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  1. Hi all! This is not a homework question, just a silly thing I've been working on. I have a set of 11 random variables and one constant (that I don't know the value of). Every time I run an experiment all 11 variables assume a value of either 0 or 1 (all together). The question is simple: how to calculate the total number of experiments that I need to do in order for the average value of those 11 variables (from all experiments) to approach the mean of 0.5 to an accuracy of, let's say, 99.9%. After that I should be able to find out the value of my constant. Thanks for the help!
  2. pavelcherepan

    Voyager II reaches Inter-Stellar Space.

    Wow! I never knew it went so far off the ecliptic! You learn something new every day. What happened between 1989 and 1991 that caused it to deviate so sharply?
  3. pavelcherepan

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson Misconduct

    I thought that we lived in the judicial system that values presumption of innocence and evidence is therefore absolutely required to accuse someone of wrongdoing. At the same time the public opinion doesn't work this way so already by publishing these stories (whether true or false), these women have made a serious damage to Mr. Tyson's public image. If he is innocent, I feel for him and hope that he'll be able to file a counter lawsuit. On the other hand, if the purpose of these women was not to simply badmouth or potentially extort money from a famous person, it would be great to see evidence. And I wish them all the best if they have actually been mistreated and hope they will be able to prove it. Once again, there's yet no proof that he did what he is accused of, but his public image has already taken a heavy blow, I assume. Therefore, as it stands at this moment, he is the victim and if he wants to be sarcastic, it's his right to be honest.
  4. pavelcherepan

    how to make Space Shuttle tile material?

    The thermal insulation of the Space Shuttle was based on specially designed ceramic tiles. Those are very hard and expensive to manufacture and even cheaper version of ceramics would still cost much more that a fire insurance is always a better option. An underground safe room as long as physically isolated from outside and has independent air supply system would work without any specific thermal insulation. A couple meters of dirt above will be enough to protect you from heat of any forest fire.
  5. pavelcherepan

    Ukraine and Russia

    Fair enough. I like this one: From what I'd seen on my Facebook feed, a very big chunk of native English speakers struggle with those as well or simply don't care about grammar online. Although, personally I blame Australian education system.
  6. pavelcherepan

    Ukraine and Russia

    Thank you.
  7. pavelcherepan

    Ukraine and Russia

    I gave a pretty concrete example and asked whether that would be considered interference or not. It was an alright question. Instead of answering it, you decided to ridicule me for whatever reason.
  8. pavelcherepan

    Ukraine and Russia

    Was it not you who just recently said that we shouldn't degrade conversation with silliness?
  9. pavelcherepan

    Ukraine and Russia

    Don't want to de-rail the discussion, but just quick question: what would NOT be considered an interference? For example, if Russian government officials voiced a support towards a certain party/candidate and state-owned media would be used to support that candidate/party in a very open way, would that be considered interference?
  10. pavelcherepan

    Ukraine and Russia

    I did not say that. I was asking what is the point in having military personnel there in unmarked clothes as you'd suggested.
  11. pavelcherepan

    Ukraine and Russia

    Just once again I'm wondering of you rationale for this idea. What would the point of it be? So, say some border clash broke out and some of your unofficial volunteers got killed. US government wouldn't be able to hold that against Russia, since US troops weren't officially there. Thankfully this will not be a casus belli and will not be a reason for NATO to get involved. Not sure what your point is. Oh, this year again. Does Russia interfere with all elections everywhere? I'm pretty sure government would have some plans on paper, it's just not smart to share them around beforehand. They've been detained for trespassing and not complying with official's requests. Just out of curiosity, what do you think, say, US would do if they detained a ship with a crew who were trespassing and trying to run from authorities? Would they be immediately released or will be detained for questioning?
  12. pavelcherepan

    Ukraine and Russia

    Looking forward to WW3, thank you. Always wanted to play Fallout IRL. Interesting timing with this event though. EU is busy with riots in France and Brexit talks and US is having it's own issues with the Mexican immigrants among other things. Also, as another piece of 'coincidental' timing, now that Ukraine government has introduced martial law in several regions, how will that influence the upcoming presidential elections coming up on the 31st of March. It's noteworthy that said martial law has been introduced particularly in the regions adjacent to Russia, that are less supportive of the current government. I really wonder what the plan of the Ukrainian command was when sending military vessels into Russia-controlled waters without prior arrangements? Of course, they can say that de jure this is their own territorial waters, but c'mon, they would be expecting some sort of reaction.
  13. pavelcherepan

    Catalyzed Cold Fusion

    Well, that's not me, this is Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear/Grand Tour.
  14. pavelcherepan

    Catalyzed Cold Fusion

    But as far as I know it does work with muons. The other question is that it's not very economical, but this is due to other reasons in addition to muons decaying such as needing to produced muons to be used in reaction and also muons sticking to resultant nucleus.
  15. pavelcherepan

    Volcanic power?

    Well, you wouldn't normally need to pump water all the way to the summit of the volcano. For vast majority of the time most volcanoes are not erupting and at those times magma is located deep underground in deep magma chambers. This would lead to temperature steadily increasing as you approach the chamber, and it doesn't specifically need to happen near volcano itself. But then you have ground waters, that will get heated but, due to them being under a lot of pressure, will assume a superheated state, where the water itself might be well above boiling temperature, but pressure prevents it from actually boiling. Now, if you drill two holes - one to penetrate the aquifer in a close vicinity to the heat source and the other - further away, you will have yourself a more or less renewable hydrothermal power plant. Steam will come out of the first hole, you will use this steam to rotate the steam turbine. Then later you pump all residual water into the second hole, which intersects the same aquifer, but at much lower temperatures. So, your method, while possible, is not very sensible or economical. And also the water will never be in direct interaction with magma, so it doesn't matter what composition of it you have, but if you use ground waters, it will obviously be quite salty.