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  1. I agree that technology advances with time. But that's not reason to treat clients like that - leaving them alone with not working hardware they paid for. There is market for spare elements for older models. But there is no willingness. f.e. produce 1 mln quantity of single model laptop, and 1.1 mln quantity of gfx card matching for them. 10% more than full sets. These 10% offer to sell to electronic shops, ebay or whatever other route. Client could buy it for reasonable price, and replace it, if it's damaged. After all warranty is 2 years, 3 years if extended is purchased. So spare elements have to be taken from somewhere to fix them. Mine laptop died 1 month after warranty end.. Not first such "accident". But large LED tv I fixed by myself. And there were thousands threads on the Internet about the same issue as I had, with detail description what to do to fix it.
  2. Try to buy mother board, gfx card, or cpu for any laptop... I would be delighted to get gfx card for mine broken laptop on free market. I could spend hours to unscrew everything and replace it. It's not a problem. I have paid for it $2500 in 2007 (the best and the fastest laptop at that day on the world), and can't get gfx card that for normal PC would be $50. I would even pay up to $300 just to have it running. Laptop manufacturers force you to buy completely new one, if old one is broken.
  3. If you want to magnify text in web browser press ctrl + It works with Firefox & Chrome, not sure about others.
  4. 5) desktops have far much better LCD panels (laptops have to save power, desktops don't). Your eyes will be working longer. Never ever buy display without seeing how it works in practice. If eyes hurt after several hours of work, you have to replace it by different model..
  5. That's correct. I know many people that damaged HDD this way.. Traditional spinning HDDs can be replaced by flash memory that are in HDD box (SSD - Solid-State Drive), same plugs as normal disk. But they are expensive. 250 GB for $140. 1 TB for $420. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Electronics-2-5-Inch-Internal-MZ-7TE250BW/dp/B00E3W1726/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1404062035&sr=1-1&keywords=ssd+hard+drive
  6. 1) if laptop is damaged, you cannot fix it usually. Most likely you won't find any electronic shop willing to fix it. They don't have spare hardware. 2) laptop can easily overheat. It has no good circulation of air inside. I had laptop couple years ago that was shutting down in summer time while playing Counter-Strike: Source for a while. And it killed it permanently (gfx card broken, and couldn't get replacement). 3) if you plan to crunch a lot of data by applications, doing calcs, it's not good choice (see above) 4) limited hardware extending. You can just add memory and replace hard disk.
  7. Sensei

    Work by gravity

    "The work delivered by the gravity is..." That doesn't care about distance in axis X something traveled, only by axis Y- height (distance from center of Earth). If c would be 1 km, answer still would be the same.
  8. Sensei

