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    Argh right. Feel free to delete the thread. Sorry
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    Hi I got my essay (on Lord of the Flies and Macbeth) topic for my grade 10 english exam, which is tomorrow.: "A belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wikedness." - Joseph Conrad At first, I was going to disagree with this since Lord of the Flies and Macbeth have supernatural evils, but I realized the ambiguity of the quotation: If Conrad defines supernatural source of evil as something that's: 1) evil then it's impossible to know every wikedness without believing supernatural evil. 2) not evil then men do know every wikedness. 3) a concrete thing like the witches in Macbeth, then it its possible for men know every wikedness Should I mention this in my essay? Thanks.
  3. Is that sarcasm? If that's 50:50 chances then since: 1. There is no limit to imagination 2. Including creating random creatures 3. Therefore, there are infinite/2 (infinite) number of any possibilities in the world? edit: sorry, let me clarify: If I said that unicorns, dragons, hydras, hippogriff etc. existed some will inevitably come into existence just like if I named two different gods, one would likely exist.
  4. Wow. I have the same symptoms. I thought it was asthma or something like that.
  5. Thank you and I read wikipedia but still couldn't grasp what was going on. It says Merge Sort divides arrays in havles, sorts and merges back together. But how does it (the process of sorting and merging) actually work?
  6. I've learned bubble, insertion and selection sorts in programming class, but I'm interested in learning these algorithms also: Heap sort Merge sort Quick sort Selection sort Shell sort Could someone explain how these sorts work please? Thank you.
  7. More spherical because I'm assuming that the sphere is only blue on the outside, not inside. Whereas the sphere is spherical outside and inside.
  8. Isn't the pattern of irrational numbers random? Ex. 3.141592654...
  9. Hi I'm a grade 10 student looking for a scienc fair project. However, since I'm only interested in computer programming and math (but more interested in programming) and only know Turing (programming language), I couldn't find any good topics. Could someone give me an easy topic I can do well? Thank you
  10. Why is it that when I see pointy objects I have to push and cover my bone that's between my two eyes (upper nose bone?)? Is there any way for me to stop doing it? Lol, even writing and seeing the words "pointy objects" makes me do it.
  11. I'm concerned because I dont get taller anymore just heavier. Plus, taller guys always get the most respect (stupid, but true) and has the advantage of never being challenged to a fight. I always wanted to dunk too, but I'm too short
  12. Hi I'm 15, 5"9 and am about 159 pounds. I wanted to know how i can get taller naturally to at least 6 foot so I visited some websites. Few of the sites I visited are: http://www.heightmax.com http://www.heightboosting.com http://www.growtaller.net http://www.tobetaller.com All of these sites seem fake and dangerous but I'm not sure. Have any of you used these or have betteer suggestions to grow taller?
  13. I saw "God is a whore", then "God is now here" Maybe it's because I'm ESL.
  14. What kind of programs destroy my cpu? Say, will my autoclicker that clicks 1000 clicks/second destroy my cpu?
  15. how do you measure an object's mass if there is no gravity?
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