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  1. The mantra of the crank. 'Prove me wrong'
  2. It isn't a language problem. It's a defective thought problem.
  3. Except that DM foes not interact with normal matter (except gravitationally) so there is no transfer of kinetic [thermal] energy.
  4. What are the odds that dolphins will decide that?
  5. We would see galaxies. From any point in the universe we would see a spherical volume of space 96 blys in diameter.
  6. Whenever David writes 'so you agree' you can be sure that what follows is his misunderstood crap.
  7. Talking to David is like trying to nail jello to a wall. It just doesn't stick.
  8. My sincere condolences Moontanman. Your post brought tears to my eyes.
  9. Sound waves are molecules bumping against each other. If you push on the rod you are causing the molecules to transmit force down the rod, ie sound waves.
  10. He's obviously confusing Einstein's work with string theory.
  11. You would be better off accumulating evidence for your idea. Prove me wrong is the mantra of a crank.
  12. They were present in the dust cloud that the sun and the planets coalesced from. Except for the primodial elements, hydrogen, helium and lithium, they were created by nuclear reactions in supernovas, which broadcast them throughout space and seefed the dust clouds. The primordial elements were created by nuclear reactions at the time of the Big Bang.
  13. If you're using a fusion explosion its far more likely to be propelling atomized dust up into the air, rather than rock. There's no way to moderate a fusion explosion.
  14. Why do so many theists posting here have such inferiority complexes?
  15. You seem to be making unsupported conjecture to bolster a tenuous unsupported hypothesis.
  16. All observations are that the rings are ice particles. No metals. Observation speaks against your idea.
  17. Then 'your science' disagrees with evidence and experimental results, and hence isn't science.
  18. The words 'don't make sense' really means 'I don't know so it can't be right'.
  19. Robert A Heinlein once said that logic says that if something didn't happen yesterday it can't happen tomorrow.
  20. Has anyone said that? I don't think so.
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