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  1. Very quantum friendly. So the same initial Newtons light theory, that was also particle-like (but he used corpuscle word instead of nowadays particle)
  2. micron is 1/1,000,000 (1 per million) of second. So result should be 67/1000000 = 0.000067 = 6.7e-5 (four zeros after dot, not three) We have been talking about it in thread http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/83549-is-coulumbs-law-symmetrical/page-2#entry809747 You can write 10*10^3 or 10e3 or 1e4. You can write 3*10^8 or 3e8 Don't mix these two systems..
  3. simplify3, you basically don't even know what ToE (Theory of Everything) has to be about... ToE MUST predict energy of photon, rest and kinetic energy of electron, the all particles, the all decay modes, calculate the all half-lives, calculate ionization energies of every atom/isotope, calculate spectral lines of every atom/isotope, etc. etc. etc. f.e. I am asking in what temperature, pressure, volume some molecule will be solid, liquid, gaseous and you straight away should tell me, if you have ToE.. ToE should be able to calculate everything..
  4. Sorry, mine English dictionary is showing the same word for both liquid and fluid..
  5. Take photo camera, attach it to tripod (so it'll be steady recording in one direction), and point it to f.e. white wall with attached vertical scale. Start recording movie, and release some solid heavy small object f.e. metal ball (because we're not interested in air resistance, or other effects - if density of object would be smaller than air density like balloon with hydrogen or helium it would actually flight up). Then transfer movie to computer and load it to movie software such as VirtualDub, Movie Maker or After Effect or so, where you can scrub timeline and see each frame of movie. Read distance object traveled at given frame from vertical scale. In 30 FPS (frames per second) movie, each frame is 1/30 second = 0.03333(3) second. You will receive data like f.e. t = 0 s, distance = 0 t = 0.1 s, distance = 0.04905 m = 4.9 cm t = 0.2 s, distance = 0.1962 m = 19.62 cm etc. Enter data to OpenOffice Spread Sheet to Distance column like in this image: To calculate velocity you have to subtract distance at time t1, from distance at time t0, and divide by time it took flight. v = (x1-x0)/(t1-t0) so in OpenOffice it's calculation: =(B3-B2)/(A3-A2) (it's in third column) Then acceleration is a = (v1-v0)/(t1-t0) so in OpenOffice it's calculation: =(C4-C3)/(A4-A3) (it's in forth column) As you can see, it's steady 9.81 m/s^2 for this little home experiment. If it wouldn't be "home experiment" we would also pomp out air and do experiment and hermetic tube with vacuum to remove any air influence, and use high frequency recording camera like 1000 FPS or more. Without camera it's possible to measure it with precise stopper and scale. Release object from 1m and see how long it takes to reach ground, then repeat for 2m, 4m etc. The more precise time measurement, the better result you will get. But in times when everybody have digital camera, why not use it. Repeating it on the moon or other planet would show different accelerations. Repeating it with higher air pressure, or in liquid would show also different result. Especially in liquid.
  6. No, I didn't ask how to drive some "pi ratio".. PI^2=9.869604 but g = 9.81 That's >0.6% difference. I asked whether you know how to measure and calculate acceleration in experiment that your can perform anytime at home..
  7. I don't think so Iwonderabouthings was ever rude. At least I have not seen such behaving. I hope so too. Iwonderabouthings, I will give you in private message mine private database of science discoveries & theories in order they were published (1600-2014 years).. With links to articles and links to authors, people involved in discovery or theory. So you will have a couple months of reading. Please don't speculate, don't create your own theories how something works before learning mainstream explanations that are well documented, well tested.
  8. I am sorry if you feel offended.. That was not mine intention. Somebody with ADHD can't concentrate on one subject for longer time.
  9. Your threads are such chaotic (f.e. post #10, #14). You can't talk about one subject at a time. Do you have ADHD? When scientists are making experiment, we are trying to reduce influence of other forces to null, and calculate thing that we're interested in at the moment.
  10. Iwonderaboutthings, do you know how to calculate 9.81 m/s acceleration (or other planet/moon acceleration) purely from experimental observation.. ?
  11. Cloud chamber was showed to public in 1911. Wilson saw the first time traces leaved by cosmic rays in 1894. Oil drop experiment, to measure quantization of charged particles, was done in 1909. Published in 1913.
  12. Sensei

    Solar has won.

    Fixed. I was calculating from perspective somebody with solar panels at hand at any time from nearest shop selling them. Exact model. 1600x800 mm size, with area =1.28 m^2, giving 190 W (15% efficiency), for 315 usd with tax each. 36.6 V and 5.2 A according to shop specification. I was simply interested "what quantity of them do I need to cover all mine needs". 14 such solar panels (for $4410) = 18 m^2, and it should give me all what needed, including winter time. Time (whole year) would tell whether it's correct quantity... Without. It's what I am personally spending (the most of it is server running 24h/d) Nope.
  13. Sensei

    Solar has won.

    Sorry I meant 1000 MW. Thanks for spotting it.
  14. Sensei

    Solar has won.

