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  1. Today I learnt that dirty coal power plants produce a big part of our CO2 emissions, but currently 1300 new coal power plants are planed to be built. For me the prof that we are not going in the correct direction.
  2. Can someone name me some famous neuroscience institutions? Max Planck? MRC?
  3. ? First I didnt judge anybody! And second I believe in science and not in religion.
  4. People dont want ideologies, people want peace, jobs, friends, family, houses, good income, security etc. A Swiss I prefere voting referendums and people initiatives. I participate in voting about initiatives and referedums 9/10 the time, but never vote for any Swiss party or politican. its very paradox, our biggest Swiss party, SVP, very often loses when they promote their people initiatives or referedums!
  5. Facebook yes, whatsapp no.
  6. Today I learnt, I should not judge other peoples cognitive abilities.
  7. Sorry folk, I just learnt that I should not judge other peoples cognitive abilities. In future I wont tell my opinion.
  8. Donald Trump was president of the US. A total moron. Public appearance of Jonson? I dont mean how he looks, I mean what he says, his words.
  9. The brits only wanted their brexit because of indepence. Thats very simple minded. But I have to admit my country, Switzerland, also has a lot of idiotic people. Seems there are stupid people anywhere. We have on of the lowest vacciation rate of Europe! Guess why! You can really say if someone is rather stupid, average or intelligent just by their words and actions! I do personally believe Boris Jonson to be idiot, because of what he says and does. Of course we all make mistakes and have to learn, but some people have bad genetic if it comes to intelligence. And yes my personal opinion is Boris Jonson has not the best genetics. Wouldnt say most people to be stupid, rather ignorant and bad educated.
  10. Stupid people vote for stupid prime minister.
  11. Is he? Bad genetics? He shakes hands with people during pandemic crisis and gets covid later. Makes a big drama that in british english you whitchcraft instead of ping pong?! Generally says stupid things which its ridiculed in youtube videos. Mostly he stupid answers about the actual crisis that the UK has ensured me this guy is not intelligent!
  12. i learned today that 1. Saying that I would a hate and repell my parents if they told me I was adopted makes no sense. 2. Saying I would hate my twin brother If I had one is not realistic 3. Writing youtube comments is a waste of time 4. Masturbating to hetero porn makes no sense as a gay man 5. Realising making sports or fitness makes you NOT more handsome! 6. Realising that I do have a inborn biological trouble(genetic or epigenetic) what caused my homosexuality a d why I am so ugly
  13. Gosh! This kind of houses you will only find in some German speaking part of Switzerland. And only in smaller villages not in Zürich. And will hardly find any Swiss who wear traditional costumes neither do the Germans.
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