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  1. The mind does not simply "play tricks". The brain is not made to create imagery. Instead, the brain recreates visual input. This means that there is always a source that the brain is recieving information from. The brain can't simply be creating all of this imagery on it's own without recieving information from a source. Consciousness experiences reality by connecting through a brain. Consciousness is not simply the brain, it is rather plugged in to the brain and sensory information. When someone has a near death experience, they are experiencing themselves, the consciousness, disconnect from the brain. It's not simply losing consciousness, their consciousness is just connecting to elsewhere.
  2. That's not my reasoning. My reasoning is that the Near Death Experiences that many have had are significant in that they indicate something fundamental about existence and life. If you know what a NDE is, you would know how vivid they are.
  3. It is only stupid and shameful in our "modern" world, where all forms of pride have been shamed (except for LGBT pride). It is not stupid and shameful at all when you value your own self identity over others. The misapplication of my logic that you have done does not matter. It is not being a sheep when I have opinions that differ significantly from what is the norm in todays world.
  4. If you had any idea what a near death experience is, you would not be comparing it to an optical illusion. What do you mean it isn't "evidence"? When so many people have had these experiences, it's not hard to see that they mean something. These experience can't simply be dismissed without looking further into them. Actually, we do have evidence of such. There are many witness testimonies of NDE that establishes that these experiences are really happening to people. You can't deny that people have had these experiences. A real sheep would be the one who follows what the "scientists" say on the issue.
  5. It's not very hard to see to any reasonable person. Once you actually know about everything that people have experienced during a NDE, it becomes obvious that it has to be something significant. These are vivid, detailed experiences.
  6. All I am doing is telling you how you have a weak argument. It's not that hard to see how you are oversimplifying me.
  7. A near death experience is a vivid, detailed experience. There is no way that it can be compared to "the mind playing tricks on you".
  8. There are no other possibilities. How can there be? That is what I am saying.
  9. There are so many things that are unexplained about the mind and consciousness. For you to say that the mind is only playing tricks on people is nothing more than being dismissive. It is easy to say without any true backing to it.
  10. Being loyal to one's culture, religion, and race is about self identity. It is honurable. The sheep are those that follow the crowd of acceptance and tolerance.
  11. Because there is nothing else that would cause these experiences.
  12. All three are a part of who I am. I would say the same towards this "message" of acceptance.
  13. If you had these experiences, they would change you.
  14. It doesn't have to be about me. It is about loyalty to my culture, religion, and race. They are only considered wrong to those that shame them for holding such views. Those that hold them don't see them as wrong.
  15. There are reasons for holding these views. These reasons make it justified to hold these views. I'm not saying that it doesn't justify public shaming.
  16. It is certainly evidence to any reasonable person. There is no denying that many people have had these experiences and that they mean something.
  17. That is just the result of homophobic views. It doesn't mean that homophobic views are themselves wrong.
  18. There is nothing wrong with having a negative view towards homosexuals.
  19. Homosexuality is definitely unnatural, as with transgenderism. Homosexuality can only be some sort of biological defect because humans are programmed to have sex for reproduction. Humans are programmed with attracted to the opposite sex for the purpose of procreation. Attraction to the same sex means that there is something wrong with the person that caused the defect.
  20. Thanks a lot for getting my thread closed...

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      You’re welcome. I’m happy to help. 

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      Strange didn't get your thread closed, you did, by violating the rules.

  21. Seriously, giving me a point for soapboxing?

    You are an arrogant mod.

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      TBH, I never read your posts until someone reports them for violating the rules. Sorry :(.

  22. There can not be scientific answer to how space and time were created in an instant. Yes there is. The past only exists to the observer that exists in the present. It is only possible to have the creation of space-time occur in the past because the observer is observing the event in the present.
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