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  1. Who said they traveled airplane? Maybe they simply car drive. 3000 km / 100 km = 30 * 7 L/100 km used by engine = 210 L of oil or gasoline. What is price of oil/gasoline in russia? I have here $1.8 (yeah, we have quite expensive) 210 * 1.8 = $371 If we split to 4 persons in car, each has to pay $93. You really can't afford paying one hundred dollars? Really?
  2. Corruption has nothing to do with amount of money, percentage of salary etc. It can be even $10-$20. Corruption is when official (paid by government in the most of cases) requires client to pay to do something, or not to do his job. Examples: - doctor receiving money for better caring patient in hospital. - doctor moving patient waiting for treatment in queue up. - police officer canceling ticket for gift. - police officer telling details about investigation. - official picking up offer from company after receiving money, instead of picking up the best offer from the all offers provided by companies. This is the most harmful to country from the all listed here. The best way to get rid of corruption is introduction of lie tests. Let's take for example police office taking money for canceling ticket: Ticket cost $100 for instance. It's obvious that "gift" must be significant less that ticket (say 50%), otherwise whole bribery wouldn't make sense. Why somebody would like to pay more than that? Such police officer must take a few bribes per day to have significant impact on his salary. Money from tickets that would go normally to government, are ending up in his pocket. So again government is the most damaged. Client and officer are happy. One paid less, officer have secondary salary.
  3. Which chemical reaction you have in mind?
  4. They were singing song "Bogurodzico *) save us from putin"... ! *) which translates to "Mother of God", or "Mary (mother of Jesus)"... Things will start making sense, when you will stop believing in putin crap. So actually they were praying in the most appropriate place for it.
  5. Apparently Russians are not Christians anymore.. As Christianity is based on forgiving enemies. Pussy Riots are not enemies of believers. They are rather enemies of putin. As any good russian should be enemy to any russian's dictator. putin disobeyed constitution and is not president in the meaning of any democracy country. You cannot be 3 times president in any democracy country. Constitution disallows this. And voice of people, no matter if true or fake, is not excuse to scoop up power in the country. Dictators end up the same regardless of country - they are killed by people or killed by rivals to power. putin won't die for natural cause rather for sure. I'll remind you what happened to Roman empire emperors. Caesar - killed by senators. Octavian - killed by his wife. Tiberius - killed by his grand nephew with help of commander of security guards. Caligula - killed by commander of security guards. Claudius - killed by his wife. Neron - committed suicide to not being captured alive by his enemies (all romans). Galba - killed Otho - suicide Vitellius - killed Vespasian - the FIRST emperor that was not killed and died for natural cause!
  6. What tells you putin is not fact. It's what he wanted to say to you, and just that. Pretty much crap. Totalitarian (or government dependent) television should be treated exactly reverse to what is said. In any western country behaving like Pussy Riots would remain unnoticed. For their happening in church they would at worst get mulct. Priest decrying their action and demanding penalty as they received would be very pad priest. And for sure not behaving like Jesus ordered him forgiving enemies.
  7. Does white powder is similar to this? These are mine aluminum electrodes used in electrolysis of water with high voltage, high current, for a few minutes. After ~1 hour they would be totally wiped out. Before experiment they looked like this plate and were rectangles (not round edges, it's result of experiment):
  8. You are thinking from perspective of investor that will make power station to entire village or city. That's wrong way IMHO. Each of citizen should get for free, or buy, solar panel that will be enough for his/her family. But this way flow of money to investor or government (taxes from electric bills, taxes from power station company etc) doesn't flow. Once bought solar panel can be used for many many years no problem, without paying bills per month. (Almost) everybody are only thinking how to screw up other people just to earn money.. That's not the cause. Problem is energetic lobby.
  9. Sensei


    The first of all Sun is emitting photons in the all directions uniformly. It's called isotropic emission: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotropy Equally in the all directions. Similar is working f.e. light bulb. Read about inverse-square law, if you have not already http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverse-square_law Sun is emitting photons with whole range of frequencies/wavelengths/energies (what you prefer), except few missing (spectral lines of various atoms). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectral_line Which allows us to tell what atoms are in given star and in what concentration. You can see Sun spectrum in this article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunlight This is also useful in modern chemistry to tell components of substance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectroscopy Laser is pretty much directional source of photons. With very short frequency/wavelength range. f.e. mine green laser 100 mW with 532 nm has tolerance +-10 nm (so it should emit photons between 522 nm to 542 nm).
