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  1. Observation means measurement. f.e. passing light through polarization filter. f.e. absorbing photons (and converting them to electric impulses that can be counted)
  2. Isn't it basic observation that you can perform in f.e. kitchen, not to mention lab.. ? Burned fuel (typically methane) is releasing energy via reaction: CH4 + 2 O2 -> CO2 + 2 H2O Input molecules have little kinetic energy (especially if we're burning liquid or solid fuel), and products are highly accelerated gas molecules. You can reverse this process, by cooling down gas molecules, and they will be back liquid. Which is used quite often in distillation. Photon has energy E=h*f. When it's absorbed by charged particle such as proton or electron, it's disappearing from the system, but energy must be conserved, therefor particle that absorbed it is accelerated. It can scatter to other particles and give them all or part of kinetic energy, and larger and larger amount of particles is accelerated. Suddenly absorbed energy is spread across billions of particles/molecules.
  3. In which part of quantum physics you don't agree.. ? Schrodinger's cat (you can't even spell it correctly) is mostly about randomness at quantum level.
  4. Build your own Cloud Chamber (cost $20-50 for dry ice model), and see their traces on your own eyes.. If you will place magnet/electromagnet below/inside of chamber, particles with negative charge (such as electron, muon-, pion-, kaon-, antiproton) will "curl" in one direction, while particles with positive charge (alpha, proton, positron, pion+, kaon+) in opposite direction. Radius of curl will reveal mass and momentum of particle.
  5. Liquid hydrogen requires liquid oxygen.. Result of reaction between these two is water. This is true for the most of fuels that burn- they need source of oxygen. On the Earth they take oxygen from air. Spacecraft doesn't have such luxury. Energy density table http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_density
  6. I calculated long time ago that for all my needs (~330 kWh per month) I would need 18 m^2 of solar panels. It includes night time and slightly winter. Is 18 m^2 a lot or not? 18 m^2 is 14 panels that have 1600x800 mm (1.28 m^2), 15% effectiveness (160 W/m^2) Each of them costs here $303, so total solar panels installation is $4242. It's cost of 64 months (5 years 4 months) power station bills (with inflation less). Costs of batteries and inverter not able to estimate. But inverter I could build by myself. Roof above my room has exactly 5x4 m = 20 m^2.. If installation would work 50 years, and I would have to pay in advance for 6 years, isn't 12% of power station bills? And 88% saved? With inflation (at least increase 5-10% prices of electric bills per year now), it'll be much much better investment..
  7. When we will replace 'b' by `b` (secondary apostrophes) Compileonline.com is showing following error: "Compiling the source code.... $javac FirstProgram.java 2>&1 FirstProgram.java:7: error: illegal character: \96 a = `b`; ^ FirstProgram.java:7: error: illegal character: \96 a = `b`; ^ FirstProgram.java:7: error: not a statement a = `b`; ^ 3 errors " Is it what you see.. ?
  8. It works the same way as in any other system.. Binary, decimal, hexadecimal etc, are just visualization method. Number remain the same. You're mixing up definition of digit, with definition of number.. That's correct that in binary you have just 0 and 1 digits, and in decimal are only 0...9 and in hexadecimal are 0...9, A-F (10-15). Your example 29 ALSO exceeds 10 digit boundary of decimal system nearly 3 times! In binary example: %110 is not prime because it's dividable by %10 and by %11. Any prime number in binary system must end up with %1 (except %10) it's equivalent of ending with 1,3,5,7,9 in decimal. But that's not the only condition! I can also write fraction using binary, see: %111.1011 It means: 1*2^2+ 1*2^1+ 1*2^0+ 1*2^-1+ 0*2^-2+ 1*2^-3+ 1*2^-4= 7.6875
  9. character is single letter f.e. 'x' string is class, internal array of dynamically allocated chars, and you initialize it by f.e. "test". http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/data/characters.html Shouldn't here be public static void main(String[] args) ? Try also this, whether it compiles fine: public class FirstProgram { public static void main(String[] args) { char a, b; a = 'b'; b = 'c'; a = b; } } Remember that there are two apostrophes keys that looks very similar.. ! One you have below ESC key, on right of 1 digit key. Second one you have on left of ENTER key. You should use proper one.
  10. But you were talking about charged particles too: "the electron performed circular spherical trajectories with a figure like a deformed clew of thread. Indeed, this was a model. But the idea that electron in atom performs circular spherical trajectories, is something (I think) contradictory with “statement that electron is wave”." Electron is charged particle..
  11. Do you mean something like this, from Cloud Chamber & Bubble Chamber x-ray photos? It's result of presence of magnetic field (magnet or electro magnet) below particle detector chamber. It's used to reveal charge, mass and momentum of particle. Positively charged particles are "curling" in reverse direction than negative, and neutral don't curl at all. And it's additionally restricting volume it's traveling (long trace could optionally exceed chamber otherwise). If you would follow my suggestions to build your own Cloud Chamber, you would see these traces on your own eyes.. ps. If you would strip middle of post, this question could be as well asked in mainstream part of this forum... Can't you constrain yourself to just asking questions about things you want to learn.. ?
