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  1. Rydberg formula is from 1888 year, pre-quantum physics era. Rydberg had no idea about E=h*f equation, nor any quantization. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rydberg_formula I wouldn't mind if it would be just 50 km, it's still within radiowave frequencies with ~6 kHz. But your example n1=1,000,000 and n2=1,000,001 gives me 45.5 million km wavelength, not 50 km. And frequency = 0.00658 Hz. How do you want to detect such photon with frequency that can't be even called long radiowave? ELF = Extremely Low Frequency http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extremely_low_frequency They're starting at 3 Hz... Above link contain issues in detection and emission of such photons.
  2. Mamma mia! Since when is h an energy? I wrote E=h*f where h = 6.62607*10^-34 J*s and replaced f by 1 Hz = 1 s^-1 so after multiplication it will be E=6.62607*10^-34 J*s * 1 s^-1 = 6.62607*10^-34 J That's quite obvious, isn't?
  3. Mr = M0 / sqrt( 1 - v^2/c^2 ) p = M0 * v / sqrt( 1 - v^2/c^2 ) E = E0 / sqrt( 1 - v^2/c^2 )
  4. Free neutron is unstable particle. It will decay to proton, electron and neutrino within 15 minutes or so. Even if two neutrons could theoretically join, one or both of them, will decay, and you won't have "dineutron" anymore.
  5. No. Your answer is with direct conflict with Planck work. Quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_constant "Classical statistical mechanics requires the existence of h (but does not define its value).[2] Planck discovered that physical action could not take on any indiscriminate value. Instead, the action must be some multiple of a very small quantity (later to be named the "quantum of action" and now called Planck's constant). This inherent granularity is counterintuitive in the everyday world, where it is possible to "make things a little bit hotter" or "move things a little bit faster". This is because the quanta of action are very, very small in comparison to everyday macroscopic human experience. Hence, the granularity of nature appears smooth to us." "Thus, on the macroscopic scale, quantum mechanics and classical physics converge at the classical limit. Nevertheless, it is impossible, as Planck discovered, to explain some phenomena without accepting the fact that action is quantized. In many cases, such as for monochromatic light or for atoms, this quantum of action also implies that only certain energy levels are allowed, and values in-between are forbidden" It means that photon can have energies: E=h*1=6.62607*10^-34 J E=h*2=1.325*10^-33 J etc etc E=h*xxx where xxx is any integer number, and floating point numbers of frequency are forbidden. wavelength = c/frequency so the largest wavelength = c/1 = c for 2 Hz: wavelength = c/2 = 149896229 m for 3 Hz wavelength = c/3 = 99930819.3 m etc. We can speculate and imagine that h is not quantum of energy but instead reduced h is (or other fraction of h), and have energy levels like this: E=hbar*1 E=hbar*2 E=hbar*3 Quantization of energy levels require quantization of frequency (because f=E/h) and quantization of angular frequency w=E/hbar Without quantization we literally would not be able to calculate h constant, if f is any positive real number. Without quantization we would return to XIX and early XX century "catastrophe in ultraviolet". On the other end are photons with the largest energy detected, 3.5 TeV, which is frequency = 3.5e+12/4.135667e-15 = ~8.5 *10^26 Hz
  6. It's mine own experiment. Accidentally observed. Verifying it costs less than $1..
  7. Cook beta plant in 2L+ water for ~35-40 minutes. Single one 300 grams costs 20 cents. Remove skin (or blend whole), juice will be much intensive. Hot juice shed into plastic bottle, leave some gap for air. Close it hermetically. After a while you will see that bottle is squashed. After couple days it will be the most squashed. Juice is absorbing oxygen from air, leaving just nitrogen (~99%). If bottle won't be closed hermetically, it will be absorbing oxygen from room producing very nasty substance, with disgusting foul odor (you can accelerate production of it, doing electrolysis of juice; if I recall correctly positive electrode won't produce any oxygen (negative will produce hydrogen), so all oxygen is immediately absorbed by juice). I have produced pure oxygen from electrolysis and pomp it to juice, and after couple days there was no oxygen at all, it has been all absorbed, but bottle was very squashed. Flame can't burn when there is no oxygen. Home checking of what gas we have is burning flame close to it. If there is explosion, we had hydrogen. When fire is starting burning a lot more intensive, then we had oxygen. When fire is turning off, we had not flammable gas like nitrogen.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glan%E2%80%93Thompson_prism "The prism can therefore be used as a polarizing beam splitter."
