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  1. Well I guess I have just decided I am leaving this site so good fricking riddance
  2. No one said there was anything wrong with the other gods I personally think that God can be praised in infinite holy ways
  3. That's your opinion friend and like I said arrogance I mean really a little high in yourselfI have admitted that I have a lower iq than you and also before you insult someone just think about their situation I am a depressed 16 year old looking for a group of intelligent people to help me learn and love life a little more but I guess I can see that most of you are arrogant people that use their gifts to simply prove they are right so I guess what I am trying to say is don't pity me but try to learn some perspective so you don't destroy other people
  4. Catholic Well the effect is you know all of existence and He does this by simply being and I do t think God is male I don't think He has any gender but traditionally we just refer to God as He not necessarily male though
  5. Man talk about arrogance you can tell me what I am thinking I mean seriously it's called sarcasm but I will admit I should have put that it was sarcasm in the post my bad but really I do believe that you atheists don't really address what I say but instead you just dismiss as complete bs shutout even proving why
  6. That's not saying he has no affect or doesn't do anything it's just saying that he doesn't change how we change from moment to moment
  7. I'm telling ya we need to rename this the atheist forum
  8. But that's the point God word means different things to different people. I mean me and you are very different and God knows that because he created us that way. What you believe is the biggest flaw in theism is the biggest flaw of atheism not listening just as you accuse us of being blind and ignorant so are you because you can't see that obviously the bible will be interpreted in different ways because we are all different
  9. Geez don't be too specific. ( Note there was a heavy dose of saracasm in that last statement)
  10. I know that most of you here do not believe that God exists but for a second let's assume He does. There is a question that I have been pondering lately. It is said that God is timeless and exists outside of time. Therefore everything is at once for Him. He doesn't act, think, or speak because there is no moment after the other. Think about it without time there is no then and later so technically He created time at the same time He created me but that doesn't work to say because He didn't create them at the same time because there is no time. See how this is tough? This does show how God is never changing though because everything exists at once so there is no change even when there is. I would live to hear your guys opinions on this.
  11. Also remember this is God's words which obviously are much more elaborate than any human words in history by an infinite amount so they can probably be interpreted to help every individual sentient person improve in their own way according to their special unique traits
  12. First of all hope and strength I am dealt with depression throughout my life and I firmly believe that my belief in God was what did and still helps me pull through and learn things from struggles also my grandpa died recently and if it wasn't for my belief in God and heaven I would be a mess
  13. I'm not sure you understand as the purpose of the bible it is not a history or science book it is God speaking to us and teaching us lessons that will help us be better people
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