  10. If there is finite quantity of galaxies, therefor finite quantity of stars, therefor finite quantity of baryons and other particles, then there is finite quantity of frames of reference. For human brain 10^100 or 10^1000 is like infinity, too large to grasp anyway. On the other hand, if velocity is at some level (very small so not easily detectable like f.e. 1 picometer per second) quantized, there will be also finite quantity of frames of reference (but it might even exceed above one FOR quantity). I think so oil drop experiment performed in very long time (months or years), could be used to find whether velocity, distance and time, power and energy are quantized (and much cheaper than building particle collider) Imagine oil drop that traveled to middle between top & bottom plates. Then ionized and attracted by top plate. At some point it appears staying in place. But what if we will keep it this way for months or years, can we see little movement to up or down? When it will be really fixed in place for years, we have found minimum energy needed to move particle. Minimum energy more or less = movement to up/down of oil drop in months/years. Just a thought.
  11. It's impractical size. Mine diffusion cloud chamber has size 40 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm = 25 L. The bigger chamber is the longer traces of particles you can observe (and the harder is to cool it down and the more energy is wasted in this process). Some electrons with high energy can leave >20 cm traces. For measurement we want them to fit entirely inside of chamber.
  12. OMG. You don't even have primary school mathematic knowledge.. Have not heard about PI = 3.14159265? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi Directions are represented by vectors. Letter with little arrow above it. 2d vector has 2 components xy. 3d vector has 3 components xyz. and so on with further dimensions. (but they're rarely needed and used) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_(mathematics_and_physics) Direction vector is usually normalized. Which means that all components are divided by length of vector. In result length of vector is equal to 1.0. In C/C++ normalization of vector look like this: length = sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2); x = x/length; y = y/length; z = z/length; (btw you have to check for length != 0 to not divide by 0) After normalization vector length sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2) is equal 1.0 Normalized vectors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_vector Pressure has unit N/m^2. Force in Newtons per meter square area. p=F/area p=m*a/area Not quite sure why you wrote "inward".. Yes, we know. Except any kid in primary school in XX-XXI century in western countries?
  13. Instead of wasting time making video of nothing, you should better use given you time on actually learning the all three century of science..
  14. Particle system that uses sprites (2d flat planes always rotated toward camera) is cheap trick to render stuff quickly on computers, quite nice flames or so. Each particle in 3d has parameters such as position, direction, velocity, acceleration, rotation, time of life. Time of life is attached to gradient. For t=0 it's the hottest - the brightest - sprite has white color. Then the longer particle lives, gradient changes to yellow, orange, red, brown and suddenly black, and then disappears. Such color of particle can be used as light point source (fading away with inverse-square law) to brighten regular geometry surrounding fire in 3d space. Sprites are rendered on image, one on another, stacking together, gluing with others and looking as one piece. Pretty often it's pure post-process effect. When quantity of particles is counted in millions, and their paths are nicely simulated, we're receiving pretty nice fire like on your picture. The same procedure is used to render clouds. But different are colors and method of decay and movement. Rendering procedure barely changes. Yes. But particle systems don't need texture maps. They can rely only on gradients and time-of-life. Procedural texture is often used to disturb directions of movement of particles, to get semi random directions and velocities. You can modify paths of particles by using wind, gravity and attractors and repellers. In LightWave 3D such procedural texture disturbing particles is called HyperTexture. Particle system asks hypertexture "does location xyz is void or filled?". HyperTexture returns result. It's repeated f.e. 100x100x100 times in given box. And 3d application knows where is stuff (like cloud), and what parameters it has, and where is nothing to render. Example hypertexture used to render cloud: Particle systems in 3d applications and especially 3d games are cheap tricks to get nice realistic looks, but they're still tricks. Unlike regular multi-bounces ray-tracing which is very physically accurate IMHO (as long as you forget about wave nature of matter and photons - 3d simulations uses exclusively only particle nature!) Particle systems can also render using volumetric - this is much more physically accurate than stack of 2d sprites, but also much longer render times and therefor quite unusable in 3d real-time engines in games. Volumetric is intercepting any ray-tracing routine and injecting samples inside ray-origin and ray-origin + ray-direction * ray-length. This allows f.e. clouds to cast shadows on the ground.
