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  1. I just recently read that there are trillions of galaxies , this is totally beyond my comprehension, my puny human brain can't take in that figure , how the hell was that many formed and WHY? Some thing or someone must have constructed it and if so why so impossibly vast? What was the purpose? I would imagine there are quite a few theories but regardless what is said we will never know the answers. some times I wonder if we are all living in a dream or this is all an illusion , it so damn frustrating, James Dixon
  2. I read some time back of two physicists observing an atom which they said kept disappearing and then would suddenly return to the exact place before it left, I can't remember the exact technical details nor did I really understand them but they agreed the atom was disappearing into a another dimension, if that is true and considering we are made of atoms does that mean we too will eventually go to another dimension, I've read that the after life is possibly just another dimension where all living things go after they leave their physical earthly bodies , after all, we all live in a three dimensional world so there must be other dimensions where nothing is physical but spiritual. JUST A THOUGH, James Dixon.
  3. considering the earth is nearly five billion years old and totally empty of any living thing then what was going on in all those billions of years before life did emerge.
  4. reading all your very interesting messages and some of the emphasis on what we don't know made me think just what we don't know, for instance, Gravity, we don't really know what it is or how it really works, Oceans, there are theories where all that water came from but no definite answers to convince anyone, Lightning, does any one have a simple exclamation of how it works and how it is so powerful. There are so many mysteries in the universe that we will never understand and those that we think we do have no real substance, I think we are not made to understand them until later, but, gives us a lot to think about which is part of human nature. James Dixon.
  5. knowing nothing goes faster than light and even if it could would still a craft hundreds if not thousands of years to go to another galaxy or planet, can't we safely say we are not being visited by beings from another world, so all these sightings of UFOs must be coming from another plane of existence, another dimension, what other explanation could there be? I've got a headache just thinking about it. JRD.
  6. I read the other day that a gigantic super black hole had been found and was roughly 3 billion times the mass of our sun, something that large is totally incomprehensible to the human brain and imagination and therefore I don't believe it.
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