    Each m^2 of Earth is receiving average 1360 W, but part of energy is absorbed by atmosphere, which gives max 1050 W per m^2. Solar panel typical efficiency is 15%, so from 1050 W there is remaining 160 W/m^2. Then you have to take care of that Sun shines just between 4-20 at summer, or between 8-16 (or so) at winter, and max output is varying depending on hour. For mine latitude I have calculated that I need 18 m^2 to cover all mine needs 460 J/s (which is 330 kWh per month), regardless of season and hour. During day there must be enough gathered for all night. So if nuclear power station have 1000 MW it's giving energy to ~2.2 mln houses like mine. And it's equivalent to 39 mln m^2 of solar panels.
  15. Sensei

    Solar has won.

    Couple months ago I even wrote letter to our government showing that their idea to start up new atomic power station for $7bn (10 MW) is simply silly. For the same money they could buy at detail price solar panels enough for 2 million apartments and make them independent from power stations. But instead I suggested them to buy/create whole company producing solar panels, which would decrease costs even more..
  16. Neutrino is fermion in mainstream physics, but almost nobody would call it "matter"..
  17. BTW, on Windows when we use from command line: dir "\\\" there is error "name of file, volume, or directory incorrect". But if we will use f.e. dir "\\\SharedDocs", it's working as expected. Basically directory listing functions can't work to list volumes. Not sure about Unix implementation. You might search google for "list volumes linux" or so.
  18. Why three / ? Did you tried: os.walk("smb://dw_fileserver/") or os.walk("smb://dw_fileserver") ? I was using smb path on mine MacOS X, and I could swear it had smb:// .... But maybe mine memory is failing at middle of night. Tried using IP address instead of name?
  19. IMHO, sure. But that would require redesigning of our current consumptional & money based world. Instead of selling everything for money, we should give everything what we do for free. And everybody else can give us what we need also for free. Such approach is not a problem in small societies, where everybody know everybody in f.e. small village. These people simply trust each other. In older times before creation of food mass production and refrigerators, that was the only way to handle pig-slaughtering in villages: one family at a time was killing animal, and sharing parts of it to all neighborhoods (otherwise they would simply waste), knowing that they will return them when they will be pig-slaughtering their animal.. In tv documents about Amish they're often building house with neighborhoods. For free. The only cost is price of wood and nails (that would ruin building business & bank mortgage loans, if everyone would build their own house) But current societies are made of people that barely know each other. Somebody giving something for free is treated as foul and abused. *) That would require completely new approach to society. *) that reminds me one local baker that was famous in tv & newspaper giving breads for free for people.. He was prosecuted by government because of not paying taxes from freely given bread.. According to (these complete idiots) government he should utilize (burn) bread that was not sold, not give it away to homeless. Except people that are making money on this business.. Taxes from electricity bills, and power stations dividends, are also significant amount to governments.
  20. e- and e+ are just standard mainstream identifiers to inform everybody that you are talking about electron and positron. me is mass of electron or positron, ~9.11*10^-31 kg 1.23559*10^20 Hz (Compton frequency) * 6.62607*10^-34 J*s (Planck const) / 1.602*10^-19 (e) = 510998.9 eV = 0.5109989 MeV 1.23559*10^20 Hz (Compton frequency) * 6.62607*10^-34 J*s(Planck const) / 299792458^2 (c^2) = ~9.11*10^-31 kg Gamma photons after annihilation can be absorbed (and then most likely emitted) by charged particles f.e. electrons and protons, and accelerate them, ionize atoms etc. Instead of 2 photons each with 0.510999 MeV we will have multiple, thousands or millions photons with smaller frequencies, smaller energies, that sum of their all energies is our initial 2*0.510999 MeV = 1.022 MeV energy. When 2 photons have smaller frequency than Compton frequency they won't be able to change to electron and positron in pair production (reverse of annihilation). y + y -> e- + e+ When 1 photons have smaller frequency than 2 * Compton frequency it won't be able to change to electron and positron in pair production. y + nucleus -> e- + e+ Four sub-particles, like in above example, is too few I am afraid. How to differentiate frequencies, energies?
  21. Not quite. You can make experiment without knowing math describing it. Equations will appear later after gathering enough data and deep analyze. First must be experiment or observation.
  22. Math in science is to predict future, and calculate past state. f.e. you detect apple to be at time t0 at position x0, later at t1, at position x1, later at t2, at position x2, you can calculate velocity v=(x1-x0)/(t1-t0) then you can calculate acceleration a=(v1-v0)/(t1-t0) and knowing equation d=1/2*a*t^2, you can calculate when apple will hit ground, at which branch of tree apple grew, whether it will smash, or land safely etc. etc.
  23. You didn't show your source code..
  24. I agree that technology advances with time. But that's not reason to treat clients like that - leaving them alone with not working hardware they paid for. There is market for spare elements for older models. But there is no willingness. f.e. produce 1 mln quantity of single model laptop, and 1.1 mln quantity of gfx card matching for them. 10% more than full sets. These 10% offer to sell to electronic shops, ebay or whatever other route. Client could buy it for reasonable price, and replace it, if it's damaged. After all warranty is 2 years, 3 years if extended is purchased. So spare elements have to be taken from somewhere to fix them. Mine laptop died 1 month after warranty end.. Not first such "accident". But large LED tv I fixed by myself. And there were thousands threads on the Internet about the same issue as I had, with detail description what to do to fix it.
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