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  1. Did you not see the chart showing the same symbols being used all over the world or the one showing Ancient Language breaks Zipf's Law. One of the reasons it breaks Zipf's Law is that there are very very very few words that were used. Most of the words were nouns and none of the words are necessarily abstraction. Indeed, there were also no words for "thought" or "belief" as well as no taxonomies!! Many languages are traced back to a single one called "Proto-Indo European" and I believe they all split even earlier than this and this is invisible because none of these languages were actually recorded and survived other than Sumerian and Egyptian. I believe the fact that all languages obey Zipf's Law and the Pyramid Texts do not is highly significant. It implies a different formatting or usage or a different way to think. I believe it is all of these. I really intend this thread to be "the evidence of your own eyes" so intend to try to avoid this specific subject to the degree possible.
  2. As I said I discount the report in its entirety. It is merely interesting that no part of such a detailed account contradicts any of my hypotheses at all. I find it humorous because I discount it. There are some strange things implied by my hypotheses but those not in agreement with known science AND with ancient science I dismiss in their entirety.
  3. This whole thing has been happening in very slow motion for many years now. A doctor and polymath as well as an expert on ancient Egypt and hieroglyphs has given me permission to reproduce his work undertaken because of my contention that Ancient Language does not obey Zipf's Law which holds all writing displays word incidence that lays out on a logarithmic scale. I knew it didn't obey the law because of its appearance so never counted words. By; Manu Seyfzadeh As you can see it's almost exactly as I had predicted; two well defined intersecting lines instead of a sweeping curve as all modern languages exist; Also I have contended since 2006 that the Egyptians could use linear funiculars without having the wheel which had existed for ten centuries when great pyramids began. I have contended they could have simply used a log or roller confined to a trough. Now that are teams working on this; https://egyptianpulley.com/the-egyptian-pulley They've actually demonstrated the ability to lift heavy weights up steep inclines. Again, it is quite apparent they had actual pullies but these experiments prove they were not necessary. As an aside since this thread is at the top anyway, there is a humorous little tidbit from the CIA where a mystic was interviewed and repeatedly said that there was water spraying up. Even though the mystic actually mapped some aspects of my hypotheses and this is CIA I still tend to discount it in its entirety. https://archive.org/details/CIA-RDP96-00789R001601170001-5/page/n4/mode/1up?view=theater I also find it absolutely fascinating that he described people with attributes of animals since the usage of metaphysical language forces an entirely different mode of thought that is just like animals. This fits with my contention that homo sapiens are extinct and we are homo omnisciencis.
  4. I'm in general agreement but would say it differently. Life is consciousness and the first demand of consciousness is survival and the second reproduction. Second is to have fun to both feed your soul but also to maintain your desire to survive. Third, and most importantly, is to try to leave the world a better place than you found it. In every way you want to leave it better. Fourth, fight death with every living breath. You can age gracefully as you seek the fountain of youth. If you find it just hope you're still young enough to enjoy it.
  5. Mebbe never been. My theory is the aliens have a machine that can extract intelligence from the human species and will leave when they suck up the last little bit. We have lost sight of our humanity. We have lost sight of why science works and what it is for. We no longer hold leaders responsible. "Science" is often not pursued for its own sake but rather for monetary purposes. Aliens might be our only hope.
  6. The meaning of life? That's the easy one. Mebbe Mother Nature just got tired of watching boulders turn into sand while an entire species could have come and gone so She invented consciousness. 😎
  7. You certainly need to know how a computer works to improve on it. Like all life all science is individual. Individuals invent hypothesis and experiment and interpret results. Individuals build models and then science changes one funeral at a time. https://www.uky.edu/~eushe2/Pajares/Kuhn.html Without understanding consciousness the mechanisms of this interpretation are unknown. The effects of interpretations on humans and other science are unknown. Only individuals are conscious.
  8. They did it the same way animals do it; without beliefs, thought, or abstractions. It is modern human consciousness that is different. Ancient humans "thought" just like other species and part of this mode of consciousness is to not experience 'thought" at all. It is apparently our beliefs that give rise to "thought" which is a comparison of sensory input to our models and beliefs. Without beliefs animals experience reality directly but can perceive only what they understand. I couldn't disagree more. There is no reason given time that even an animal brain couldn't be modeled with transistors. Of course such miniaturization may well be very far in the future. But even before that I believe that actual machine intelligence can be created. Whether or not it is conscious is a different question. I seriously doubt that language can create awareness or intelligence. No. You're oversimplifying. You assume they are symbols but I believe they are representations of human knowledge. This suggests either language spread from a point and was universal or that the nature of human consciousness was such everyone ended up at the same conclusions or it was both. Since there is no known contact between humans tens of thousands of years ago it implies some kind of shared consciousness or shared language or both. The odds against the same symbols evolving on each continent are too high to even bother to estimate. History is history and the fact is there are incredibly few words expressed in ancient writing, virtually no historical accounts, no abstractions, no words for belief or thought, no taxonomies, breaks Zipf's Law, and none of it makes sense after translation. This refers to the oldest language(s) does not apply to newer writings. There is a very strong implication that the authors could not possibly think like we do. There is an implication that consciousness itself must be different. Rather than saying he acted after he thought about it they said he acted the second moment after perception!!!! This says almost categorically that they could not think like we do.
