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  1. It is not the deaths to COVID 19 that are the problem. It appears to be the large number of hospital cases requiring ventilation for weeks and then possibly months to recover.
  2. I did see a YT of this couple who were making Kefir and bread using the same strain of yeast. While later I couldn't find the same video, but I do recall it.
  3. The McCann's rental car is hired 23 days after the disappearance of Madeleine. One moment Goncalo Amaral says the McCanns (the day after her disappearance) hid Madeleine's body inside a coffin resting in the local church under a body of a woman that was going to be cremated the next day. Well if that was the case how did the odour get in the car that hadn't yet been hired? His reasoning seems rather flawed to me. I'm tending to the view that Madeleine is still alive and that she was taken out of the apartment in a combination of two events that are unrelated but they coincide in a str
  4. Thanks. For a moment I thought you might be working for Scotland Yard as a "chemistry expert"! Scotland Yard may not have been involved with the case at the time the McCanns called in Danie Krugel. It was the McCanns who asked the PJ to call in the cadaver dogs based on the results of Danie's findings. The immanent arrival of the cadaver dogs seems to have fueled within someone the need to shift "the body". It is reported "over 30 adults" had access to the McCanns rental car, the one in which the cadaver odour and matching DNA was found. It wasn't a full match, just 15 out of the 19 a
  5. That is extremely cryptic. I would like to see you in Praia da Luz as well as in London.
  6. Yesterday I made a significant breakthrough in my research. Today I made my first report of this information to Scotland Yard's Operation Grange. I will share this information with the forum if SY does not take it seriously.
  7. If Gobekli Tepe circles had these long lead-in arms then I'd agree it was used for hunting animals. Do they have the trapping mechanism?
  8. I think there is a validity. It is valid for this Martin Grimes, the dogs' owner and trainer, had been correct in 199 out of 200 cases he had been involved in (at that stage of his career). He knew his dogs reactions so well, he was able to sense where to take his dogs to sniff out the important details. Basically the dogs had to be in and over the spots of blood or the spots where the cadaver odour was to make it work. Kate noticed this "directing" of his dogs and hence called it an "incomplete science". Where the PJ went wrong IMO was to not keep all the logic options (mathematical)
  9. No, the dog "Eddie" was trained only to react to human cadaver odour. A very specialised training method is involved. The dog "Keela" was trained only to react to human blood.
  10. Do they know how old the drawings are in #59? Interesting similarity.
  11. That shape is so unsuitable for the capture of animals. Humans and humanoids would have been using pits and traps for catching prey for millions of years. There would be the aspect of clever design and cunning evident in any device or structure used and I don't see it in the Gobekli Tepe structures sorry.
  12. It is an unusual situation for the parents now that the twins are growing up and learning how to access the internet and use Google. There are hundreds of websites that are just full of claims that "the parents did it". From the sequence of events as I understand it Danie Krugel advised the Mccanns to get cadaver dogs brought in, and I saw a YT yesterday in which Gerry claims that he asked for the cadaver dogs to be brought in. Now if that is true that points to a complete innocence IMO. Innocence as in lack of involvement with burying bodies at least. They seem to accept with hindsight it
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