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What are you listening to right now?


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Great song.   A friend of mine had a major role for many years in the off-Broadway production of The Fantasticks.  It was the perfect intro song,  in the musical.    

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And our Greek Angel singing a little Italian ditty......

Nana Mouskouri - Oh Mama, Mama - English and Italian


and a very young Nana Mouskouri singing another Italian number

Nana Mouskouri - Rosso Corallo / Se A Volte (Live - italian TV)


My favourite song by the King!


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On 8/5/2021 at 3:27 AM, Moontanman said:


Love it!!!

A song I believe most of us are familiar with would be "Nessun Dorma" Most of us [well at least me] have never heard it sung by a woman just by the likes of Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo....until now...and brilliantly done by Sarah Brightman....

 Another is Granada...this time sung by my all time favourite singer, and the biggest female record seller in the world, Nana Mouskouri....



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Lovely, @Moontanman & @beecee.

I've posted --another version of-- this before. For all those coffee lovers out there.

J.S. Bach - Ei! Wie schmeckt from the 'Coffee Cantata' BWV 211 performed by Ensemble √Čchos

Ah! How sweet coffee tastes!

Sweeter than a thousand kisses.

You must understand this comes from a time when Europe had just discovered coffee!

To all my British friends: I'm working on finding another piece about tea of similar quality. ;) 

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1 hour ago, beecee said:

Here's another beauty, a Russian this time, Anna Netbreko, flirting with the orchestra and audience, singing Meine Lippen sie Kussen so heiss, My Lips kiss with such fire! 



My glockenspiel has just sprung to life! ;) 

Some superstrings now:


Beauty and the beauty. :) 

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