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    But we are part of Europe, we are Europeans unless we can move our island somewhere else. Our parliament shouldn't waste time pretending to exit but get on and sort out fuller employment. I believe people have the right to work and most want to achieve dignity. Wasting time filling in countless CVs whilst on the dole is depressing and caused this referendum protest. Shorter working week will help and should be encouraged Europe wide in my view
  2. acsinuk


    I trust that engineers realise that this referendum was not anti European but rather a protest vote about over regulation and lack of jobs both of which affect our economy adversely. To overcome the first we need to simplify to one page maximum all regulations/directives and add government or EU recommendation on how the regulation could be achieved but these are not mandatory. The office of deputy prime minister did an excellent job in starting this off. To provide more jobs now that we are so computer efficient means that we need to reduce the working week to just three and a half days per week and encourage a shift work system as NHS, supermarkets, large stores, service industries and spares already do. 6 to 2, and 2 till 10.
  3. The atomic tables indicates that nearly all elements/isotopes have a magnetic moment. But can a standard magnetometer register this?? or only permanent or changing magnetism?
  4. The moon is negative charge material same as planet earth but does not repel as it is magnetically locked to the planet so only mass attraction applies. We know that if it were unlocked magnetically there would be a voltage across space that would magnoflux spin the moon which would allow us to see the backside of moon. So the moon must be magnetically locked to us. Gravity is the magnetic locking force.
  5. The cosmic calculator looks very impressive but the problem is it is not able to evaluate the electric charges which must nearly balance. We know that on planet earth all material is made from neutrons, protons and electrons but they do not balance as the plus charge in molecules is not as large as the negative neutron/electron charge. So if planet weighs 6x10^24 kg then the equivalent of 1.675+0.009- 1.673 = 0.011 parts in 3.357 are excess negative charge as a minimum. This means planets and all material/charge that is enclosed in electron shells are negatives. As the solar system must be electrically balances then the sun must be positively charged and its molecules although identical in composition will be enclosed in positron shells and stars will be overall positives and made of anti-matter/charge. The sun must weigh about 6x10^28 as otherwise the charges will not balance. Now the cosmic calculator should be able to sense a change in the ratio of charge difference over mass ratio which is 0.011/3.357 at present. As our galaxy is magnetised; if we were to look out from the magnetic hub in Sag.A* black hole we would see all the stars with their positive charges moving round due to magnoflux3D spin effect and note that they repel each other. We know that this electrostatic force is about 23 times stronger than the force of gravity and is ineptly called dark energy. If this ratio changed then the comic calculation would change. In the solar system we have a solar wind bringing H+ ions to us as calculated in magnoflux part1. . This attractive electrostatic force accelerates the ion across space to, say, planet Earth. We now know that the solar wind takes 11 days to reach Earth. From this time we can calculate the average speed of the wind to about 155km/sec resulting with a final velocity of around 310,000 metres per second. From this, using e/m constant for a proton H+ ion and formula: ½ mv2 = e.V (1/2x1/9.59x10^-7x310^2x10^6) we obtain the voltage per metre of about 500 volts, as the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 150 million kilometres, then the DC voltage will be around 75 million, million Volts. Somehow the cosmic calculator must also be able to record voltage differences and probable also changes to the impedance of free space 376 ohms at present. The MKS system needs to become MKSVICosΦ to enable the cosmic calculator to operate correctly.
  6. Its not so much that the stars and planets are magnetised its more to do with the deep space between them that is magnetised. Thus this magnetisation forces stars apart in space by induction. We cannot measure the EM force as we have no fixed reference points to measure from but the WMAP results mean that it is a force of around 23 times stronger than the gravity mass-mass attraction force. Now we are in speculations forum, you can see that I have speculated this in part9 of my magnoflux3D blog. I am sure there are errors in my blog which need to be addressed but basically we need a model of the universe that electro-statically balances and incorperates the magnoflux spin effect. The existing mass gravity time model is insufficient which is why I want the basic MKS dimensional units expanded to include flux-current and voltage units MKSIV.
  7. What is wrong with existing model is that we have lost 95% of the forces that hold the solar system together and the 95% of the repelling force that is forcing stars and galaxies apart. This can be solved by assuming the galaxies are magnetised which can induce balanced electric charges into the universe which is witnessed by us as neutron electro-magnetic [magnoflux3D] matter. CliveS
  8. There could be another explanation. If the force of gravity, is assisted by another dark energy force that is just over 20 times stronger then the maths is correct. So mass attraction force is 5% and dark energy force 95%. IMHO that dark energy force will turn out to be electro-magnetic!
  9. By using the inverse square law we know that at balance point mass of sun will be ten thousand times that of earth.. Our planet weights 6x10^24 kg so the sun weighs 6x10^28 kg. I am confused as text books state 2x10^30 kg? Keplers 3rd law will keep an object at the L1 position but it will not set that balance position.
  10. quote "Maybe dark energy is the space of the universe with electromagnetic,gravitional and other fields rushing at the speed of light." Gravitational force will try to shrink the universe so the electro-magnetic must be stronger and pushing the galaxies apart. Not sure what the other fields rushing at the speed of light are doing?
  11. The restriction on AC plasma energy to move only within the electromagnetic magnetised fabric of space, was necessary at Gods creation to confine the Almighty plasma flash of AC light energy and stop it moving away at the speed of light which would have lead to an infinite dispersion. This restriction still applies today, for if 99.99% of the stars/Sun energy is just blasted off into space which is 99.99% empty, then 99.99% of the energy will arrive at the edge of the universe with nowhere to go except outwards leading to a catastrophic dilution. As the edge of the universe is defined by a known amount of red-shift and the edge is not shining brilliantly, we can deduce that the random T^4 energy law only applies to a tiny number of Wolf Rayet type stars. In my opinion,stars in the main sequence are not emitted in all directions, as believed by Stefan but only through the magnetic-flux tunnels in space. Thus the Sun beams most of its output directly to the planets and the intervening space is mostly dark. Stars appear as lighthouses, beaming light directly to all the planets but mostly their own planets, moons, comets & asteroids.
  12. The magnoflux hypothesis states that each galaxy is magnetised in a set direction by an induced magnetic field in the central hub AKA a super massive black hole. This is probably what spins the galactic arms they are talking about
  13. The WMAP results state 4.6% actual matter and 24% dark matter. So to balance the galaxies we need an attractive magnetic force of five times that of mass attraction force.
  14. In a 2 body gravitational system the G varys with increase or decrease in separation of the 2 bodies. So as our sun rotates the black hole hub at the centre of our galaxy then we should expect its G and our G to vary in sympathy with our stars changes in distance from the galactic hub. Further, as our planets rotation the sun, it takes us 150 million km closer or further from the galactic hub every year but this would be a tiny amount compared with the suns variations from the galactic hub.
  15. Sorry for that. What we need is more accurate regular measurements of G by several labs to get to the truth.
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