  12. Do you realize that below North Pole there is no land? It's melting and freezing every year. The question is only - how much of its area is melting and how much of area is freezing back. You can see North Pole web cams here http://www.arctic.noaa.gov/gallery_np.html These cameras are drifting. Path they traveled is on first picture on the right. Animation made of photos took in couple months:
  13. 2,4,8,10 cases can be much easier: We use binary and operator to get rid of upper part of value, and check remaining by comparing it with 0: if( ( value & 0x1 ) == 0 ) // dividable by 2 if( ( value & 0x3 ) == 0 ) // dividable by 4 if( ( value & 0x7 ) == 0 ) // dividable by 8 (this can be extended to any 2^x) Value is dividable by 10, if modulo 10 is returning 0: if( ( value % 10 ) == 0 ) // dividable by 10 if( ( value % 100 ) == 0 ) // dividable by 100 if( ( value % 1000 ) == 0 ) // dividable by 1000
  14. Content of stars were known even in XIX century because of spectroscopy.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_spectroscopy
  15. Surprisingly, Andrea Rossi answers are very mainstream.. According to http://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0608229 there was used electric arc 5 J (they did not tell in description what current and what voltage, perhaps U>800,000 V with very small current I=6.25*10^-6 A.. ?) To create single neutron from proton and electron there is needed 0.782+ MeV energy, which is 1.252764E-013 Joules. 5 J is billions time more energy than needed for single neutron creation. I read somewhere on the net that after analyze of used neon lighting tube there has been found unexpected isotopes in it (they emit light because of electric arc passing through noble gas ionizing it)
  16. f.e. - make all containers for food with bail, so majority of them won't end up in trash, but producer who made them (and knows exactly what is it made of). - recommend using glass for containers (so it'll simplify reusing). - make public transport ticket free, so people will leave car at home and use bus/train. One bus is equal to 1 km of two passes road full of cars. Calculate fuel burned by them.. - entirely switch to using solar panels. Government could create public company with the only aim- invent efficient, produce and install solar panels on roofs or walls of the all citizen homes for free. Unlike private companies, public company don't need to make money by selling goods.
  17. Not to mention bacterias and viruses...
  18. Mechanism for Brownian motion is conservation of energy and momentum.. Every single day gases in atmosphere are heated by photons, accelerated, then giving their kinetic energy to surrounding them gas particles, then to solids and liquids on the ground. And energy is spread across all particles. If Sun photons would stop arriving to Earth, all gas would freeze, and you would no longer have Brownian motion.
  19. Hawking radiation is hypothetical. You shouldn't talk about it as something verified and confirmed.
  20. Are you kidding? Temperature change graph in the last 1000 years is not enough? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temperature_record_of_the_past_1000_years To calculate past temperature before invention of thermometer there are used f.e. tree rings . Read article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendroclimatology
  21. If you would have f.e. array overflow on stack or structure, you would be reading wrong values in data prior, or after field that has overflow. f.e. struct X { float data1; char data2[ 10 ]; float data3; }; X x; x.data2[ -1 ] = 123; // array entry at index -1 is in reality data1 x.data2[ 10 ] = 456; // array entry at index 10 is in reality data3 It happens more often than you think- typically index to array is dynamic, not static like in example above. So there might happen some bug causing reading/writing from negative index, and reading/writing wrong value from/to wrong place.
  22. That's completely not needed to anything.. Aether is XIX century hypothetical medium through which light propagates.. After finding out light is particle, you don't need medium anymore. Medium was needed for waves, by analogy- wave of sound needs air (typically), wave on water needs water etc. So XIX century physicists were applying this analogy also to light. That's a good explanation and answer but I cannot think of any mechanism in particular to explain how this could work since microwaves are readily absorbed if not reflected. See Shawyer engine - it's cone. Bottom of cone has PI*r^2 area, while the rest has much higher area (and the sharper cone, the higher area). For length = 4m, radius = 1m, you will have areas like on below picture: If ratio of photons that are absorbed/reflected is always the same, cone will absorb much more photons than its bottom.
  23. This is kinda silly. Is microwave photon creating aether? Is there infinite amount of aether, so it can flow outside of device forever? Is aether particle, so it can escape some system? "low pressure of aether, high pressure of aether" this sounds like aether is kind of particle that is pressing on some area, and occupying some volume.. Then why not simplify it and say that some microwave photons escape system, while other one are absorbed by engine.. ? You're contradicting your own model... If aether is readily flowing through regular matter, how can there be "lower pressure of aether, or higher pressure of aether"... ?
  24. Even different length, size and shapes of the same material are giving different sound...
  25. Sensei

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    Good that we have free Internet where you can learn everything.. Worser will be when every web page will be paid.
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