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  1. The next big challenge in the field of AI is machines that can logically argue with each other... the amount of insights we can derive from this capability is indefinite. I'd like to work on it... but I'm too busy using AI for solving business problems right now. It's called a career lol.
  2. Everyone on the vape forums says that it's entirely harmless (which is assume is biased) and that my doctor wife is crazy. The liquid I vape is 80VG/20PG 3mg Nicotine. My wife says that at a certain temperature it creates formaldehyde . Is this true? What other detriments are there to vaping?
  3. I practiced psychology through the use of the mystery method. My wife, a doctor in psychology, hates this blemish on my reputation and fears that I still perform (which I do, but not the same way). It truly is an abomination what Mystery did to a lot of innocent lives, including my own. The difference with me is that I'm an apex anomaly and my fortitude is other worldly. Anyways, here is my noted system. I call it a method of gaining a strategic advantage (a lot of stuff in the mystery method worked so I kept it). I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if it requires revision or more work in any way. Specifically designed to help you achieve a strategic advantage quickly. The frontal filter consists of- DHV (Demonstration of higher value) NEG (backhanded compliment) DLV (demonstration of lower value) INVESTMENT (Intellectual/emotional/historical/social) If you should ever catch yourself DLV, forget that behavior immediately. On the other hand, for DHV, remember that. The 7 known primal categories indicative of a low-value individual are- Being disgusting Creating awkward situations Insulting or abusive behavior Being scary Betrayal Unwillingness to grow, be productive, and change *Desire to Destroy (in contention) The 2 primal categories that are there by default or result from the right amount of DLV's- No time investment No interest In most cases this is not your fault and not your problem so try to recover swiftly. 2nd point of contact- The decision tree The decision tree directs your attention to the proper response given the input. It could take your attention to the Primal triggers of attraction or to the Strategic Advantage System. Primal Triggers of Attraction- Protector of loved ones Preselection Willingness to emote Leader of men Polite Commander The unspoken and oftentimes dangerous and risky Primal Trigger of Attraction is- Willingness to walk away Strategic Advantage System- There are 5 known mutually exclusive paths for a relationship to go after you achieve attraction. Those paths are as follows- Build comfort- leads to seduction. Build likability- leads to popularity. Build rapport- leads to respect. Diplomacy- leads to civility. Poor behavior- leads to poor unacceptable/unwelcome response. People typically have a default Strategic Advantage System. Mine is likability. It doesn't take any effort to achieve that for me, hence default. Beyond that, there are the stipulations. The 4 to 10 hour rule- the System must be played out and lead to a final result in the Strategic Advantage System within 4 to 10 hours of interaction with your interlocutor. If you achieve this before 4 hours it indicates that your dealing with a fool. After 10 hours and it's going to be very difficult to recover; it's a guarantee that you will never achieve alpha status. The 3 second rule- Speak to your target within 3 seconds of them being aware of your existence. I, personally, hate this but also know the power of using it. All the cells in your body will be screaming no, but in most cases it results in the system just being easier to pull off. Plausible Deniability- Always let them have this. Create it for them and yourself in any way possible because it's the best defense mechanism you can have barring brilliant coping skills. If you're trying to build rapport and achieve respect, tone this down tremendously. LMR (Last Minute Resistance)- You'll get this pretty often, especially when you're trying to seduce your target. The trick is that if you sense that it will happen (it's not easily predicted) then you have to beat them to it. You be the one demonstrating LMR. If you do that then they won't, which gives you a work around in order to achieve your strategic advantage. Congruence- Never contradict yourself and never behave in a way that is abnormal and/or goes against your moral code, standards, and core beliefs. Please note that sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone as well to acquire desirable and strategic behaviors. This process may result in momentary incongruence. It is usually short lived but it really depends on your ability to adapt. If you're going to step out of your comfort zone, do it in a place that is inconsequential to your day to day life. Very important. It's also very important that you learn as quickly as possible how to not give a f and identify that most things just aren't a big deal. You have to believe it and it has to be congruent with your behavior. This is the most powerful advantage you will have in any situation so I suggest that you internalize it ASAP and practice it pragmatically. It needs to become pervasive and redundant for the best results.
