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About Me

I've just come to explore the Original SF. It seems quiet to begin with but I like the idea of having a blog. I reckon I could knock up a very interesting blog, I hit my 50 posts and started a blog "Robittybob's Wacky Science".


I have been on Physics Forums (PhysOrg), Wooden Boats forum, Physforums, Sciforums, the Science Forum, The Physics Forum, and several others that seemed too dead to mention and now SFN.

I have generally stirred up the water but I have gradually learned how to behave, so you'll have no trouble from me.

You might not believe what I say but I will make one dedication to everyone here, I will never tell a lie. Everything I say is from my heart believing it to be the truth, it may be wrong but it will never be said as a deception.

Sometimes I miss out the word NOT in a sentence and it says the opposite to what I wanted to say, if I notice it and I can still edit it I will.

Let's go!


The thought of gathering my science together in a blog is something I've wanted to do for a while, but that is a challenge in itself.


There is nothing that makes me want to live longer than the prospect of a NASA mission to land on the lakes of water ice at the North Pole of Mercury. I believe they will find that life started there, even though they poo poo it right now.




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