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  1. My agnostic friend told me that all religions have their strong points, even those religions like Islam. However, every single religion has it's downfalls and this is where all the violence comes in. In your opinion, will mankind ever invent the perfect religion? I think many religions are correct of there being a creator, because we couldn't have gotten here any other way. But at the same time they each have imperfections of what a creator would be like. Now let us try to imagine what a perfect religion would be like... 1. No violence of any kind (even for religious reasons). 2. No contradictions. 3. Agrees with science and reason. 4. Choosing this religion would be based on free will, and not based of condemnation in the afterlife. 5. The holy book of this religion could be read clearly without having to make excuses for it. 6. Belief in one God. If there is ANY religion like this, let me know. What is your opinions on this?
  2. No offense, but I have always been against religion. I know most of the bible and some of it is just plain horrible. I'm going to give you a few of these quotes; Psalms 137:9, 1 Kings 20:35-36, Genesis 19:5-8, Deuteronomy 22:28-29, and Numbers 15:32-36. I got more than that and if you don't believe me read them for yourself. I was always told as a kid that "the universe can't come from nothing" and this proves God exists. It wasn't until I watched a science video until I learned the truth. The basic idea is that the universe started at a heated and condensed state. Energy (not nothing) had transferred into particles of matter. These particles later combined because of the heat and made atoms, which later combined and made planets and stars. Then the universe cooled down and expanded. This took place over billions of years... It's seems like everything can be explained by science and not religion. In the bible; bats are birds, unicorns exist, pi is three, and plants were created before the sun. We all know this is not true. A religious person asked me why the sky was blue the other day and how this proves God exists. I told him that the particles in the atmosphere reflect the color based on the distance from the sun. In your opinion, can Science explain everything without a God. What do you think?
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