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  1. Yes. Nucleus possessing the same electric charge (f.e. positive and positive) will be repelling. Typical human made plasma wants to expand in the all directions in vacuum. Therefore we need to surround it by very strong magnets/electromagnets, which will be pushing plasma from all directions and it won't touch device's walls (that would melt it). http://fire.pppl.gov/KSTAR_First_Plasma_Photos.png Nucleus of matter and nucleus of antimatter will attract. There is even exotic human made matter where antiproton is orbiting for a while Helium-4 nucleus (so role of electron is taken by antiproton). Then after a while antiproton and nucleus are annihilating.
  2. Negative energy, and negative mass, is hypothetical concept. You can read about it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negative_mass In whole article about Casimir Effect there is no single mention about "negative energy". There is just about "zero-point energy". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casimir_effect Do you understand that you're asking about something hypothetical.. ?
  3. IMHO negative energy doesn't exist. In the all calculations energy produced by fission, fusion, pair production etc. etc. we can just see positive energy.
  4. After reaching some threshold compression, matter will change to plasma (nucleus and electrons are free), and nuclear fusion will start up (at least for initial H2O). Water will no longer be water, but mixture of protons and Oxygen nucleus and electrons. But it needs cosmic scale amount of matter to create enough pressure. Some estimate that Jupiter would need 50-75 times of its current mass to ignite and become star. For instance Sun core has density 150 g/cm^3, which is 150 times denser than water density on Earth (and 7.7 times denser than gold 19.3 g/cm^3). Average distance between particles will be much much smaller.
  5. He said "Vacuum gap 10e-9 m Casimir effect" 10e-9 m is 10 nm.
  6. Newsweek article about russian cyber propaganda attacks (use translator to read it). SuperExpress article about the same. First paragraph after translation "Newsweek expressed his concern, because he noticed that every time they publish an article on the situation in Ukraine, in the comments there is a huge amount of anti ukrainian and anti-our nation comments. Quotes are often vulgar and definitely very pro-Russian." Problem is quantity. There is hundred portals. With thousands articles. And each one is commented by them whole day. The most competent are probably concentrating on CNN, BBC and MSN. Less competent are using translator and are easier to notice that something is wrong with them. They need to: - use proxy servers to not reveal their true IP location - register e-mails in western countries - register on forum using above e-mail - knowing language of forum they are writing, or using translator - stay on forum for days, since 1 march, commenting everything especially articles about situation in Crimea and Ukraine. - comments are in the same tone: how good is putin and russia, discrediting Ukraine, condemning sanctions, disparaging war, introducing fear. I will give you examples from today (discussion between Merkel with Obama about escalation of sanctions) Comment about Merkel from above link after translation (google) "Polish Jew should remember that there is no majority in the Bundestag and censure could end her political career. This pederast who was the loudest Russophobe is no longer in the Bundestag, nor his party ..." (Merkel grandparents are Polish if you don't know) Comment from this article: "Bravo President Putin. EU using money from the CIA introduced brothel in Ukraine and now has them in ass - any help (except for installing their agents in the style of a new prime minister or president). In contrast, Putin was the only one still helps Ukraine, crediting its gas supplies to the country. Now you can see where Ukraine has real friends." So our "friend" alkis3 is quite nice person in comparison to what we can find on the other forums.
  7. It's pretext to introduce Internet censorship. Government will tell you which websites are 'right' and which are 'wrong'. As a result all people will have to encode all their traffic and use services such as Tor to hide everything what they do on the net. You can show what you think about such politics in the next elections.
  8. So according to you putin is the only intelligent enough person in your country to have power. That doesn't sound good about your nation. Western countries have many valuable competent people. Lost leader can be instantly replaced. Unlike English people on forum here, I absolute don't have any doubt that you're hired by KGB person to write for money in western medias. In mine country we have genuine flood (or rather tsunami) of people of your kind never observed before. You're paid for writing good about putin and russia. Fight for people minds.
  9. Obama won't be elected 3rd time for presidency. Obama won't be changing constitution to fool people and ruling forever. Obama won't be changing his country to totalitarian country.
  10. You need to understand what is color in the first place. White light are photons with various frequencies in visible range. In wavelengths from 380 nm to 750 nm. When photon hits surface of material, it can be absorbed or absorbed and emitted. Emission can be in different range than absorption f.e. absorb ultraviolet and emit visible light. White surface in white light is white, because all photons are reflected. Pretty none are absorbed. If source of light is not white (some frequencies will be missing), white surface won't appear white to our eyes. If you have red source of light (like in old fashion photographer room), white wall will appear red (wavelengths 380nm to ~600nm are missing). Red surface in white light is red, because red photons (~620nm - 750 nm wavelengths) are reflected from it, and all others are absorbed. Green grass and leafs in white light is green, because green photons (~500 nm... 570 nm wavelengths) are reflected, and all others are absorbed (and used in photosynthesis). Color of material tells us how material reacts to photons with given frequency/wavelength/energy.