  9. Refraction index = speed of light in vacuum / speed of light in medium RI of water = 1.0c / 0.75c = 1.333
  10. False, the photons travel at c wrt to ANY observer. Do not you see he is speaking about Relativistic Doppler effect? It has nothing to do with speed of light. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relativistic_Doppler_effect
  11. Photon is at time t at location x, and at time t+1s at location x+c how do you want to know its position, when it's constantly changing so fast? The same thought experiment can be applied to any fast moving objects.. Even when you look at flying airplane - it's not where you are looking at. Flying at 900 km/h is 250 m/s. You can learn exact position of object, only after slowing it down (f.e. catching particle in some kind of trap). Let's consider c/c++ program: for( ; ; ) { printf( "CPU is here!\n" ); printf( "no, CPU is here!\n" ); printf( "no,no,CPU is here!\n" ); } Please tell me where is CPU PC (program counter).. ? Which instruction it's executing right now? It has 3 GHz (3 billion instructions per second theoretically). From human point of view, computer is executing everything simultaneously and PC is everywhere.. If it's executing loop, you can only tell probability where we can find it.
  12. ??? Do you know inverse square law? Intensity is quantity of photons per area. Very large quantity. The further from source emitting photons (or other particles), particles are spread on larger area. If you have 100 W light bulb, and it's emitting light at 525 nm wavelength, each photon has E=h*c/525nm =3.786e-19 J 100 W = 100 J/s (let's forget about loses) 100 J/3.786e-19 J=2.641*10^20 photons in the all directions, per second. 1 m from light bulb quantity of photons is 2.641*10^20 / 4*PI*1^2 = 2.1*10^19 per second per 1m^2 2 m from light bulb quantity of photons is 2.641*10^20 / 4*PI*2^2 = 5.254*10^18 3 m from light bulb quantity of photons is 2.641*10^20 / 4*PI*3^2 = 2.33*10^18 1000 m from light bulb quantity of photons is 2.641*10^20 / 4*PI*1000^2 = 2.1*10^13 We can go further and there will be distance with 1 photon per 1 m^2 per second And further there will be gaps without any photons in unit of area. Quantization of energy is essential to not have absurds/paradox like infinite energy.
  13. E = h * f f - frequency of wave E - energy of single photon particle Is it not good enough?
  14. Because it's computer science section, not philosophy section.. If you're interested in talking about philosophy or mathematic, you are in wrong forum. In 3d ray-tracing, that is recursive, we are using recursion limit. Counter that is increased until it's reaching recursion limit (or reverse, decreasing its value until 0). That's all to get rid of stack overflow that would happen when ray would be fired by mirror surface to other mirror surface that would fire ray to another mirror surface etc. If you have source code, you don't need any halt() function (which would require making snap shot of entire computer memory, because any cell might be variable), you can (must!) fight against stack overflow using much simpler ways. Simply count how deep routine is, and disallow going any more deeper. Mine the first ray-tracing engine, ended up crashing because of stack overflow, because of infinite recursion, because I forgot implementing recursion limit. Added 3 lines of code (init, increment counter, check if below range), and issue fixed. There are programs which use infinite loops with purpose. Even more often than you think. It's sometimes used in custom made threads, in multi-thread applications, at the end of their main routine: send signal that thread has finished working for( ;; ) Sleep( 1000 ); return( 0 ); // never called } This way thread pointer will still be valid, and the main thread will destroy thread by itself, when it wants. Do CPU without stack exist and are used as the main computer cpu? It would not have routines, and jsr (jump to subroutine), bsr (branch to subroutine) and rts (return from subroutine) machine instructions. Some early GPU used by graphics cards don't have routines, and don't have stack.. You can however make infinite loop. If cpu is storing anywhere it's current PC (program counter), then doing jmp [address], then that code is reading previously stored PC, and placing it back in PC. It's hand made stack. And it can have only as big capacity as there is memory available. Operating system can detect simple infinite loop - because such thread is eating whole cpu power.
