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What are you listening to right now?


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James Blake - Overgrown.


Just won the Mercury Music Prize for 2013 - not entirely convinced. The good bits are like Nick Drake and he sounds like he is trying to channel Jeff Buckley in other bits. OK - they are two of my favourite singers of all time; but still...


And I hope he has better luck than those two tormented geniuses.

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What I am listening to right now is the audio books version of the book "Quantum Man, Richard Feynman's Life in Science" by Lawrence Krauss, read by the author.

Here is a humorous quote from the book:

"He [Feynman] is another Dirac, only this time human." Eugene Wigner speaking of Richard Feynman.

Wigner was talking about Feynman when he was young and then unknown to the scientific community.

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Continuing the earlier theme of strange covers - actually playing as I type: Alien Ant Farm - Strange Criminal.


Gotta put together a christmas office playlist - any suggestion welcome. to get an idea it traditionally starts with Pogues and Kirstie MacColl

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