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  1. Fear, nationality, traditions, food Americans often try to convince me that the USA was a big and diverse country. I see it different. There is no difference between a Californian, Texanian or a Floridaman. They all have the same traditions, eat kind the same food, same attitudes and they all watch saturday night life.
  2. I affected I have to say in my case its disordered! Nobody can force me to live this shit life through. I can leave if I want.
  3. Why so little neurobiological research ? I dont understand that?
  4. dont forget hormones and epigenetic. would you ask me, I would respond that my embroy has experience some hormonal;epigenetic disturbance. epigenetics and transcriptomics
  5. dont be a fool Btw I got called as faxxot by many people. This hurts my feeling
  6. I dont smile, I just have my mouth open, because I am an Idiot, too.
  7. Yes there are Genes in the human Genome which influence human sexual orientation. And yes hormones(Neurosteroids) change the epigenetic mechanism of the brain and body. I am extremly suffering under my sexual orientation. My face is the living truth, that sexual orientation has a biolocal explanation. And btw I habe exome sequenced(80x) my Genome. I also have full genome sequenced my genome(50x). And 3 times genotyped by 23andme. There is 100% certain that biological there is some flawed in my case. Sexual orientation is neurobiological, genetic a
  8. Is he really smart? I mean Donald Trump has really believed that Obama wasn't born in the USA. Or the fact how he behaves doesn't seem very intelligent to me. Like the case where he attecked Arnold Schwarzenegger because of the show, although he was at a prayer event for antisemetism! Hu? He won't be POTUS for a long time.
  9. Ballot paper. I always read "toilet paper".
  10. Education isn't enought. What does really dramatically lower, is when a society does not have any believe of how to found a family with children. I want to say is after second world war we had in west europe very high birth rates of 3 to 4 children per woman!!! This was in a time of economic booming. You explanation that education can't be right, because west europe was already highly educated and civilised at this time. My brain just realised moments ago what the real reason for our low birth rates are. Its liberalisation. Modern society do not pressure anymore that you have to
  11. I do withdraw my statmemt. Perhaps there is more we can not understand.
  12. I am so glad that we have direct democracy on municipally level and semi direct democracy on canton and national level. That is something that is very worthy right we Swiss citizen indeed have. Very weird for me that in the rest of the world people have nothing to say like in Saudia Arabia or Iran. Or in Turkey where a delusional idiot is transforming the country into a islamic dictatorship.
  13. There is no meaning of life. Life is meaningless. That is why commiting suicide is not morally wrong philosophically, its only wrong in the eyes of religion and social comtext. Even commiting suicide is not bad biological viewed. I mean even our own cells can commit suicide.
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