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  1. Hello everyone! It’s been a while since Ive mad an appearance on here, sorry! I finally got my microscope light working again and started looking at some preprepared slides I had. I have one of the epidermis to an onion bulb as they have pretty large easy to see cells. Upon observing it looked like one cell has two nuclei!? Am I right on this? Is it normal? Why? The first image attached is the normal one with the cell of interest in the center of the circle. The second image has been enhanced to see the two red spots easier. Thanks.
  2. I was messing around with silver bullion to perform the reaction: Hydrogen Sulfide + SIlver = Silver Sulfide + Hydrogen And the smell of the hydrogen sulfide wont come off even after letting air dry from acetic acid rinsing. HALP MEH
  3. How much nitric do i need per ounce of water during electrolysis? Also are there any better electrolytes (preferably not NaOH).
  4. But I suppose I could do the same with gold and indium to make blue gold right?
  5. Oh jeezus 24 thousand dollars... Can I make one?
  6. Yeah sorry i forgot it is AuAl2, Gold Aluminide. So where do i get a vacuum furnace?
  7. A while ago, I heard of purple gold. It wasnt till an hour ago I found out it wasnt an alloy but the intermetallic compound of Gold Aluminate (AuAl2) But I was wondering.... How can I make this!
  8. Ive heard you can do it with dissolution of oxalic acid crystals in aqueous sodium tetraborate (borax) solution. Not sure if t works or not.
  9. Why is everyone talking about foreign languages?????????
  10. Yes you actually can. I dont know why this is such a large thread when you CAN make sodium. You can make a NaOH thermite and it will yield sodium in the slag.
  11. If you have a strong torch you can heat it and melt it. It will form a hard, glassy substance. Which is your boric oxide. Then if you crush it, you can mix it with Mg or Al and make a thermite for isolating Boron.
  12. H3BO3+NaHCO3= CO2 - NaBO3 - H2O ?? Did I do that right?
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