  9. The language wasn't "limited" the vocabulary was. There were only some few hundred words and several thousand nouns but with these words they could talk about anything they knew. Just like computer language employs only eight words and operates everything they could live their lives with very few words each with a single meaning. No. People who spoke this language were conscious but simply didn't experience thought. They knew they were alive and individual but their brains operated like other life forms. They were "human" only because they possesses complex language which allows the generational passing down of knowledge and in many ways defines what it means to be human. Language, modern language, programs the brain and allows us to experience thought. Ancient Language was the natural programming for the brain but did have shortcomings like the lack of taxonomies, abstractions, and symbolism which made inductive reasoning impossible. At this time. I'm not ruling out the God, magic, or the ability to create machine consciousness. I'm merely saying that at this time to our knowledge all life is conscious and consciousness, no matter how it is experienced by the individual, is life. It isn't only words about "thought" that don't exist in Ancient Language but all words related to "believe" and all abstractions. There is no inductive reasoning and their words show they reasoned from the specific to the general. It was apparently a totally different way to experience consciousness. There are the same "symbols" written in caves all over the world. Obviously these must be somehow innate to man. I believe that they are the product of deductive reasoning, they are what early man learned based on his consciousness. They are the natural product of a natural language as experienced by people all over the planet.
  10. I believe all these questions and their answers are highly relevant but I might be the only one. I'll have to be extremely circumspect. Only those answers directly related to consciousness will be provided. "Arose" is not a biological term here. The parent language that was natural lent only its highly limited vocabulary to modern language that gives rise to our consciousness and experience of thought. In essence modern languages are a pidgin form of natural human language which is now nearly totally lost. Consciousness is life and all life is conscious. Language in other species arise from the way the brain is organized or wired. This wiring forms in utero and follows logical rules and a mathematical unfolding. For practical purposes in all other species language and consciousness are two sides of the same coin. Each species has a unique set of knowledge and this knowledge is based on what is needed to survive and procreate. Their worlds are perceived only in terms of this knowledge while ours are perceived in terms of what we have been taught. No. Words in other languages represent something and each word has a fixed meaning. The direction of a bee's waggle dance can not be interpreted or parsed because it represents the direction of food. Each bee must take the exact same meaning so abstractions and symbolism do not exist. Ancient people apparently described a different way to "think" where words like "think" simply did not even exist. It is an abstraction and there's no evidence any animal understands abstraction. But to deny them consciousness is obviously wrong. We don't relate to animals (communicate) because we can't think like they do. The formatting of the languages is different and "thought" as we experience it is an artifact of language. Perhaps if you're interested I can start another thread for the evidence of this.
  11. Lol. You could be a boss in industry. One of the biggest problems in American industry is the men aren't supposed to think. All ideas originate in individuals so if any individuals aren't thinking then maybe none of them are. The bosses and colonels can just look up procedure or rewrite Demming's Laws to operate any plant or take any hill. There's no beating consciousness. It arose from a previous language. All language programs all "brains". But there are at least two distinct kinds of language and our analog symbolic language underlies the programming of all modern language speakers. The other kind of language, natural language, is digital and representative I believe. Users are still completely "conscious" but they don't experience thought and operate on the total knowledge of their species rather than their beliefs as acquired through complex language.
  12. An army doesn't require individuals to think either but you aren't ever going to be promoted for getting yourself killed following orders. I believe humans "think" differently than all other consciousness. All consciousness arises from the wiring of the "brain" but human brains are programmed by a different type of language that is analog and symbolic where other consciousness employs digital and representative language. We perceive thought because it emerges from the way we think. We act on our "understanding" which is really just our models and beliefs of reality but all other consciousness acts on their knowledge and this knowledge is species wide. Individuals still think but do not experience thought. There is no "hive intelligence" but rather each individual acting and working in tandem create that which has served their needs ibn the past. This action isn't really "instinct" but it is a product of language which is hard wired into the "brain" and usually into the genes as well. Just like in humans every individual is thinking but more of the time animals are being carried along by their programming. Every new invention of termites or bees was invented by an individual and then communicated to the rest of the hive.
  13. Ask a child why a mirror reverses left and right but not up and down. An animal that recognizes the existence of itself in a reflective surface will know "instinctively" the nature of a refection. I've come up with a few possible hypotheses for why at least three species of birds fly into mirrors, but only one seems very possible at this time; they are trying to teach themselves how to hover better and, quite possibly, so they can defend a territory. I'll be trying a few experiments and observations to try to support or deny the possibility. The point here, though is that "consciousness" exists and underlies everything from beaver fisheries to, perhaps, even pyramid construction. Why do ants leave a pile of sand around their entrances? Calling things "instinct" is not a solution to understanding how animals and humans think and behave.
  14. She sits on the window about 5" away looking at her reflection for a few seconds then flies into the mirror and then goes straight down to the ground staying only moments. This is followed by a short flight to the bottom of the hill from whence she returns after about 20 seconds and repeats the process. He mate usually watches from about 20' from a vantage on the opposite side of the vehicle and downhill. He's obviously watching her flight path rather than what seems to be her strange behavior. My understanding is cardinals don't necessarily nest in the spring and this spring has been so cold they might not be ready. I'll try to make a better observation and use some binoculars. Whatever she's thinking it's definitely the mirror that is fundamental since I've seen her flying into another one.
  15. I agree. But we can't do the latter until we do the former. It merely proves that one species has sufficiently complex language, manual dexterity, and enough understanding to create a new thing of nature; a watch or a rear view mirror. Understanding the read out of any of our watches (since the sun dial) is probably too abstract for any animal to understand. But the cardinal might understand the mirror as well as most 15 year olds.
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