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  1. Harvey Weinstein

    Wow, I can't believe this that many people support Polanski after his crime?! And I found it doubly funny how guys like Louis CK and Ben Affleck trounced Weinstein then it was revealed they have sexually harassed women themselves.
  2. Becoming vegetarian?

    Like everything with dating it depends on the person. If there one of those who "choose" to become a vegetarian for moral reasons and preach to everyone else why there way is so much better than your lifestyle hails no. I dated a one and she was cool about it. She became one because she just couldn't handle meat. Just the smell of it made her feel nauseous. Yet whenever we went out she never insisted we go to only vegetarian restaurants or tried to convert me. The very first time I found out about her cuisine choices, we were going to a burger place so I suggested we can go to a different place that could accommodate her and she said "don't worry about it I'll just get some chips."
  3. What are the germs after?

    Cheese and yogurt.
  4. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Fill-in with the correct tank letter or the condition (eg. PPM of O2) Refer to above Chart A: __1. Which tank contained the lowest PPM of Oxygen? __2. Which of the 4 abiotic conditions(02, C02, PH, or Temperature) is most out of line in tank...A-G? __3. Which tank has a reading out of line with expected PH? __4. Which tank has a reading out of line with expected temperature? 2. The attempt at a solution Question 2 I have B or F but can't tell which is the more appropriate answer? The B tank's conditions don't line up with its expected results in comparison to the left chart. It's Oxygen should decrease but it increases and its PH should increase but decreases instead. The F chart is off in some areas as well: Its CO2 increases when it should be lowered and its PH should rise but lowers instead? Question 3 I have it narrowed down to B or F, as well. B is one of my answers because I have it under the Temperature parameter and according to the chart it's PH should increase but it went down? Do I have it wrong and it is not the Temp parameter? Question 4 I have D as the abnormality for out of line Temperatures. According to the chart in my Lab manual it Plant with Light should have increased but in the chart above it stayed the same. All the other parameters lined up with my text books predictions. Of course the chart on my homework here doesn't have temps on it so I'm not to entirely sure? Also I am listing Night(P&F) under Respiration. Is that the correct parameter for it?
  5. The Birds (movie)

    One of Hitchcock's best film, if not the best. Could you imagine how he could have done this film with today's special FX?
  6. Why do non-human animals masterbate?

    The first time I ever heard about homosexuality among animals was on South Park. I thought it was something that they made up for a gag until one of my science teachers said yeah it does happen in real life.
  7. An absolute lungs protection?

    According to this article Liquid Breathing may be one step closer to reality.
  8. An absolute lungs protection?

    Wow that's like in the movie The Abyss.
  9. Thinking about my career

    Same here!
  10. Bad knees

    I've had a bum knee, from doing BJJ, since 2012. Before I couldn't run or it would be sore to the point where I couldn't walk normally for a month. I started doing Krav Maga going at a pace my injury would allow me to go and it got better. I was able to jog and do squats which I couldn't do before. I'm hoping that by losing weight it won't be a severe as it is now and it can go back to normal?
  11. From what I remember black people have difficulty finding bone marrow transplant matches as well. So it is not just people of mixed heritages. My guess is there is not as many mixed people as there are non mixed and race may play a factor in donor/match potential. It is not as rare as it was though and there are more and more biracial folks coming every day.
  12. Rethinking my major as a biology major.

    If you like physics more then I would go for that. It's not uncommon for people in university to change majors midway through their studies. Hail I've switched majors a couple times trying to figure out what field is best for me. I started out in Criminal Justice then Culinary/Baking. The best thing about the science fields is a lot of them bleed into each other. There may be a way to combine your bio courses in conjunction with your love of physics? It's better to realize you don't want to do something while your still in school and go the right route then put in 4-6 years get your degree and THEN realize you don't want to do it for the rest of your working life. Ironically enough I am in Bio right now LOL. And it is on of the majors I am considering going in.
  13. Natural way to grow taller than your potential height?

    Height doesn't always intimidate someone looking for a fight. The best way to deal with that is to lift weights to bulk up and become adroit in reality based Martial Arts. At my old MMA dojo a new guy came in and for some reason thought he could thrash me about (he continously tried to stare me down and talk trash to me) despite me being cordial to him the entire time he was in. He was a former Marine with a yellow belt in Jiu Jitsu; stood 6'4 and was 250lbs of muscle. I'm 5'9 (average height) and was 250 as well but from fat. Looking at us it would be easy to assume he would trolloped me. As soon as the match started, we locked up I immediately tapped him out with a choke. We started again and I tapped him out just as fast with another choke. After that he tried to pull guard but I passed it, took his back again, and neck cranked him. Pretty much the entire time I dominated him and afterwards he wanted no piece of me and tried to avoid partnering up with me again. After the grappling portion of class was over he didn't bother to stay for Muay Thai citing exhaustion. His exact words were "I thought I was in shape but after this I realize I'm not." He never came back and our teacher jokingly said I scared him off. LOL
  14. I'm unable to load an avatar as well. I didn't see a link to allow one to be uploaded on your profile or mine?