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  1. They say sitting is the new smoking now but I have no idea to what extent this dichotomy may be true.
  2. What does everyone here put in their omelettes for breakfast?

    Oh yeah? What sort of cheese do you use in your omelettes?
  3. White collar work Vs Blue collar work

    What exactly is it that distinguishes those who are able to gain white collar work to those who are unable to, and are forced to be engaged in blue collar work instead?
  4. Apart from eggs, pepper and butter, what other ingredients do you guys put in your favourite omelettes for breakfast?
  5. Hi, Is it actually factually correct that mixed race children tend to grow up taller and smarter than more mono-racial children? Or is it simply another case of correlation and not causation necessarily? If it is undeniable fact that mixed race children tend to be taller and smarter, what is the scientific explanation exactly for this observation we see? Also, doesn't being taller mean a higher risk of getting cancer? Is it almost always preferable to procreate with someone of a different race than you for the benefits any offspring you have will reap as a direct result? If mono-racial people are inferior to mixed-raced people than why do largely mono-racial Japanese and South Korean society still have such high average IQs compared to people from a lot of other countries? Thanks,
  6. After how many hours of continuous fasting will it take for your body to start burning muscle tissue for energy instead of using its fat or glycogen reserves?
  7. If life were a video game...

    If God appeared before your eyes and told you that this world we are living in currently is actually a video game and that there is an afterlife that you automatically go to after you die with no conditions/requirements/strings attached but no Heaven or Hell, how would you change how you live your life today?
  8. If God really does exist and told you that after you die your consciousness is transferred to other human babies (memories erased) and that this process of rebirth and death happens continuously on planet Earth and across different time dimensions and ultimately you are all of humanity (when you interact with another human you are really interacting with yourself but with different life variables influencing both of you), how would you react? E.g. if you kill another human you would be killing yourself, give someone a flower would mean giving yourself a flower etc. If we had this philosophy would we become more humane, empathetic and caring humans?
  9. Benefits of marriage to women

    No. I think it's just good general knowledge every citizen of the planet should have.
  10. IQ bell curve in males

    Hahaha it doesn't lol
  11. IQ bell curve in males

    Why does the IQ bell curve in males have more outliers (i.e. extreme values) compared to the IQ bell curve for females where everything is more together?
  12. Benefits of marriage to women

    If married women live longer than single women but married women who marry younger men with significant age gaps in between live shorter lives relative to married women who marry slightly older men, how big does the gap between husband (being the younger one) and wife (being the older one) have to be in age for the benefits of being married for women to be equivalent as with single unmarried women?