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  1. https://www.buzzfeed.com/ashleyperez/i-wasnt-beautiful-enough-to-live-in-south-korea?utm_term=.hj0D8OB1X#.relMeaRO8 Cuban/Filipino/Korean-american If you are mixed raced/third culture kid it can be hard to fit into your parents' country.
  2. https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison/china,nigeria/ How could you bridge the gap between two different cultures? See above. Nigeria scores 84 for indulgence (24 for China) and a mere 13 for long-term orientation (while China scores 87). Sure these are mere averages but such relationships are doomed to fail.
  3. For people coming from Asian backgrounds, in-laws getting along really matters due to their collective mindset/culture which is less individualistic than someone without an Asian background. So, family approval and in-laws getting along is really important. I'm sure the situation is much the same in west Asia as well as eastern parts of Asia as well. Marriage between opposite religion people is not wise as there is a higher chance that it will also result in divorce. Are you aware that divorce rates are higher between people of different religions? Love doesn't just happen. Its a decision and a decision one makes everyday in married life.
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble of reality but the world is an inherently racist place. It exists everywhere even in western countries where diversity over unity is often valued highly. It's rare for overseas South Koreans in UK, USA, Australia etc. for example to marry people from other ethnic groups. And if they do it's likely that their children won't 100% fit into Korean society if they were to return home as a family one day. Same with Japanese people who refuse to accept anymore immigrants despite a soon aging population. In Australia, many Chinese businesses refuse to hire locals over someone who is ethnically Chinese despite this being illegal. When it comes to immigrants to the west, typically the 1st generation immigrants are inherently racist but not the 2nd generation offspring who were born and raised in USA, UK, Australia etc. This applies to all ethnic groups and typically 1st generation migrants carry baggage from their country of birth and their own set of particular preferences. This may not be something apparent to you but if you want to marry interculturally/interracially is something you must expect that your in-laws may not get along 100%. There is a higher probability of them not getting along unless the in-laws are 2nd generation immigrants. If you are part of the in-group however racism is not all bad. Positive racism means you can more easily be part of the group and belong and there are advantages. This is one reason why we have so many churches in the USA and other countries. E.g. something to cater for the Hispanic community and another church for the black African community. Positive racism is one advantages of marrying within your own ethnic group as well as a better sense of identity that's comes from hanging around with similar people. Racism is part of the human DNA and something one ought to expect in multicultural societies especially for newly arrived immigrants.
  5. Please just answer the question properly. It is not a false dichotomy. Please assume you only have these options. There is no other option.
  6. Well, if all your family are of a particular ethnic group and you marry someone from another ethnic group, in-laws may not be able to get along with each other or not as well as if the person was from a similar background. If you have any children and they are mixed race it will be harder for them to find a compatible donor should they require a bone marrow transplant or possibly other transplants I don't know about. The children may also not completely belong to either paternal or maternal families through lack of cultural awareness and language abilities in either language to communicate well enough with either sides of the family. Mixed race children/third culture kids may find it lonely being who they are and may find it harder to find a future spouse of their own when they grow up due to their unique upbringing making it harder for someone else to completely understand them and why they are the way they are if they have travelled a lot and have been accepted by both extended maternal and paternal family members.
  7. Is it better for your health to release anger over injustices you have faced or repress it over many, many years? What are the repercussions of repressing your anger over many, many years? If you one day explode and manage to release all that repressed anger to an individual who you think deserves it, would it be better for your health than a situation where you never 'exploded' at all? Would you live a healthier life if you managed to get rid of all that anger through exploding onto someone else and venting/releasing all that steam and hidden anger?
  8. They say sitting is the new smoking now but I have no idea to what extent this dichotomy may be true.
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