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  1. I am really surprised by your statement.. Have not I showed in post #31 video where Russian soldiers took control over Crimean airport, and then Ukrainian soldiers, without weapons, tried to retrieve it back. And Russian soldiers started shooting to scary them.. ?
  2. This is simpler: <?php printf( "<tr> <td>$name</td> <td>$address</td> <td>$message</td> </tr>" ); ?>
  3. I have no idea why are you calling it "technology". It's simply structure of website. I am almost always having just one index.php that's redirecting body to other pages that have no common start and end. For example: [common header] if( isset( $_GET[ 'ID' ] ) && file_exists( $_GET[ 'ID' ] ) ) require_once( $_GET[ 'ID' ] ); [common footer] And then using URL rewriting: http://url/article/ -> ?ID=article.php http://url/support/ -> ?ID=support.php http://url/contact/ -> ?ID=contact.php What user sees in browser is on the left. He has no idea about "ID" code. If I want, I can use $id = $_GET[ 'ID' ]; if( $id == "stuff" ) { // do something here } else if( $id == "other" ) { // do something else } and have just one index.php with entire website. In any serious website, it would means not possible to proper search engine optimizations.
  4. But efficiency is not good. 15% from 1050 W/m^2 is 157 W = 157 J/s. I am using a lot of energy (server is running 24h) in comparison to mine neighborhoods 2-3 times more. 417 J/s average = 10 kWh per day. There would be needed 3 m^2 of solar panels if Sun would shine all the time, the same strength. So actually we would have to double-triple if not more that area and somehow store energy to use at dark and night stage of day. Another lost of energy is having to convert low-DC low-voltage of solar panels to 230 V AC, then AC is converted to DC by all devices. Lost that could be fixed by making sockets with multiple AC/DC inputs and device would use DC if available without having to waste energy transforming it from AC->DC. But that would require redesigning the all devices.. Worldwide adaptation and willingness needed.
  5. Better would be work on more effective solar panels, to have more than 15% from m^2. And install them everywhere possible as standard coverage of every house and building. But it's against gas&oil and energy industry interest. They need clients to give them money every month. Solar panel is sold once, and then client is gone.
  6. Decimal system is just one of many (infinite in fact) systems. We choose it because we have 10 fingers. In binary system you have just 0 and 1.
  7. Average lightning has 30,000 Amps for a very short period of time. Like 0.0005 seconds. 30,000 A * 0.0005 s = 15 Coulombs. (because Q=I*t) So in reality it's just 15*6.25*10^18 electrons = 9.375*10^19 electrons (the same charge as in I=15 A steady current) But of course electrons with high kinetic energy, 500 MJ. You can't compare it with current in socket, which is steady slow stream of electrons spread over time. Ampere is not unit of energy.
  8. Did not I mentioned different total energy equation already.. ?
  9. CPU stack created by CreateThread() has default size of 1 MB of memory. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms682453%28v=vs.85%29.aspx when 2nd parameter dwStackSize is 0 function is using default thread size. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms686774%28v=vs.85%29.aspx CPU stack created by CreateProcess() or other function might have different size, but there is limit. After exceeding limit, there will be overflow. Whenever function calls other functions return address is stored on stack, and all registers that might be used are stored as well, utilizing stack. So new function can use these CPU registers for its own purpose. I have modified code to: #include <stdio.h> void crash( unsigned long long depth ) { if( !( depth % 1000 ) ) printf( "Current depth %d\n", (int) depth ); crash( depth + 1 ); if( !( depth % 1000 ) ) printf( "Current depth %d\n", (int) depth ); // this line is never executed, but compiler doesn't know about it.. } int main( void ) { crash( 0 ); return( 0 ); } Make project in Visual C++ 2008 or so, compile in Release mode, and you will see. On Windows XP it's showing output: Current depth 0 Current depth 1000 Current depth 2000 Current depth 3000 Current depth 4000 Current depth 5000 Current depth 6000 Current depth 7000 Current depth 8000 Current depth 9000 Current depth 10000 Current depth 11000 Current depth 12000 Current depth 13000 Current depth 14000 Current depth 15000 Current depth 16000 Current depth 17000 Current depth 18000 Current depth 19000 Current depth 20000 Current depth 21000 Current depth 22000 Current depth 23000 Current depth 24000 Current depth 25000 (exactly 25715) And then closes automatically. Which is typical stack overflow behavior of Windows OS. Yes, of course. Nobody here were talking about creating new threads. Recursion is not doing so. In Windows the main application thread is created by CreateProcess(), and its stack size is as big as calling function wanted, or default.