  11. No. And no. Energy is in Joules unit. Which is kg * meter^2 * second^-2 1g = 0.001 kg c= 299792458 m/s so E=0.001*299792458^2 = 8.9875517873681764e+13 J To release this energy there would be needed antimatter. Reread what I said in #4 post. Radioactive decay is splitting particle that is initially at rest, to couple particles with high energy-momentum-velocity. It's much easier to see mass-energy equivalence when you know how to calculate released energy (decay energy).
  12. On the other hand "being at rest" means that whole environment you are in has the same velocity as you. Which gives illusion of lack of movement. When you are in airplane toilet without windows, and airplane has constant velocity, you don't know whether you're flying or still on ground.
  13. Split of Church of England from Rome happened in 1534. Newton born in 1643. 109 years later. Thank you for mixing everything up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_James_Version English translation of Bible is from 1604-1611. King James died before Newton born.
  14. Learn how to calculate Decay Energy of isotope. It's showing how mass changes to energy in decaying unstable isotope. Newly produced particles are accelerated to very high speed and escaping parent element. As your knowledge seems to be very rough, I will show you video how radioactive decay looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLiXgdymIYE Long thin traces are the most likely from electrons (you can check it by placing magnet or electromagnet and observing bending of trace). Short thick traces are from alpha particle. The longer trace, the more energy had particle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFVZU2YwwJ4
  15. Sensei

    Alpha Decay

    I think so it's theoretical question (or tricky). No matter if this isotope undergoes such decay or not. Do you know how many protons have sulfur? Do you know how many neutrons have sulfur-34? Do you know how many protons and neutrons have alpha particle? If you know all above, you can calculate simple way what will be result element. Then check isotope mass and you can even calculate Decay Energy. Hypothetical, because it's stable.
  16. Better later, than ever. Safer. None of them will be able to push trigger or assault neighborhood countries..
  17. Russians are happy? You wouldn't have to drink so much of vodka to feel happy... Cheap vodka and everybody are happy. It's too easy.
  18. Putin WANTED war. Wanted that Ukraine soldiers will start firing. That's why whole army was waiting for on the border. To take eastern and south part of Ukraine. But Ukraine government was informed by CIA to not open fire, instead filming everything openly and walking without guns. Which complicated whole plan. There was time for preparation. Stock market investors are not long term investors. They can jump in and out in a day. Especially RTS that's listed in London. If he would bother about national interest he wouldn't prepare Sochi. Wasting 50 billions of dollar for 2 weeks entertainment in country that's barely breathing is pure stupidity. he will be gone before the end of this year..
  19. In http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geothermal_electricity there is "El Salvador, Kenya, the Philippines, Iceland and Costa Rica generate more than 15% of their electricity from geothermal sources." But it's just these couple countries. Not entire world.
  20. ... to destroy russia. Not a single investor with brain will waste money in russia now in long term investments.. At least until putin is alive.
  21. Where do you have such data? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renewable_energy
  22. russia has only parades of nuclear rockets... What a nonsense are you writing again? Quote with translation: "In 1914 Russian Orthodox Church had 55173 churchs and 550 monasteries. There was 113629 clerics and 95259 monks. Repressions from communists government before II war and after II war brought significant marginalization of Russian Orthodox Church. In 1939 structures were in vestigial form, legally worked only couple hundred churchs and not a single monastery." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Orthodox_Church#Under_Communist_rule "In the first five years after the Bolshevik revolution, 28 bishops and 1,200 priests were executed." Are you talking about "life of spirit" after being executed by communists government, right?
  23. Look at OpenGL perspective transformation matrix. http://www.opengl.org/sdk/docs/man2/xhtml/gluPerspective.xml http://www.opengl.org/sdk/docs/man2/xhtml/glFrustum.xml OpenGL transforms first 3d object coordinate to 3d world coordinate (multiply vector 3x1 by matrix 4x4) (glMatrixMode GL_MODELVIEW), then multiply result by perspective matrix (glMatrixMode GL_PROJECTION). After that you have x,y on screen and depth (which is used to z-buffer). Analyze this transformation matrix, and you will have math. It'll be easier than you think- distance between lanterns is same, and their heights are also the same.
  24. It appears so, if you're saying that children seeing gays will become gays.. Quoting you "but there are children who have a weak mind,and if they see gay,they will begin to ask ourselves what it is,and normal health child can be damaged."
  25. You have skewed informations about gays. They feel desire for person with the same sex as they. Colloquially speaking true man gay has erection only with man, and feel disinterest to woman (no erection). How do you want to change heterosexual children to gay?
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