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  1. Is there any experiment that shows the universe is pixelated?
  2. There is not a scientific article about this claim. You can google the claim.
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tOLlroyYxRg
  4. Richard Terrile claims that smallest microscobic organisms are pixelated and that shows that the universe is a simulation. Is that an accurate claim?
  5. Have any idea what we exchange with the object we touch besides virtual photons?
  6. I think we exchange electrons too..
  7. You are cruel 😄😄 at least we exchange photons..
  8. The reason why I am asking this is that I would like to touch people I love and them to me but science says you can not do it technically:( maybe there can be some information that refutes the lack of intimacy between people..
  9. Ok I am stopping it.. Another question: we exchange photons between electrons during the interaction of electromagnetic fields.. Maybe we can call this contact or touch?
  10. Is there a physical contact between electric fields during repelling?
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