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  1. The point on integrity and ethics in his graduate handbook. Now that I look at it, less of it seems to point towards that.
  2. @hypervalent_iodine I'm going to try and summarize that. Basically: 1. Competency in chosen field(s) 2. Ability to properly do relevant research. 3. Ability to communicate well. 4. High ethical and moral standards.
  3. True but what would be better sooner than later, especially what would be better as an outcome of their doctorate, rather than after it?
  4. I mean apart from the obvious that they'll select some research topic and learn about that.
  5. How am I supposed to know that? For all I know they like me less for it.
  6. So our group advisor had to move our equipment from one lab to another since the department was moving to another building. Our advisor and us pitched in using uhaul to bring it where it was needed. I MAY choose academia in the future and personally, I would not want my students to have to handle the move themselves. Is there any alternative way to handle it? Is there a good reason to do it the way formerly described, anyway?
  7. I might have caught on wrong or maybe its just a thing in nuclear engineering but from what I understand from some of the answers I've gotten along with mostly what I have seen at the few conferences I have been to, it will entail all that to fair degree, if not completely, which I am personally not too comfortable with. Of course the corollary seems to come then that the networking is purely business and not personal at all which I am even less familiar with and have no idea how comfortable I am with whatever is done in that.
  8. Well seems like I am getting highly varying answers from all the various places that I have asked. Just to be clear, I am not saying I don't talk to anyone who likes to or enjoys speaking to me or that I don't help when asked for. But I really don't feel comfortable going out of my way to go to parties or unnecessarily engage people because all I ever feel is that everybody gets piss drunk or there is simply bland, low level, gossip, respectively or perhaps somewhat overlapping. I think my time would be better spent honing my core skills. Networking seems more chance based than that and I haven't quite gotten a particularly motivational answer to make me seek a more active role in it than what I have described.
  9. This may only be my perception but I have found the case more often to be I'm trying to be nice and help out whenever I can but I cannot be afforded the least bit of courtesy let alone be helped when I ask for it. Maybe its a perception difference. Maybe its a person to person thing. Actually I do. That description sounds like someone who is anti-social. I don't think hard worker and anti-social are the same. However, if some seldom have anything to say to me while I am going out of my way to speak to them and communicate with them, I don't think I should waste my time with them. Often from what I have found, I try to go out of my way, speak to people, even adopt mannerisms that they seem to be generally comfortable and entertained with, yet it works more to sour the relation.
  10. Seems like a cynical view but given what I have experienced thus far, something I am more inclined to agree with. Though with that said, and especially if such a view is true, I don't see why my time would not be better spent improving my skills than going to parties and networking, seeing as currently I am more a student than someone in the field.
  11. I mean I invest in them, help them out when they ask for it and when I ask them for something they run off. I understand your point but that is what I was referring to in my original post. I have made a mindset of solving things on my own, perhaps to a detriment at this point. Need to talk to someone? Reflect and contemplate in peace and solitude. Need to move a table? Thankfully I'm strong enough to do it solo. I get that I can't do everything on my own but things have gotten to a point where it is difficult to change from my previous attitude. I'm not really very social. I've tried but I find it very difficult. It feels like I am going out of my way and someone else always seems to be the life of the party. Also most of the things being spoken of sound so vapid. All the same old gossip of 'he said, she said, he did, she did'. I personally don't really care how cool you are because you had public bathroom sex. And yes I am serious that that actually came up and the person in question did not hide it.
  12. Isn't the business card thing obnoxious? If so is there a better alternative? Also how does one identify these parties? Are they like the occasional business parties that are held? Or is someone important there, that's why? How can I know the person whom I am trying to network with will support me? As for my brand, so far what I can say is that it some of it entails hard work to the point of eschewing contact with others unless needed. Now this is contrary to networking. Thus part of if not all of my dilemma.
  13. I'm not sure I understood but I would like to clarify, in case, by disagreeable I meant malicious behavior such as spreading untrue rumors behind my back about me.
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