  15. Never? Nucleus can absorb electron. It happens when nucleus is proton-rich. Process is called electron capture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_capture Either electron and proton are fermions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermion Pauli exclusion principle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pauli_exclusion_principle "The Pauli exclusion principle is the quantum mechanical principle that no two identical fermions (particles with half-integer spin) may occupy the same quantum state simultaneously." ps. "sticking to something" is rather macroscopic term.
  16. What with hydrogen bond? Will we count it as "chemical bond" or not? (it's mentioned in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemical_bond ) If we count it as well, the largest "molecule" on Earth is ocean. DNA molecule is using hydrogen bonds extensively.
  17. p+ + p+ -> D+ + e+ + Ve Proton colliding with proton is producing Deuterium, positron and neutrino.
  18. In video you have (at 3-4 second) CaO + 2C -> CaC2 + CO It should be: CaO + 3C -> CaC2 + CO Otherwise quantity of elements won't match between left and right side of equation. If you want to collect acetylene, put glass or test tube up side down in larger tank of water, suck out the all air from it, so it's full of water. Then place carbide below it, and acetylene will start collecting in your glass/test tube.
  19. CaC2 + H2O -> CaO + C2H2 CaO + H2O -> Ca(OH)2 C2H2 + 5O -> 2 CO2 + H2O (burning acetylene in chamber) Carbide cost 3.25 usd per 1 kg, water is for free. 1 kg of carbide will produce 406 grams of acetylene (so it's 406-500 L of gas), it will burn to carbon dioxide and water, but there will remain CaO and Ca(OH)2, which somebody will have to pomp out of car.. From economical point of view, it's not practical. It's more expensive fuel than gasoline, and after using carbide, there are remains, that somebody has to get rid of.
  20. Acetylene is unstable gas. 1 kg is taking 1 m^3 of space at normal temperature and pressure (water has 1000 times more density). Gasoline is liquid. Therefor it's easy to transport and easy to make tank etc. etc. Maybe you thought about acetone?
  21. Displays used by modern devices such as ebook are using energy only to switching states. If pixel has the same color/brightness as in previous, it uses no energy.
  22. 1 Liter of Helium has mass 0.1786 g. 1 Helium-4 particle has mass = 4.0026/6.022141e+23 = ~6.646e-24 g 0.1786 g/L / 6.6465e-24 g = 2.687e+22 atoms in liter. 2.687e+22 / 10e+9 = 2.687e+12 seconds each one producing 10 billion atoms / 86400 = 3.11e+7 days / 365.25 = 85150 years..
  23. 1 m^3 of Helium costs 60 usd here. Even Deuterium is more expensive.
  24. Deuterium colliding with Deuterium will create Helium-4. Helium-3 can be created from spontaneous decay of Tritium. T+ -> He-3 + e- + Ve Two different ways for creating different Helium isotopes. Bombarding Deuterium fluid by highly accelerated Deuterium nucleus. or Bombarding Deuterium fluid by neutrons, producing Tritium, and then waiting for spontaneous decay of it to He-3. ps. Like mathematic said- it has no sense. Maybe just to prove theory. It would be the most expensive Helium in the world.
  25. They do. But you need to have gamma photons with f.e. 510,999 eV energy each. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-photon_physics Result is matter production http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_production http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matter_creation y + y -> e+ + e-
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