    Work by gravity

    Distance 3*h is "c" in below Pythagoras triangle. And height is "a".
  9. Sensei

    Work by gravity

    3 stairs have total height h. Not single stair. If somebody would say "stair has 33.33 cm. Calculate energy needed to rise mass m, 3 stairs up." Then 3*33.33 cm = ~1 m And result would be m*g*1 m
  10. LCD = Liquid Crystal Display/Diode Flat screen monitor. CRT = Cathode Ray Tube. Typical old school televisor is CRT
  11. You didn't answer the main question: CRT or LCD. If it's just 10 years old, I suspect it's LCD? Sounds to me like CPU overheating problems, than problems with monitor. Monitor problem would appear as not possible to see what happens. But computer would run like normal - you could press ctrl-alt-del, then press alt, press 4 times arrow right, then arrow bottom 3 times, and enter. And computer would be shut-down. You don't have to see all this (black monitor display), but it's standard Win XP procedure to shut down computer using Task Manager, using just keys. (adopt this procedure to your own OS version). GFX card is on card or built-in motherboard? If GFX is built-in, you would need to replace whole mobo. If it's on card, replacing 10 years card would cost 10-20 usd or so. Any currently existing the worst est card would be faster than yours. Clean up all FANs and radiators. When they are dirty they don't release heat so efficiently as clean/new one. Eventually replace them by new one. They're quite cheap. Touch CPU radiator after couple hours of working. 40 C temperature you should be able to stand. If it's >70 C, you won't be able to touch it. I have never had computer that HDD died after just 1 year. I had many servers that run 24h for many years crunching data, and their HDD are still working. There is also other possibility - damaged wire or plug. When it gray out again, start moving wire and plug. Don't unplug! You can't plug and unplug monitor (or other wires except USB) while computer is running. It's ending up with damage of hardware.
  12. That depends on whether you're talking about CRT or LCD. For LCD they usually have bad pixels. CRT also can have burned Luminophore. That's rather you should tell us what happens... Highly unlikely. You should mention what kind of mouse we're talking about. Wire, radio wave, or Infra red.. ? If you can take app like VirtualDub (File > Capture AVI..) and record these bad behaving it would help. If you can record it on app, it's rather virus than hardware issue.
  13. Bart, while satellite is orbiting around Earth, it's once closer to Sun, once further from Sun. You have not addressed issues caused by Sun gravitation though. The same with Moon and other solar system objects. Moon can rise water for a couple meters, so it's not so small influence. 6378100 is radius at equator. After using average 6371000 and more correct constant values, result is higher than Bart's initial 45629.9 I attached file, so anyone can load and modify. satellite calcs.zip Bart, you should t0 multiply by 60*60*24*10^9 prior dividing. This way you will have higher precision. IEEE floats have limited precision.
  14. Can you measure nanometers using ruler? No. It has 1 millimeter precision.. Similar with other measuring tools. You're limited to their precision.
  15. If you're working at university you can get educational license for $195. "LightWave 11.6 Educational Available for Students and Faculty Staff" Trial has 30 days. Then demo is probably limited by not able to save objects or so. Don't remember exactly. There are other apps like free Blender. But people often complain about its interface.
  16. It's well known fact, if you would know subject. ~85% of neutrinos are coming from p+ + p+ collisions, and are not possible to detect by Chlorine-37 based neutrino detector. Be-7 + e- -> Li-7 + Ve + 0.862 MeV (15% of all neutrinos) B-8 is responsible for just 0.1% from 15% of all neutrinos (small quantity, but large max energy possible). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_neutrino http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Proton_proton_cycle.svg Energy 0.420 MeV from p+-p+ collisions, doesn't mean that neutrino takes it all. They share it randomly with positron. 0.42 MeV is sum of energy of neutrino + kinetic energy of positron. I am just saying about neutrinos detection methods. If detector didn't detect anything it doesn't mean that there was no particle there passing through it. I am considering neutrinos from proton-proton collisions as "low energy neutrinos". 18 MeV max from B-8 versus 0.42 MeV max. That's huge difference, 43 more energy. Lower energy neutrinos is 5.6(6) times more than those with larger energy (Be-7) and >5000 times more than from B-8. Detection of neutrinos is harder, but their quantity per cm^2 is higher. Higher probability of collision with some nucleus. And we don't know for sure how they influence unstable isotopes. Chlorine-37 example shows that they can influence even STABLE isotope. You're just repeating your personal opinion. I told you- prepare isotopes and check it by yourself. Then you will have experimental verification.
  17. It is LightWave 3D https://www.lightwave3d.com/ It costs $1500. There are other 3D applications: Maya, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Houdini, etc. etc. I am writing mine own plugins for it, if needed. They (usually) analyze polygons and points data, and output new geometry, or showing thing that they calculated (like area of polygon(s), or volume of 3d object). Making area counting tool is very easy: just scan all selected polygons, and add together their areas one by one. Hope so I don't have to ask you whether you know formula of area of triangle.. Then show final result in window. Showed on anim gif above boolean tool is standard tool (Modeler's Construct > Boolean). Boolean tools regardless of 3d application always have at least modes: unify, subtract, intersect.
  18. Forget it. Solar panels are much more reliable and cheaper. Once I calculated that I would need 18 m^2 of solar panels with 15% efficiency to cover all mine needs whole year. Solar panel 1.28 m^2 (1600x800mm) costs here $315. So total investment in 14 panels would be $4410. Inverter I could make by myself. That's price of electricity from power station for 67 months ($66 per month). After 5 years and 7 months, I could have pure free electricity forever.
  19. Dr. Funkenstein, you showed us great amount of lack of knowledge. At the beginning you should start from reading inverse square law. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverse-square_law Which describes how particles are emitted in the all directions by sources like light bulb, LED, Sun etc. Do you know that even this message went through fiber wire on the bottom of ocean with speed of light.. ? Fiber wire is using photons to transfer data. Buy 1 km fiber wire, 10 km fiber wire, 30 km fiber wire, connect them to laser, turn laser and measure delay.
  20. In such cases I am simply making object in 3D application, then using boolean tool or cutting tool, and running area counting tool on newly made cross section polygons. 3D apps also come with volume calculating tools. The more geometry at beginning, the more precise result will be.
  21. Any theory without math, just lingual philosophical talking, on this forum (and the most of other moderated science forums) ends up in trash, sooner or later. Sounds like you wasted a lot of time. Instead you should have learned everything what we know. Then you could be at least qualified opponent to discussion.
  22. Somebody coming with ToE must be able to calculate everything and know everything. Especially basics.
  23. Please calculate for us how much energy will be carried by particles (and tell us what they're) of decaying Tin-121 isotope. If you cannot give such easy answer, you have not even started making your own ToE.
  24. OMG.. You have to subtract 1 because lists are starting from index 0... Human indexes are starting from 1. Computer indexes are starting from 0. If you have list with 4 elements, 1st element is at list[0], 2nd element is at list[1], 3rd element is at list[2] and 4th element is at list[3]. There is no imaginary numbers in this (completely nonsense) example.
  25. But every time, in different place.. To some very small level, yes. But quite unpredictable source of energy. You would need to connect the all lightning conductors on area f.e. few km square together and then downgrade voltage from a few hundred or millions Volts with small charge, to lower voltage but higher charge. We have here in neighborhood metal cross (15m+) on the top of mountain (nearly 2 km high). I read somewhere it's hit by lightning once per day average. If it has average Q=15 C and E=15 MJ (wikipedia has such average) it's 5.5 GJ energy per year = 1521 kWh. If we would have no loses in transformation (unrealistic) that's less than I am alone using in 5 months (330 kWh/m * 5m = 1650 kWh). I would need 3 lightnings per day without loses just to cover mine own needs.
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