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  1. Ok I apologize and withdrawal my comment. Perhaps she is. I guess we can just each have our own truth here despite mounds of opinion polls proving me right and mounds of votes proving you right. Typical political discussion on the internet no one concedes anything it might show weakness.
  2. My original claim. In what way have I moved anything? Was Karl Rove guilty of anything in the Bush email scandal?
  3. Well some certainly give us more information. Is it really so hard for you to understand that people often vote for candidates they see as flawed simply because they see the other option as even worse. Maybe thats the problem. You need to talk to some RL people about this. Poltics on MB's tend to be warped from the people on the street in my experience. Less defensive and less rigid. Well those were servers set up by organizations so private yes but private and personal no. But close enough for whataboutism. https://www.snopes.com/g-w-bush-lost-22-million-e-mails/
  4. Not really. Ask them again and I will try to pick them up. I honestly try to answer to every point but sometimes multiple posters make the same (in my mind) point. You are not going to always get your very own customized response. I also try a little harder for those that try to answer to all my points. You don't do that. That dosent show us why they cast those votes. I am only telling you what people tell me. Many feel like they didn't have much choice. Just democrats this time during the primary. The first paragraph below is HRC and the second is Bernie. http://new
  5. From your link http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/26/politics/white-house-private-email-kushner-trump-bannon-priebus/index.html Ok color me pleasantly surprised. I am sure now and feel even better about my vote tomorrow.
  6. http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/346339-gop-senator-to-trump-we-must-call-evil-by-its-name http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/03/politics/bob-corker-criticizes-trump-justice-department/index.html http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/364246-donors-furious-over-rncs-support-for-roy-moore-report
  7. I agree some of the accusations against her have just been made up out of thin air but others have not. Nobody is conning me. You stated very well what I am trying to illustrate. Both parties IMO are very corrupt at this point in time. Some days I think they always have been. How do we change this? No I'm pretty sure there are still active FoIA lawsuits out there and even if they are not I do know at least one group had to resubmit because the information they wanted was hidden on a private server. Because of the facts of the case and the timing of the alle
  8. Well we can add democrat Alcee Hastings to the list of the accused. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5a2b39d2e4b073789f6a01bc
  9. I think its more the fact we that we do not demand decorum, honesty and civility from our politicians. If we think they can get the job done we hardly even ask for a shred of dignity from them. Trump is the prime example on the right. But I don't have to look to hard to find them on the left as well. Remember Anthony Weiner seven time democratic senator? He got caught sending women unwanted sexual pictures. He apologized and turned around and raised over 5 million dollars to run for mayor of New York. Unsurprisingly he got caught again before he had a chance to be elected. Shame on those
  10. IMO guilty. HRC took the unprecedented step of setting up her own private server. This gave her a lot of control over her emails. A nice end run around the Freedom of Information Act. Once again IMO guilty. But I am far less sure in this case however it is enough that I won't vote for him. And time and time again documents come up lost or misplaced. Time and time again both her and Bill first deny everything and then as evidence comes out explain it away. Yes I do have that right under FOIA. I have the right for someone other than the politician to go through and
  11. Of course not! Oddly enough however ignoring questions is. Sounds more like aptitude tests to me. IQ tests are notoriously unreliable. But aptitude tests are considered good tools for assessing level of education. They can be very specific. For example electricians take them to make sure they are keeping up with changes in their code. Or they can be very general. Employers often use these to screen candidates for a job. But you can use them to help keep your "brain fit." Here is a link to some free ones. Good luck! https://www.wikijob.co.uk/content/aptitude-tests/test-types/a
  12. Thank you for your honesty. I think that even in the primary she wasn't many democrats first choice but they thought she was more electable than Bernie Sanders. Plus the novelty of electing the first female POTUS. Your comments are very representative of what I hear from others. I didn't vote for him but I really had no idea how dangerous he would be. I also underestimated the stupidity of the GOP. I didn't think they would work with him like they have. I did watch an episode of the apprentice once so I knew he was a buffon but thats about it. Yes I agree wholeheartedly. I
  13. So in three days time I have a decision to make. Roy Moore (R) or Doug Jones (D) for Alabama Senate seat. Due to the allegations against RM it is an easy decision (for me) to make. DJ will get my vote. Although there is no evidence against him and these 8 or 9 ladies have been sitting on this for a long time. I will in no way risk casting my vote for a predator. Is this fair to RM? Well if he is innocent (probably never know for sure) it isn't fair at all and that bothers me not in the least. Due to his aspirations he should expect this treatment and accept it gracefully. He should have steppe
  14. True. Its hard (but not impossible) to find a POTUS without scandal in recent memory. Obama seems to stand alone. Thank you. Seems we found some middle ground after all . It only took 13 pages, not bad. Looking back at Iran-Contra years after the events took place is part of what made me realize what a partisan hack I had become and how I was letting my emotions make my decisions. It is my opinion that we need to hold our elected officials to the highest standards and when they cross a line, integrity wise, just dont vote for them ever again. I am ok with our lines being in
  15. Who said? Not me although I am sure there have been many studies. Ignored my question? I seem to get a lot of that for some reason. Maybe its me. Tell you what Chriss I will watch at least some of your video if you will descibe to me how you "evaluate each intelligence on how it really is" in five sentences or less.
