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  1. Last chance for what? For you to lock it instead of trying to Understand? Wouldn't it be wise to just place it in the Brain Teaser? Or is it because you do not know what it is,therefor,"we" have to lock it away so no one else gets a try?
  2. I wish I could make a Topic: Inside the Mind of Isaac Newton.

    1. ADreamIveDreamt


      It's not like my Images aren't the same as his work. O' I forgot, I'm a spammer/troll...

  3. Do you use Physics to Understand Gravity?
  4. It just proves that most people only see the Images and not the secrets embedded in them images.I already know the answer. Let's just say both of their animations of what they're doing is embedded in them same two Images.The formula. Same as in Ancient Egypt with the Pyramids. Pretty cool if you ask me. Also,if you ever noticed anyone ever in History doing what they're doing there,you'll also see the same exact Image over and over... People like them pass on their secrets embedded through Images like a torch. ( They believe people who learn it,deserves it. ) If you Understand Math,Physics,Science and put it to that Image... you can also lift anything like it has no weight or like a spectre? I just know if I can see it so easily,so can anyone else. Stop looking at just the Image of it.What's embedded is where the secret is at. If you Understand what is embedded in them two same Images,you also can do what they did. ~ Cheers Recently I was directed to read about Leedskalnin is why I wanted to share.I already knew about Washington. And I yes,what they're doing has to do with Physics. A lot of other things also. And please,do not call this spam.
  5. Thank you, Isaac Newton.

    1. ADreamIveDreamt


      I remember when people laughed at Newton also...

  6. " Auditur et altera pars "

  7. I can link my own material,period. WTF No one can link their own material? That's the most ignorant thing I've heard all day. No one is allowed to post their own material? WTF!!??!?!?!?! Please,let the Mods do the talking for themselves. If others loved Science,Math,etc as I do, you would not even want to argue with me,but Understand. You would not want to fight,but Understand. Your egos are too big is the problem that I am seeing. Dear Admin, Judge me fairly.Remember "the people" are witnesses.
  8. I do not want to be banned. I love Science. I love Math. etc. It would be hypocritical also to ban me and not others,as what I am doing is no different from the rest.The only difference is,I'm giving away something important. Having friends on the voters list,isn't fair either. Judge me fairly. If we are going to judge me for a ban,can we find 12 people who know neither of us and allow them to judge me fairly?
  9. You do not even Understand my design is a perfect mathematical grid. Ignorance. Angry?Hatred? Ego rising? Soon you will have no other option but to ban me. I studied all of this,so I already know. Please,find love. That was directed towards me and my creation. Do not sugar coat it.You just did not know my design is a perfect math grid. ~Cheers I forgive you.
  10. Right there. You called my stuff mystical gibberish not knowing it is a perfect mathematical grid.
  11. They just want to argue.

    1. Endercreeper01
    2. ADreamIveDreamt


      I love your image in your profile.I also created one myself. xD

    3. Endercreeper01
  12. If I explain it to you,I get the credit. Don't you want the credit for your studies? Understand,I can sit here and explain everything,but I alone will only receive all credit. I want others to find what they seek,so they can be rewarded. Power people want others to explain everything,Teachers just want students to learn for theirself. You go from calling my stuff unique to nothing.
  13. If I gave you every answer,you would not think no more. I allow you to think higher with a new way of Understanding. I proved what is there,no one can disprove it is not there. Life is hard,but God is simple. I could say this :A=PI3 My point is that is a person studied most of what they claim,they would see as I do,as I studied these things. EdEarl, just for fun. Whatever it is you're studying,study it with my design and if you find what you seek,no matter what it is you study, know that I never lied. Just between us. Then and only then will you know,if not,you will never know. Why I do it my way is for everyone who LOVES this as much as myself,would want to reward others for their time. We are supposed to be rewarded.
  14. My point is that we would both have a similar Understanding of the game itself.I would not Understand Baseball and him Understand fishing. We would both know there is there is 1st base,2nd base,3rd base and home plate,we both would know there is an outfield and infield,etc... It is common sense. I never seen a person study Baseball and mistake it for fishing... Math is mystical gibberish? You do know that my design/creation is a perfect mathematical grid,right? Mystical gibberish?Really? Ignorant.
  15. Um.No,you did not get that part either. If you do not Understand something,stay away,please. If I explain it all,in which is everything,I will be made up to be a God. I will get all credit. Therefor,no one else would get any because my creation can explain everything. I want everyone to reach their goals. I just created a way everyone can learn what they're seeking just from one thing. Why study a million different things when you can just study from one?
  16. " ... time stops,so we never actually see the star collapse,we see a frozen image fading away of the dying star forever frozen in time..." " How beautiful" 2nd time I've seen this.Thanks. By the way, I love how he said "change the World" at the end! Stuff like that makes me
  17. If you and I both studied the Sport of Baseball,would we both not have a similar idea on how the Sport is played? If I can Understand you but you can not Understand me,does that mean you did not study the same thing as myself? Therefor,it supports my words as the truth and not a bold accusation. Also,you said my creation is "Geometry shapes",if true,why was it then removed? Is Math not apart of Science? Is Art not apart of Science? Still haven't created anything? If you had any kind of Understanding,I could put you in position to also change the World with me.As,anyone can join. I'll explain this the best way possible.I do not want all the credit.I want to share the credit because the people of the past is no longer here to enjoy the credit.I also know that there is people in this World that do have the same Understand as myself,that seek their goal,that will suffer for their goal. The point is,dots connect,as do our minds with thoughts,if you can not see or understand it,it is not meant for you,but that does not mean it is not meant for others. If you actually took the time to Understand it without hatred or an ego,you would Understand it. I'm not selling anything,what I am doing is basically giving it back. When you do not Understand and others do,but fear your authority/rules/ways,etc... they will listen to you even if you're wrong.In my eyes,that is wrong and not fair. No other person through lifes existence did what I am doing.Most people would put it away like a secret so you would not KNOW. I just know it is for everyone.
  18. I use mine for teaching. Maybe you're using yours wrong. Ignorance. There is no way possible for you to study a thousand images in this short of time to give a judgement worth value. You can see my creation in the link I posted. What have you created? These are not ideas. I do not care if someone Understands me, it is the fact that they lie about who they are,what they studied,etc... I do not care if this will die,as it was a question for Mods. Great minds will always think alike. I understand the 90% ignorance of the World, as I studied Math. The difference from yours and mine is, I'm using a perfect mathematical grid.
  19. One of the BEST movies ever!
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