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  1. switch() case code generated by C/C++ compiler can be much more efficient than above reduced quantity of if() code. Right-shifting instruction is like dividing by 2, but is also putting bit that's gone to Carry status register (at least on CPUs I worked). Pseudo-code that should be generated by compiler: value >>= 1; BCC case2 // Branch on Carry Clear [... code executed when the less significant bit is 1...] BRA end case2: [...code executed when the less significant bit is 0...] end: Now, repeat it as many times as there is significant bits in state varia
  2. Publius Cornelius Tacitus. Roman noble (not Christian) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tacitus described in his historic book Historiae (written in ~105 AD) about revenge of Nero taken on Christians for "burning Rome" in 64 AD. It's a matter to finding his original books from 105 AD, and examine them by scientific methods (radioactive isotope Carbon-14) to confirm their age (absolute required). Alternatively find as many as possible copies of books made later and comparison whether they're equal (or whether they were changed in the meantime). Books made before Constantine would be of course
  3. Sorry, Strange, but they're not "idiots" but "victims of bad school education". I would start learning kids from showing them particles on their own eyes.. Devices such as Cloud Chamber, electron gun, discharge tubes, high voltage generators, lasers, polarization filters, diffraction granting, single/double slits, are cheap and quickly allow showing quantum world.. There is no reason why they're not in every primary school.
  4. What typical mobile phone application has? Menu. Program application where user can select something from menu. Few options, like Start, Best Scores, About, Exit. Move cursor between options, handling up and down keys. Press enter key - acceptance of selected menu item. Instead of making each menu item by hand, there can be created array of strings (or array of structures) with titles of menu item and f.e. call-backs executed when they're picked up by user - and you have usage for array.. To gain experience, you have to write programs. Write programs for yourself. Programs that y
  5. I think you should go back to original sentence, that I was commenting: "I assume this thermal radiation arises because individual atoms are constantly being accelerated by their interactions." "constant acceleration" reminds me saying "releasing energy forever". But there is finite amount of energy in hotter object. IMHO thermal radiation arise because hotter object is appearing in colder environment. Acceleration of one molecule, and deceleration of other molecule is just method of transfer energy. Hotter object is sharing energy with colder environment, until both have equal temp
  6. Month ago I was test driving IR camera, were this was visible on 120 frames-per-second recorded movie (or real-time). Optris PI160 http://www.optris.com/thermal-imager-pi160 (3.3k euro with VAT) Software coming with IR camera were using Stefan-Boltzmann law to calculate temperature. I was picking up location using mouse on still frame, or animation, or in real-time (camera observing hot object, sending data through USB to computer), and it's showing what temperature has that spot of image. It is also showing graph, one axis temperature, second quantity/percentage of image. I will
  7. In Swansont's blog there is information about muons. Muons and positrons were discovered by Carl David Anderson in Cloud Chamber in 1932 & 1936. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_David_Anderson I just wanted OP to be aware of such device as Cloud Chamber.
  8. The simplest particle detector is Cloud Chamber. Here you have instruction how to build one: http://www.ultimate-theory.com/en/2014/6/8/how-to-build-cloud-chamber-particle-detector It costs something between 20-50 usd. Example result (radioactive isotope is decaying and highly accelerated new particles are ionizing medium they are passing) Setup to double slit is even cheaper. I have two 0.03 mm and 0.05 mm. Bought for $6. Of course you also need laser. Couple photos taken by me with 405 nm wavelength laser:
  9. Reverse. Data from experimental observations showed conservation of charge, so any developed by human field theory must obey it (otherwise they would be immediately rejected because of disagreement with experimental data)..
  10. There is no evidence of that. But IMHO if it would be the case, our billion years could be f.e. 1 pico second of their time..
  11. Another option is different types of spaces. In Unicode we have quite a few space characters: https://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/chars/spaces.html Most of them user won't see difference. But program/script that is searching just for 0x20 (32) ASCII using if( chr == ' ' ) will fail on them..
  12. Two spaces at the beginning (we have syntax error): [math] +1[/math] [ math] +1[ /math] Single space at the beginning (no error): [math] +1[/math] [ math] +1[ /math] No spaces at the beginning (no error): [math]+1[/math] [ math]+1[ /math]
  13. OCR = Optical Character Recognition. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_character_recognition
  14. If() is used to exit loop abnormally f.e. for( ; ; ) { [...] if( [condition] ) break; [...] } If() is used to end loop cycle f.e. for( i = 0; i < 100; i++ ) { [...] if( [condition] ) continue; [...] }
  15. Again, wrong. OP means Original Poster in the first place. http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/OP In this context = author of this thread. So all of his replies are equally valid, to understand his intentions. Yet another websites will explain you what OP means: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=op http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/O/op_original_poster.html
  16. Wrong. BEQ for instance is Branch if EQual. When Z flag status register is set to 1, there is jump, otherwise no jump. That's what programmer see from outside. But it's doing AND operation between Z flag status register and parameter (relative offset). Then result of this AND operation is added to PC (Program Counter) register. Simple math operation on one of CPU registers! So actually BEQ instruction is equivalent to: PC += relative offset & Z flag; // (extend in mind single Z bit to whole word/long word) Z flag is 0 -> to PC there will be added 0, and nothing will happe
  17. Respectable journals rejected Fermi's theories (beta decay, neutrinos).. "When he submitted his paper to the British journal Nature, that journal's editor turned it down because it contained speculations which were "too remote from physical reality to be of interest to readers"" Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enrico_Fermi
  18. Hydrogen H2 requires first to split to two separate H, it's taking approximately 4.52 eV to do so. Then each H requires 13.6 eV to ionize. So overall you have to spend 4.52 eV + 2*13.6 eV = 31.72 eV per H2 molecule. At the same time Helium needs 24.58 eV to ionize to He1+ Argon needs 15.76 eV to ionize to Ar1+ Xenon needs 12.13 eV to ionize to Xe1+ Decrease pressure of gases in tube. It should help. Be careful with Hydrogen. One my tube with Hydrogen that I have made exploded after 3rd ignition by 40+ kV Cockcroft-Walton generator. It was not hermetic and little Oxyg
  19. My too. Sounds like bot which is searching for e-mails in content. "YOUTUBE HITLER WMAP 21 Oct 2014 - 16:34" If I can make you happy, so be it.. So they are not openly saying what they're really thinking, right? Afraid of getting negatives.. I wish Swansont came with some speculative idea or theory, to discuss, some day..
  20. Hello! In other thread author suggested using jump-table with sub-routines as a method of optimizing complex if() { } else if() { } statement. I have other, alternative suggestion. Hand-made binary-tree for complex if() statement.. Suppose so we have following code: if( state == 0 ) { } else if( state == 1 ) { } else if( state == 2 ) { } else if( state == 14 ) { [... code executed for 14...] } else if( state == 15 ) { [... code executed for 15...] } In the best case, it'll find appropriate code after 1 comparison, in the worst scenario it'll have t
  21. There is no such thing as "mass of the charge". There is however "mass of particle", and "charge of particle". Mass is independent property, charge is independent property.
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