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  1. there is science proof of projection, look up on google, there is a scienctist who did some experiments, he montitord a person who claimed she could astral project at will, he wrote down images and phrases on a sheet of papper, then put it on a shelf near the ceiling, told the lady to project and read the paper, she did and was 100% accurite . also, look up robert monroe, the founder of the monre insitute, his studies show that when a person listens to a binaral frquency in the theta range, that personusually experiences leaving there body and being extremly aware of them self while it happe
  2. yes! everything is connected! i think every thing that exist is here because we made it here, i think this because i have died once and was brought back, while i was dead, my awarness was shifted away from the physical, its like i suddenly rememberd everything, and i just knew, i could merge back into my original self, somehow i just knew that everything that has ever exist simply comes from consciencness, there was this sense that im part of everything and that everything was just a part of me. my experience from death has changed my perspective on a lot of things, i now practice astral pro
  3. do you really not get it? i made it as simple as possible. have you visualized what i was talking about? time dilates itself..... when einstien said he visualized himself riding a particle of light, everything had to be slowed down, do you relize why that is? the faster one travels=the more mass it has=the more energy it has=the more time dilates. mc2, equation in German-born physicist Albert Einstein’s theory ofspecial relativity that shows that the increased relativistic mass (m) of a body comes from the energy of motion of the body—that is, itskinetic energy (E)—divided by the
  4. "Travels faster with respect to?" each other. "But if the two observers are stationary relative to each other then they will agree on the distance between the Earth and the Sun. You need to give more information. " no matter what they agree on, 10 feet from a giant persons perspective is more then the 10 feet from a small persons perspective. there is no way for light particals to know that they both agreed on a distance... i think some of you guys are missing my points o.0 it simply does not matter if its possible or not to float in space, it does not matter if its not poss
  5. the reason why i used a small observer and a large observer is to show the differences from each ones own perspective, nothing to do about there speed, more of the difference between both of there perception of time and how they experience time differently essentially due to there mass/size.
  6. how are you so sure astral projection is not real? cause you never done it?lmao. hate to burst your bubble, but what do you think your doing when you dream?? if you want, next time i project, ill visit you, and describe your entire house.doodle some stuff on paper and leave it out in plain view, ill tell you whats on the paper.ill even pull you out your body, will be up to you if you can maintain your self awarness after your out. my money says you wont even be able to become aware of yourself at a higher frequency.
  7. well, i just explained it, let me break down so you can digest it, original post is about michio saying he is convinced that our universe was designed by a intelligent being. well, how the hell do you think a intelligent being would be able to create such a thing you ask???read my post, i explained it all.thats how astral projection has everything to do about this post.GG
  8. i was home schooled until i was 16 and did not really get a chance to learn any of this stuff, keep that in mind if you feel this subject is childs play. before we start, lets do a warm up. imagine a 10 ft long pole being spun in circles with a motor at a constant speed. the part of the pole that is closest to the center of the circle is traveling less distance then the part that is further away from the center. speed is calculated by the time it takes for an object to travel a distance. so does this mean that the part of the pole which is further away from the center is trave
  9. haha, and what question am i asking? im pretty sure that the meaning behind my post was pointing out how strange our universe is, not asking a direct question in any way, except when i asked if any of you found it as weird as i do...but thats not the main point of my post....at all....the fact that you cant even comprehend my meaning is kinda ironic dont ya think>?
  10. yes i understand what you mean and believe you are correct, i understand that awarness emerges from the complex pattern of the atoms. but at the same time, no matter how you look at it, we are still atoms at our very core. lol...really......please go else where with your lack of brain cells o.0
  11. wow that is interesting. ill admit that i never really had true interest in science or spirituality, until now. i been dabbling in the field of astral projection ever since i had this one out of body experience not to long ago. i know some of you think that astral projection is just a myth or something, but let me tell you that im 100% sure that astral projection is truly a real thing. the reason i bring this subject up is because i believe it is related to what dr.michio kaku was saying, ill explain, starting with my own personal experiences. when i astral project, i can materialize my t
  12. Has anyone here ever truly thought about how we exist, how we are self aware.When i think about this deeply, i realize something thats very strange, atoms. we are all made up of atoms, tiny ball like atoms.hypothetically speaking, if you were to separate and isolate a single atom, would you have the reason to believe that this atom is conscience and is aware of its self? Probaly not. how ever, if enough of these atoms come together, in just the right way, they create a being that is intelligent and self aware, humans.when i think of it like this, it all seems to insane to be reality. But yet,
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