  16. Never heard of Trent Franks? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/what-happens-now-that-trent-franks-has-resigned/
  17. Per my example. Here is a little more. While Reagan's plan did lower taxes on the rich overall it also expanded the personal exemption and the earned income tax credit. This was a big help to the middle class. Reagan also eliminated corporate tax breaks and raised the tax on capital gains. Do you see any of this in Trump's proposal? I don't. I see Trump lowering the the top tax bracket so thats similar to Reagan but it ends there. I see a repeal on the estate tax and I see a new loophole created by reducing the rate on pass-through entities, allowing law firms and hed
  18. Very true. Also its demeaning to assign aptitude based on a cursory examination of a persons actions. This is one of the worst traits a teacher can have and will lead to some children missing opportunities. It is hard for a teacher to remain objective at all times but those that do are an invaluable asset to our society. Can you tell me how you do this? Please. And please make it brief.
  19. I agree with this. Plus it would be a nightmare to enforce. So what is the punishment if I put my comma in the wrong place? Maybe find us a dunce avatar and make the offending party wear it for a week.
  20. Then why did you ask for "papers and journal articles"? Oh I have had decades but I chose to persue other things. The difference between that and the question you asked is vast. Yes they have the wiki page has an outstanding overview of those investigations and lots of references to scholarly articles some of which are peer reviewed. Then why did you ask for "papers and journal articles"? Oh I have had decades but I chose to persue other things. The difference between that and the question you asked is vast. Yes they have t
  21. No his and our and the DNC's actions speak louder than the words. Its never a bad time to do the right thing. Well I hope so it resonates highly with me and I doubt I am alone in this. However me and many others see the DNC as corrupt and it will take a lot more than this to change that perception. Also the DNC did drag their feet early on and it does look as if their decisions were guided more by public opinion and less by internal virtue. Forcing these resignations is a good first step. But it will take many of these steps for me to see them as reformed. BTW the GOP needs
  22. I said earlier I wouldn't and provided some reasons as to why I wouldn't. I haven't changed my mind. I am going to try to answer to some of Ten oz's points and then try to head back to the original topic of this thread. Sorry bout the late reply. Ok but they are not acting like Reagan in any way with the exception of McCain perhaps. For example the republican tax plan of today looks nothing like the one passed in 1986. Reagan introduced the idea in 1984 and worked closely with House Speaker Tip O’Neill, a Democrat, to iron out specific legislation that both sides could
  23. Thats my fault. I took this to mean Ten oz has offered up the R vs O comparison. My original comment about Reagan was when he was accused of high unemployment. The statement wasn't factually false but it did leave out some important detail. That was my only purpose. It was pretty bad I can still remember the gas lines. I posted the chart to show that Obama's debt wasn't Reagan's fault. In fact a lot of it was Bush ll. I thought that was obvious from the chart. I also agreed with you Obama was better than Reagan on debt that was the you win part
  24. I have no problem with how you stated it I might even agree depending on how you define "the right." I hope its not liars. Well it was a gentle berating. I agree and I think its well nigh impossible to paint a very clear picture at all. If this is about Obama vs Reagan I can cite you any number of articles. Just let me know which side to support. I didn't choose a metric so you chose one for me. Ok you win. I said before high inflation and high unemployment (more on the misery index soon) is that not a big enough mess? What if we throw in an oil crisis
  25. That doesn't answer my question. So you can see the sun with all the suns rays absorbed? Yes or no?
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