  10. Your the main problem is lack of physical memory. 1 GB or even 2 GB is now absolute minimum. Otherwise system has to back and forth swapping memory to disk and vice versa because of lack of data in right moment. I am not using ad blockers. Instead I am disabling all flash in whole system by replacing DLL by empty one. Browsers can't load it. It can't auto update and none flash website is working. When I want flash (YouTube/Vimeo), I am using Chrome which has separate flash module.
  11. Sensei


    Not "light is constant" but "light speed is constant" to the all observers. But frequency and wavelength is not constant. Haven't you heard about Relativistic Doppler Effect? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relativistic_Doppler_effect Frequency that for observer with v=0 has f0 to observer with v=0.5c will be f=f0*sqrt((1+0.5)/(1-0.5))=f0*sqrt(3)=f0*1.732 (if they are approaching each other) It's blueshift http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blueshift Reverse of this process if redshift http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redshift
  12. Compile and run it. That should be whole answer to question.. When stack will be full, it should crash program.
  13. You don't have needed experience to judge whether it's "great paper" or "piece of garbage"..
  14. That must be your document. You're defending it like you would write it..
  15. Scientists in CERN, or in other particle accelerators, are calculating what velocity is needed to create certain leptons, mesons, or baryons, accelerating protons (or other charged particles) and getting predictable (more or less) results. If results are stable particles as for example antiprotons, they can be stored in magnetic traps etc, and used in other experiments. If equation would be significantly wrong, as suggested in above paper 25% of our value, scientists wouldn't create new particles with exactly predicted mass and energy, would they? ps. There was 0.994c not 0.94c. That little difference means 312% difference in energy.
  16. Do you know what recursion means? Because it's easy task.. Call the same function over and over again.. f.e. void crash( int depth ) { printf( "Current depth %d\n", depth ); crash( depth + 1 ); }
  17. Author lacks basic knowledge of high energy physics. If you have access to him, give him this article about particle creation. Especially bottom of it, describing antiproton production. http://galileo.phys.virginia.edu/classes/252/particle_creation.html If energy-mass equivalence would be (significantly) different, we wouldn't be able to create antimatter in accelerators.
  18. Science? Really? Quote from your pdf: "3.7. Union-Dipole and Mass–Energy Equivalence Etotal=1/4mc2" Author of this document is just showing his lack of knowledge. He has no idea how to calculate Decay Energy, or energy released by fusion. If he would know science, he would not be proclamating that E=ymc2 is wrong. I doubt author ever saw electrons, positrons, muons or other particles in cloud chamber. Doubt he ever saw radioactive decay on his own eyes. You need to have good understanding of how universe works doing experiments, to create good theoretic work.
  19. We're not unique in farming. Ants are cutting leafs, bringing them to nest, and rearing mushrooms, or aphids, for millions years longer than we. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphid#Ant_mutualism
  20. If you would place Mt Everest in cosmic space (or find equivalent mass asteroid) where influence of other objects and planets would be negligible, you would see that it's attracting our spacecrafts. It already happened. http://www.nytimes.com/2000/02/15/us/spacecraft-is-orbiting-asteroid-a-first-for-a-man-made-satellite.html
  21. There is ~2.68*10^22 molecules of gas in 1 L @ T=273 K and p=101325 Pa So there is ~2.68*10^19 molecules in 1 cm^3 at sea level. For diatomic gases, quantity of atoms must by multiplied by 2. 5.36*10^19 atoms per cm^3 1 cm^3 of water has 3.3456*10^22 molecules.
  22. You can see and hear on your own ears how it changes with latitude in rocket with attached video camera:
  23. Collision with train I would split to two stages: acceleration of body, and then deceleration during hitting ground. If ground is solid, not liquid, the most of damage to body will come from this stage. I don't think so OP talked about such extreme (and not uniform) way to accelerate body as is collision. Rather more natural one as f.e. acceleration of free fall body, or launching rocket with astronauts. If I understood OP intention correctly, he is asking what uniform acceleration of human body will cause death (if any). I would rephrase OP question: "if astronaut in suit would jump out of spaceship 100+ km above Moon, or other planet without atmosphere, would he be still alive prior hitting Moon/planet surface? Or he would die just because of acceleration of planet during jump..?"
  24. The best way to use less power, is to not waste it. Currently one factory is specialized mostly in one thing. Joining two or more factories in one would allow better utilization of energy. Each m^2 of factory building should be covered by solar panels taking energy from the Sun. It's almost single time investment, and then producing energy from 6 to 17, day by day. Even if it's just 15% from 1050 W/m^2 it's 0.15 kWh per m^2. Wall of building 65 m x 15 m * 0.15 kWh = 146 kWh.
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