  15. BlueSpike, don't lock up on phosphine and mutation in genes. It's unlikely source. Your mind have to be open. To ignite we need three things: fuel, oxygen and spark or other source of energy. Air oxygen is bad source, even harder to get inside of body. Much better would be oxygen inside of chemical substance that can be rapidly released. In gunpowder such role has KNO3 (it's used to conserve food, but it's unlikely that somebody eat it too much. Maybe by mistake? It looks like sugar. I have just tasted it - quite neutral, a bit like soap on tongue) In article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spontaneous_human_combustion in 3rd paragraph there is: "the victims are chronic alcoholics;" (it's note from 1823) I can no problem drink 0.5 L of vodka. So I guess so chronic alcoholics should handle 1 L. 40% is giving 400 grams of ethanol in stomach and body. In pure moonshine it can go even up to 98-99% When we have potential source of fuel, we just need to find steady source of oxygen in liquid or solid form that we eat, that is not toxic, and could have end up in stomach together with large amount of flammable alcohol.
  16. We learn how to behave by observation how other people are behaving. So the largest influence on us, especially at early age, will have those people we spend the most of time with them, or those that we admire. If your father is training karate, playing ping-pong, jogging there is high chance that we also will do it. If your father is working hard, barely visible at home, we also will be working hard and barely see children. If your father is jobless, watching tv whole day, there is high chance that we also end up as he. Realizing that we're repeating pattern is the first step to breaking endless loop.
  17. Yes. of course. But it's small amount. And depends strongly on thickness. Close eyes, and "look" at Sun or other strong source of light - you will see no black color like at night, but reddish color - photons pass through thin skin of your eyelids. There is no sound in this video. This video shows how blurred reflections can be simulated by hand (and what 3d applications do internally), and has nothing to do with subsurface scattering. It's important knowledge for somebody making 3d. Because calculation of multi-bounces of photons between different internal layers in subsurface scattering node/shader is taking a lot of cpu time. One of the most slowing down effects in 3d.
  18. i am running out of double float precision in OpenOffice after n>170.. D column is simply SQRT(FACT(A1)+1)
  19. To escape Earth surface there is needed velocity 11.2 km/s. But the further object is from source of gravity, the smaller velocity is needed. It's 11 times less than needed at surface of Earth. Space shuttle on orbit had ~8 km/s.
  20. Plane of incidence doesn't exist as real thing. It's just mathematic tool to illustrate one of many ways photons can be reflected from material. Smooth surface like water (in closed room, where air can't influence it much) or flat glass has all normal vectors pointing in the same direction. Rough surface will have normal vectors disturbed, resulting in disturbed reflections (therefor in 3d applications attributes are called "bump map" and "roughness"). If you have patience watch this 10 min video, how you can manually disturb normal vectors to get disturbed reflections (by adding randomized vector to surface normal vector and then normalize vector): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP425jM1oGM Read more about subsurface scattering http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subsurface_scattering If you will place your hand between strong light source and your eyes, you can see photons passing through your fingers (where body is the thinnest). Modern 3d movies uses subsurface scattering all the time, and 3d games also start using this effect, because it's giving a lot of realism. Here is quite extreme example: On the left girl without subsurface scattering, on the right with subsurface scattering: Subsurface scattering can be quickly described as multi-bounce of photons through different layers of material after refraction, causing whole material to be brighter as a whole. Exiting refracted photons from material are exhibiting internal of material (like veins, bones, internal damages, internal color (f.e. multiple times painted car but with different colors)).
  21. I loaded his xls to OpenOffice.. It has 1300 rows.. >50 columns each Taking screen-shot would be challenge itself (maybe rather hundred screen-shots).
  22. And unlike solid planets, Sun equator rotates at different speed than other regions.
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