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What are you listening to right now?


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Johannes Heesters - a Dutch actor and singer, active in Germany from 1930s up until his death at the age of 108 in 2011. A great figure and I absolutely love his voice.


Look at how well he looked at 60 in 1965:



And how well he sang at 100 in 2003:



Active on stage to the very end. A great career and a life well lived.

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My bad. imatfaal posted an artist, but I thought it was a song.


Grizzly Bear is good though. "Southern Point"


Grin were going before I was born - so I can understand you not knowing them. But Nils is still playing solo (will try and see him in the Cadogan Hall again in October), with the E Street Band, and with special projects; he is a bit of a maestro on the guitar. Not the best voice in the world but a consumate instrumentalist - the acoustic version of Keith Don't Go is worth listening to

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