  4. I welcome the scrutiny more than you'll ever know...
  5. I honor the discretion of those who allegedly know. I can't provide evidence. I beg your pardon.
  6. What I'm hearing is indicative of plagiarism. They say that he's also taken steps to cover his tracks as well.
  7. Ray is, allegedly, a plagiarizer. If that's true then it's a serious embarrassment on all of the establishments that not only supported him but went to the length of giving him honorary doctorates without asking him to show his work. A lie of this magnitude could be a serious scandal and already is a serious scandal to those who have passed on this information.
  8. Apex Anomaly


    I've always been a fan of Ray's. I read his book and love his ideas and the product of his labor. It's truly amazing to see what Google is doing with AI under his leadership, but... It's just hear say at this point but it's nothing I didn't suspect from him. Allegedly he weaseled his way into the upper echelon. I guess it doesn't matter much but it is kind of humiliating to hear that you believed in a fraud, especially when all of Google's products involving AI are so game changing. I, for one, am utterly embarrassed because I am inclined to believe it, as are other highly respected people. It's eerily quiet when it comes to rejecting this notion.
  9. I think this is a great idea. The thing is though, the mystery method can be identified in even the most mundane of moments. I've made mistakes in my history with her that have been dangerous for both of us (I asked a girl for a picture; she later stalked my fiance with her friends and tried to intimidate her and gave her death threats). Luckily my fiance is a professional kick boxer and was able to send a very clear message to them because of it. Truth is though, I stopped playing "the game" in 2014 when I almost got myself stabbed to death because I hit on the wrong girl. I stopped caring shortly after that and gave it up. The problem is that I still know everything about it and, in certain circumstances, I use what works. When I use parts of the game I always have an agenda and/or an objective. That objective/agenda is no longer sexual and hasn't been for a long time (unless I use them with my fiance). I guess I'll give an example- "Look, you know that I love you and I will protect you and preserve you to the best of my ability, as I do with all of my loved ones. The problem is that I have a very important and pivotal position at work that requires me to keep my finger on the pulse and advise the C-suite of the proper course of action. One of them happens to be a superficially attractive girl. I have to work with her. There's no getting around that. If I was going to cheat on you I could've done it by now many times, but I don't and I won't. It just frustrates the h*** out of me to know that you're willing to betray me by choosing your incredulity over my word. It's ridiculous and it's sad." I mean everything I said in that example... but I also employed validated and proven tactics to get my point across in the most attractive way possible. So I spoke the truth with her and said that I'm not willing to give up what I know and that even if I was willing I wouldn't be able to. This was my life for a very long time and knowledge takes time to dissipate... knowledge that I have no choice over keeping or getting rid of. It's constantly solidified just in every day action. I just don't know what it's going to take to help her understand that my agenda is in no way sexual and I, by default, make it clear right off the bat that the game is over, these girls can't get me. I'm taken. I'm hers. This sounds a bit cryptic to me. Care to elaborate?
  10. Well, I have a mental illness. It's schizophrenia unfortunately, so she's very protective and very controlling (for good reasons). She's afraid that these types of sites will give me new triggers and exploit old ones. My God would she hate if she found out about this.
  11. I'm going to try to go with your advice. She has earned that privilege. The problem I'm having though is that she doesn't believe me... Like I've ever done anything dishonest... She betrays me by choosing her incredulity.
  12. That's actually really good advice. I need something quickly though. By the way she is a doctor in psychology and is in Mensa top .5%
  13. I came here because science is always best. I obsessed over "the mystery method" and "the game" and "rules of the game" "the layguide" Neuro-linguistic programming, all of it. I decided I would master it all when I was 14 and by 23 I mastered it all. I taught a class on the mystery method to over 100 guys with notebooks and pencils and questions. She knows all of this and, with every new girl she hears about, she always believes that I'm cheating or that I have ulterior motives. I can't blame her, I did it to myself, but it's been years since then. I'm not a cheater. How do I settle this once and for all?
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