I know all the answers either because I certainly don't. I am interested in this in an intellectual way. But it is also an emotional issue for me because I know that most of the men and women doing the fighting would rather be doing anything else in the world. I hope I have mostly kept the emotion out of my replies and apologize if I haven't.
  7. Maybe it's me but why else would she bring it up? Can we accept that as evidence that "it's all about the benjamins" was referencing an anti-Semitic trope? I say yes we can. Keep in mind the exact words are used by some in describing Jews. As in "they are all about the benjamins".
  8. Well I served as a tele-type repairman and I took no such tests as mentioned on your quora link. I'll have to have something better than quora before I accept my memory is that bad. This was in 1986. I remember physical tests, physical examinations and a physc test. Also you had to tell the doctor what kinds and how much of certain drugs you had ingested in the past. Boy was he surprised.
  9. I did know that Australia participated but I did not know that your returning soldiers got the same treatment ours did.
  10. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dem-rep-omar-apologizes-for-israel-comments-calls-out-problematic-role-of-aipac-other-lobbyists Thing is she was educated last year.
  11. I just don't see the alternative. I agree that some situations can be murky even for impartial observers. But in the Korean War situation I gave it seems pretty plain to me. Your choices are kill innocent children or give ground and power to those who have no problem killing innocents or otherwise using them in any way that pops into their head. Which is the moral choice? Is the world a better place with a divided Korea or would it be better if Kim had control over more people? I can research it myself. I just thought you might have some online sources on hand. What is
  12. Sorry for the very late reply to a well thought out post. 1) Thanks for clarifying and I do agree. 2) First soldiers are not authorized to do just anything they feel justified in doing. Although prosecutions are few and far between there have been some cases where charges have been leveled against rank and file soldiers. Second you seem to be suggesting that soldiers commit acts of terror and violence against civilians because they feel they are fighting a moral war. I have always thought they do these things because they are put in a hellish situation. The North Koreans marche
  13. True that. But there is some back history to suggest that "It's all about the benjamins" was meant to be anti-Semitic. Zap she has made blatantly anti-Semitic comments in the past. So much so that Jewish leaders met with her before she took office in hopes of educating her. I hope you will read the article below. https://www-twincities-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.twincities.com/2019/02/12/mn-jewish-leaders-talked-with-ilhan-omar-about-anti-semitism-last-year-why-they-remain-frustrated/amp/?usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D&amp_js_v=0.1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&
  14. That was my original point so we agree it seems on that at least. But it's not only on the left. From Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to SNL I think many Americans get their political commentary from the worst places. I know RL and GB are not comedians but to me they act more like comics than pundits.
  15. Nothing. And thats to our shame IMO. If you are attacked and the only way you can see to defend yourself is to harm the attacker what will you do? It's not a particularly complicated question in my mind but YMMV. As for your last post you seem to be saying torture is an old joke but I somehow doubt that is the case.
  16. How they treat their own, their neighbors and the rest of the world. As our cultural views evolve even how they treat the environment. Obviously you understand it's not always simple but that doesn't mean it's particularly difficult either. No. Just for clarity I am a lifelong U.S. citizen. Very proud of my nation is some ways and ashamed of it in others both historically and currently. Dropping the one on Hiroshima maybe just maybe for the time was moral. Fair chance I would have never met my mom's dad if it hadn't been dropped. Dropping the one on Nagasaki was decidedly immoral.
  17. No I mean will you counterattack if you think that gives you best chance of not dying. For me immoral and evil just mean to do wrong to your fellow human beings for no just cause. In my scenario above you would IMO have just cause. A sovereign country defending its borders would also have just cause. Hence they would still be morally right in my eyes. No war is not synonymous with evil or immoral.
  18. Wikipedia has her listed as a "social commentator". Whatever that is. I guess I just think of her as a comic because the few times I've listened to her speak I couldn't take her seriously. FWIW I didn't find it all that humorous either. Perhaps I shouldn't have commented at all because its been years since I gave Bill or Ann any of my time. Ok maybe your right. I withdraw my claim that BM is a political hack. But I still think that AC and BM say many things just for shock value and I think its a shame when people shape their political values around these kinds of things
  19. Yep my brother in law told me a couple years ago. It is a useful feature. My 2005 Chevy Colorado has one.
  20. So it is immoral to overthrow an evil regime? Will you attempt do defend yourself if attacked? If your answers are yes and no we just disagree.
  21. Thanks for the answers Strange. I gain new insights in the strangest of threads. But isn't this still up in the air? I suspect that time isn't quantitized but I was under the impression that the scientific consensus at the moment is we just don't know. BTW the third quote in your response isn't mine. I don't have the prerequisites to be making assertions on this subject.
  22. Not really. They are both hacks for their perspective "sides". Or more to the point they are comedians saying whatever they think "sells" at the moment. I think it would be a mistake to let your political views to be shaped by a comedian. Any comedian.
  23. But can we say all war is the result of an immoral action? I think yes we can. This does not mean all parties are behaving immorally.
  24. Alright I couldn't get it down to two lines. But I think this is Argo's hypothesis. That's as short as I could as I could make it. So my questions are directed not only towards Argo but all the thread participants. 1. Would it be better to say space-time overlays the other 3 spatial dimensions? 2. Assuming Argo's hypothesis is correct would it really change anything? Argo Could you please provide a peer reviewed paper claiming that "time flows" or drop your claim that the scientific community maintains that it does? Or better yet focus on supporting your
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