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  1. I wonder why our scientists do whatever it takes to support the BBT. What is so Unique in the BBT? What makes it different from many other theories? Why our scientists always try to adapt the BBT to new discoveries, while they do not stop even for just one moment and ask themselves if this theory is incorrect? Just few obstacles of the BBT: 1. Size/Quantity - After the inflation (10-32) the size of the early Universe was about 10 cm (as grapefruit) and it includes particles which could fit info 375 billion trillion galaxies. Is it feasible? How can a natural force create this huge a
  2. O.K. Let's start with mathematics. We all know by now, that the discovery of the acceleration expansion have set a severe violation in the BBT mathematics. It just didn't work on the basic Einstein equation. I would expect that this violation by itself should send the BBT into deep freeze. However, our scientists couldn't give up on this unrealistic Theory. (As there was no real alternative at that time -1998). Therefore, they have decided to call back the forbidden cosmology constant - the one which Einstein himself have stated that it was his biggest mistake. With this constant, o
  3. Dear All Thanks for the excellent support which I have got from you. Now I have much better visibility on the BBT. It is clear to me that the science community takes the BBT as the only feasible solution for our Universe. Therefore, a BBT filter applies on any evidence or idea. This is a severe mistake. Our Universe is infinite in its age and in its size. The Big bang is needed to set only the first SMBH in the whole Universe. Once it is there, by using Higgs Boson, Newton gravity and velocity momentum in space, I can explain every phenomenon in our Univ
  4. Thanks I'm not sure that we can call the accelerating expansion as observation. I have tried to understand the real meaning of the accelerating expansion of the universe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerating_expansion_of_the_universe The expansion of the universe has been accelerating since the universe entered its dark-energy-dominated era, at redshift z ≈ 0.4(roughly 5 billion years ago) The first evidence for acceleration came from the observation of Type Ia supernovae, which are exploding white dwarfs that have exceeded their stability limit.
  5. Thanks Strange Do appreciate your explanation. So, the accelerating expansion was a critical discovery of our Universe. Based on this discovery we have decided to change Einstein equation by adding the cosmology constant. Let's start by looking at the history: Based on the first expansion discovery (somewhere at 1950?), our scientists had developed the BBT theory (let's call it old BBT as it wasn't expected to see any sort of accelerating expansion in our Universe). Till the accelerating expansion discovery in 1998, the old BBT was a perfect fit between our observations and t
  6. It is stated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_universe "Albert Einstein added a positive cosmological constant to his equations of general relativity to counteract the attractive effects of gravity on ordinary matter, which would otherwise cause a spatially finite universe to either collapse or expand forever." But then he understood that it is a severe mistake and therefore, he had eliminated that cosmological constant from his equation. I wonder if Einstein had proved his equation – with or without the cosmological constant. If Einstein had confirmed its equation without
  7. How robust is our current mathematical theory? 1. Is it based on Einstein general relativity equation? 2. Do we use the forbidden cosmology constant in order to prove the theory? If the answer to the above is positive, then the answer had already been given by Einstein. He had already said that this is a big mistake. However, if we can prove our current mathematical theory by using Einstein general relativity equation, without the cosmology constant - Then we can claim clearly that we have a robust mathematical theory.
  8. O.K. Let's see if I understand it correctly: We have developed the BBT theory based on our observation. This theory includes several sections including the expansion, inflation and others. In order to support those theories and hypothesis we had to go back to Einstein equation and add that forbidden Cosmological constant. In other words, we need the cosmological constant to support our updated theories about the Universe. Now, if someone will dare to come and say that there is a simple explanation for what we see, we will tell him that our theories had been proved by Einstein
  9. Sorry, It seems that I didn't explain myself correctly. I fully agree with you that theories and models are adaptive. We can change and update the equation. Einstein is considered as the father of the modern science. If we get a command from a father then we must respect it. Einstein told us clearly that we shouldn't use the cosmological constant in his equation. Therefore, we shouldn't use it. If we use it, it isn't adaptation. It is violation. However, if we think that we must add a constant to the equation, then at least we shouldn't call it cosmolog
  10. Well, please see the following and decide by yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Einstein Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist. He developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics).[1][5]:274 Einstein's work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.[6][7] Einstein is best known in popular culture for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (which has been dubbed "the world's most famous equation").[8] He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics "for his services to theoretical
  11. Sorry - If I was too direct. But, I have asked myself: How Einstein would feel or tell us if he could come back to life and see that we are using the cosmological constant against his clear will.
  12. We must respect and accept Einstein will. As Einstein said - no, than it is no. There is no room for - but... He had clearly enounced that the cosmological constant is his biggest mistake and therefore we had been forced to eliminate this constant from his equation Hence, it is forbidden to add it back against his clearly request and under any circumstances. Once we add it back - this is a severe violation of his request and his equation. With that cosmological constant - we can't call it Einstein equation any more. It is forbidden!!! We are using the Glory of the name "Einstein" for
  13. If Einstein had eliminated the cosmological constant from his equation then it must be final. Hence, the cosmological constant must be out of Einstein equation for ever. Could it be that by adding someting to this equation (even if we call it also "cosmological constant"), then it is a sever violation of Einstein equation?
  14. O.K. Einstein originally used the cosmological constant to make the universe static. However, when he had understood that the Universe isn't static (as he had considered), he claimed that it was a big mistake to add the cosmological constant to his equations of general relativity If that is correct: 1. Why he didn't eliminate the cosmological constant from his equation? (If it is a mistake - than please fix it. It was his equation. I would assume that Einstein had to eliminate errors from his equation) 2. Why he didn't say that his theory for universe static was a severe mistake
  15. Thanks That is clear. What do you mean by static solution? Is it the expansion theory?
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