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  1. Dogs and Pigs are Considered Unclean.. QUESTION.. In The Quran, God Tells Noah to Save Two Of Every Kind Of Animal.. If God saw Dogs and Pigs as Unclean, Then Why Didnt God Drown Them in The Great Floods? Quran 11:40 Hud (Thus it was) till, when Our commandment came to pass and the oven gushed forth water, We said: Load therein two of every kind, a pair (the male and female), and thy household, save him against whom the word hath gone forth already, and those who believe. And but a few were they who believed with him. RESEARCH IT... The Quran would not have a foundation without the Old Testament.. The Story of Noah, States That God Asked To Save Two Of Every Animal.. If One Single Scripture Undermines Anything, Then The Whole Book Is Flawed.. People are very clever at editing out these facts.. Trying to prevent you from Asking these Questions..
  2. Mark 13:25 King James Bible And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. Question... How Can The Stars Fall From The Sky? 2000 years ago they didnt know what the stars were.. They looked up and saw specs of light in the night sky.. Didnt know they were huge balls of fire billions and trillions of miles away. The Scripture is Literal, It means those specs of light, Not comets or metors, but the specs of light they called stars.. If one single scripture has been disproved it undermines the whole bible and the belief system. How can God be wrong?
  3. Mass does not create gravity, Electromagnetism creates gravity... If suddenly there were no thunderstorms on the earth for a very long period of time, then the earth would start losing its gravitational pull. Lightning impacts the earth, and energizes the electromagnetic field, a weaker electormagnetic field means lower gravity.... MASS does Not create Gravity... Gravity is Electromagetism...
  4. Our Earth Spins, The Sun Spins, The Galaxy Spins... Because The Black Hole at the Centre of our Galaxy Spins.. 1. The Black Hole creates an Electromagnetic Field.. And It also Spins. 2. The Spin of Stars are Infleunced by the Spin of our Black Hole, because our star also has an Electromagnetic Field. 3. The Spin of our planet is influenced by the Spin of our Star, also because our planet has an electromgnetic field. Think about gears in a clock, The most Central Gear that has the greatest implact is the Black Hole, Then it causes the Gear that is our Star to spin. And then the gear of our planet Spins..... The Solar system spins also, because the Sun Spins... Everything that Rotates and Spins In Our Galaxy is Influenced by the Black Hole and If the Object has a strong enough electromegnetic Field.... Last Of All.. Waves are Not 2 Dimentional, Waves are Actually Pulses.. They are 3 Dimentional... Even the waves of the most inner sub atomic particle is a 3 Dimentional Pulse... So Gravitational Waves are Not 2 Dimational.. Gravitational Waves if they do exist are actually 3 Dimentional Pulses...
  5. Forget about transhumanism. Idea... Each human being holds their own immortalised DNA within their reproductive system.. Sperm cells, Embreonic cells all house Immortalised DNA. All you need to do is break down those cells, either find a cell that has the immortal DNA and allow it to multiply or use all the cells. Here is how it works.. You aged DNA will recognise the Immortalised DNA within the cells seeing as the immortalised cells are produced in your own body, and they will prefer to have the Immortalised DNA over the aged DNA. When you inject or consume the Immortalised DNA, it will gradually take over the old DNA. Eventually you will start to age in reverse, the immortalised DNA will start to age, so you will only age half way from your current age. The problem is trying to break down the sperm cells and embreonic cells without destroying them.. This would be relatively cheap to do.... Test my Idea...
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2746727/Maybe-shouldn-t-looking-quite-hard-God-particle-destroy-universe-warns-Stephen-Hawking.html Apparently someone thinks the Higgs Boson could destroy the universe... Do you really think human kind could ever have that power The only thing you will destroy is the earth... One Higgs Boson does not mean all higgs bosons.... One particle does not equate to all the particles in the universe..... Why do people create these assumptions that having understanding over a particle gives them the power over the entire universe? The higgs boson exists in all particles, even in me, so how come i have not felt anything when Cern plays around with it? the Higgs particles in me are not the same Higgs particles at cern... Tell me, why does he think this?
  7. I am more logical than emotional..... everyone has their own logic and reasoning, its doesnt all have to do with science... You assume logic and reason belongs only to scientific thinkers?
  8. Opinions usually come with direct objection or direct acceptance..... Ideas are not objections or acceptances, they are mearly creations of Imagination with the potential for manifestation. Never undermine an Imagination, because if all things are made of particles/energy then all things are possible... you just have not made them possible, Yet... " You could take a grain of sand and transform it into water " you just dont know how, Yet...
  9. I have no anger about things... I use logic to understand my feelings. God inspires me... The more you want to understand God with an Open Mind, the more you will know.. Either become everything, or become Nothing...
  10. My outlook is not religious... I believe in God, I believe in the Saviour, I Believe in Baptism, I Believe in Gods Words, But I dont believe in Religions or Churches etc... God never created religion. humanity did...
  11. The answers you are looking for are simple... Not complex... When you have passed through all the complexity, you will find the answers you were looking for were simple all along.... We make things more complex than they need to be... You will find how things become much more simple in the future..
  12. There is one thing you can never stop... And the inevitable is the end of the universe... The universe wont last forever... Nothing lasts forever... The End eventually does come... Only in the end you would wish there was a God that creates all things.. Only in the end would wish you believed... I dont blame God for mortality... We are not meant to have perfect bodies... " We didnt fully appretiate the perfect world, We didnt fully appretiate bliss, we didnt have complete independence, So God decided to create the human experience, a life were we could understand it, A life were we could desire it and appretiate it. " Unfortunatly you believe bliss would mean transhumanism, but it is not. What your creating is artifitial, and in the end you will feel more alone than you do now. The only way you could satify that loneliness is to create. Without God in your endless life you will never know peace or real love. If God decided to reveal himself to humanity, humanity would not Believe indepentantly, would not learn or change independently, If God did everything for us, we would not have the freedom. We were meant to solve our own problems... But we were not supposed to remove God for the equasion... In the very end, you will know... In the very end, you will say it... " I Believe in you "... I have found all I need to say on this website...
  13. There are many churches,synagogs, mosques and religions, and God made none of them
  14. Brilliant, so you can spell. does that make you intelligent? All of you so frustrated when someone hits the nail on the head about the things you dont admit to.. so all you do is undermine someone for making a spelling or grammar mistake or make insults... That is your last resort to relieve your frustrations... Spelling and Grammer does not define someone knowledge or intelligence... You worked so hard in school and college and even university, trying to become intelligent, being told what to believe is correct... So much focus, but still you dont see... You cant even create your own knowledge or ideas, you have to take everything from the education system...
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