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  1. i will consist of two . 1. hypertrophy , so muscle mass and size 2. strength
  2. I did a research for myself and basic principle is "tear and repair" the muscle for such building of muscle. now question is what is most EFFICIENT way to build such muscle with weight lifting, shall i lift heavy or lift light, shall i do many or small many thanks in advance
  3. thank you for all your answers much appreciated phi for all yes "normal" is better word, whether such things is normal or not, unnatural by definition refer to wild my mistake.
  4. thank u for ur reply, much appreciated but I am wondering if penis is made vagina, it is natural, but penis rub penis, vagina rub vagina, penis in anus, seems very unnatural, even for an animal, if they do it, there seems no point in such things besides maybe pleasure but seems as though it was not made for such things so i deem unnatural
  5. since the penis is made for vagina and not the rectum i wonder if homosexuality is unnatural putting aside ethics or freedom and rights of such gays, is it an unnatural act and mentality for homosexuality , man erotic over man, woman erotic over woman one may say there is acts of such in the wild, but does it matter? that may also be unnatural also
  6. good evening i am wondering if the homo erectus or neanderthal man that may have access to plentiful food source suffer from obesity or overweight issue many thanks
  7. what causes skin aging like the sun I read on google saying it causes skin to age, what else beside time that cause aging many thanks
  8. Ok i went to my family doctor as well as a mental health institute and they said I need to cut down on salt and sugars, i don't know why, and walk everyday for at least 30 minutes. I am 22 years old 5'7 and 300 pounds currently. Thanks for all the advice guys really appreciate it. Oh yeah and from mental health place i was given medication to control my hunger appetite
  9. guys i wonder if i should do running when i lose weight instead of now since i am obese person maybe it will do damage to my joints if i run as obese person, should I stick to walking?
  10. is that due to human eating habits or person natural body
  11. can you give me advice on losing weight please, i am 300 pounds and wanting to lose 80 pounds. how long would such process take.
  12. According to wikipedia a cheetah weighs between 21 - 72 kg. Is that the weights from its childhood also that is included or adulthood only https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheetah
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