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  1. 20*1.2 V = 24 V Array of capacitors that are filled when they're parallel connected to DC, and then switching them to serial circuit, is normal procedure of making high voltage from low voltage source. Marx generator is example of such setup http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marx_generator Another one is Cockcroft–Walton generator http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockcroft%E2%80%93Walton_generator
  2. What do you mean by "at once"? In 1 second? In 1 milisecond? In 1 nanosecond? f.e. NiMH accumulator AA has 1300 mAh which is 1.3 Ah which is 4680 C One electron has charge 1.6*10^-19 C so accumulator has 4680 C/1.6*10^-19 C = 2.92*10^22 electrons. You would need to make some capacitors array, and change voltage from 1.2 V to say 230 V, and then plug some common heavy energy consuming device such as light bulb. In theory, if I calculated right, and without loosing energy for conversion (which is impossible), 75 W light bulb should work on mine NiMH accumulator for 75 seconds.
  3. There is no evidence that gravitational waves do exist. They have not been detected by devices.
  4. Traditional rocket engine is ejecting highly accelerated gases (H2O, when source is Hydrogen and Oxygen) all the time while they're running. So the same with Hall's engine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hall_effect_thruster which is ionizing some gas, and then accelerating it, and ejecting from engine. Traditional rocket is "flying tank".. Even airplane can be called so. Airbus A380 has mass 276,000 kg. Fuel 310,000 liters.. Total 560,000 kg It has more fuel than anything else at beginning of travel..
  5. You are describing Hall's engine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hall_effect_thruster Ionize some gas, then accelerate it, and eject from engine..
  6. The most of modern C/C++ IDE's have syntax checking, wrong entered stuff is highlighted.. Visual Express/Studio is searching for names of variables, members, classes while entering couple letters, suggesting what you might want, and then you can pick it up from drop-down list. Use f.e. ConTEXT editor for programmers. It can analyze different types of languages, PHP, C/C++, JavaScript etc. http://www.contexteditor.org/ In interpreted languages the all variables are strings. So language doesn't need to know type, when there is just one type variable you can have. In C/C++ you need to tell language what will be type of variable, otherwise it doesn't know type. In C/C++ string doesn't even exist as language standard (std::string is just yet another optional to use class included in external linked library). There is array of characters (char name), which is equal to array of bytes. You can't use it as "default type", without telling how large is array, and we are back to root.. At modern times in serious programming everybody are using Unicode, which has wider character standard.
  7. It's experimental evidence. And it's half century older than quantum physics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fizeau-Foucault_apparatus If you don't agree, build device showing it's possible to exceed speed of light.
  8. This subject was discussed in thread http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/78975-plancks-electric-charge-factual-one/ See especially the end conclusions after #35 post..
  9. Sensei


    What you have in gif circuit means that there is path/wire between bottom "grounding" and minus electrode on battery on top.
  10. When material has low temperature, its molecules have low velocity. At 0 K they have velocity close to 0 m/s (which means they have the same speed as Earth at given latitude & height). If we will pass current (electrons) through such material, chance to collide between nucleus and electrons are minimal (as nucleus barely move in crystals). Which means electrons have little chance to give their kinetic energy to nucleus and being decelerated. It's kinda analogous situation as with transparent materials and light. (theoretically) perfectly transparent material will not absorb energy from incoming photons, and pass they through without any lost of energy.
  11. When you're mixing antimatter with dark matter, that doesn't bode well for future..
  12. They looked like parachute, that later ripped apart. Some were filled with air inside and looked like water balloon (empty inside) and then tear apart. Really small raindrops after ripping apart, disappeared immediately changing to vapor, and didn't reach ground. To verify "why they look like they look" we would need to investigate how other fluids looks like when they're "sprayed" from at least couple meters height in large quantity, and recording them with high speed camera 1k+ fps with large zoom. f.e. pure methanol, ethanol These two don't have so strong hydrogen bond as water, and have significantly smaller boiling temperature (so theoretically should easier vaporize after being sprayed)
  13. Raindrops don't look as everybody thinks they look like (it's rather shape of drops from faucet). In Discovery Channel there was program in which they're showing everything at 1000 fps-10k fps, and it revealed true shape of raindrops. They were flattened disks in Y axis, or rings with hole mostly.
  14. Sulfurous acid, H2SO3 (H2O + SO2 -> H2SO3) Sulfuric acid is H2SO4 You can use Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 to create H2SO4
  15. You need electron gun- two plates of metal, one with hole with + charge on it, and one solid with - charge (that's where electrons will gather). To plates there is connected high voltage. Normally electrons would move between plates. But when we will add magnets/electromagnets to bend electron beam, they will fly through hole in + metal plate, and will continue moving in vacuum. Everything in high vacuum, to minimize chance to ionize gas atoms. Then electrons can hit some medium that we will place on its path, such as metal plate. When voltage is enough x-rays will be produced.
  16. Crookes tube, that I showed above in #5 post, with metal plate on the path of electrons, with enough high voltage, will produce x-rays.
  17. Yes I know. But after molecule has been ionized it must intercepting electron from environment to become neutral again, so some electron must emit photon to do so.
  18. Crookes tube: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crookes_tube Inside this tube type there is very small amount of gas. We can see electrons path, because they emitted photons. When gas is present in the path of electrons, glow discharge is happening http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glow_discharge It's used in discharge tubes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas-filled_tube
  19. When photon is colliding with charged particle, it's absorbed, and later emitted. Collision can be elastic, which means that newly created photon has exactly the same energy/frequency/wavelength as original. Or inelastic, new photon has (usually) less energy, and charged particle is accelerated. Emission of photon takes time. This feature is used by atomic clocks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spontaneous_emission
  20. Many (now) famous scientists from the past did so. f.e. Avogadro didn't said what is Avogadro constant.
  21. For me it's obvious that photons going longer path will arrive later. You can see this using fiber wires (which are used by telecommunication companies, especially between different continents). Data sent at the same time, will arrive with different delay (f.e. longer pinging Australia from Europe/USA).
  22. I have couple LED monitors. Let's see what are their photons polarizations. 50% photons pass through: Rotate filter -45 degree, image from monitor disappeared, ~0% pass through: Rotate fllter +45 degree. Image is fully visible, ~100% photons pass through filter. Other monitor/tv. different result: By using polarization filters we learned what was source photons polarization. When two polarization filters are one by another with 90 degree rotation, ~0% photons pass through: What is filtered out by polarization filter is reflected. In above two filters setup we can see our own reflection in black area.
  23. Entirely theoretic or you have some lasers, polarization filters, diffraction slits,Young's slits etc. etc. ? I can show you some quick results.
  24. Are you making experiments in real, or just theoretic?
  25. If there is no spectral lines difference between Hydrogen and Anti-hydrogen, and other nucleus and their anti-nucleus, we can't entirely rule out idea that some distant galaxies are not made of antimatter. After all only photons is what reaches us from distant objects.
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