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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    The Monkees, 1st album
  2. Catalan independence referendum

    Any shenanigans during any election is bad for any polity. No? Yes.
  3. I won't be permitted to reply--an assent, FYI--to the resultant warning. As you were...(you all)
  4. New definition for the second

    From your answer, one might infer that the duration remains the same? Am I correct? Earth's rotation; Earth's revolution. Will someone name another two?
  5. New definition for the second

    I don't understand this. Can you explain how the "definition" of "one second" is being changed? Please keep in mind that it is a duration.
  6. Global Warming is Opinion

    I can't help but wonder how Mann would answer that question.
  7. Is the Universe infinite?

    That might be called a probable definition. On what basis would one define the bounds of the universe using the word "probable?" Hey, that just might be called a "quantum conundrum"!!!!!!
  8. Well, I was going to address the German original of the English translation that has become the basis of this dispute. I searched for other translations but found the following before I found what I sought: The most interesting and penetrating diagnosis of this condition I have ever encountered I do believe that this precedes my first writings on the subject, but I will need to research myself to make that determination. Perhaps, you will find this man's treatment of the subject writing...persuasive. Let me know. Thanks.
  9. Catalan independence referendum

    I'm not following this subject, but I did listen to this portion of the John Batchelor show on the subject of the Catalonia referendum:
  10. There's going to be a short honeymoon, apparently.
  11. Global Warming is Opinion

    Yes, this is what I mean and it appears that you follow.
  12. Global Warming is Opinion

    Let me make one thing clear. If you are going to convince me to discuss actual, factual data on the subject, then I won't be responding to "it appears to be from". Do you follow?