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  1. Can the study of UFOs be scientific?

    If you accept witness sightings of UFOs, there is no reason not to accept witness sightings of other phenomena. Acknowledging witness sightings of UFOs opens the door for other phenomena to be acknowledged based on witness sightings. Once witness sightings become valid for one phenomena, they become valid for other phenomena as well. There must either be credibility to many phenomena based on witness sightings or no credibility for any of them.
  2. What is faith?

    Yes, we can... It has been a long 18 pages of discussion. You're right, it shouldn't exclude knowledge of the natural world. The purpose of looking inward is not to prevent one from looking outward. Although, the focus should still be inwards rather than answers. When trying to find answers about the inner reality, it only makes sense to look inwards towards it, for answers about it. The external reality has different answers to different questions, although it can certainly help in answering the internal questions by looking outward.
  3. What is faith?

    I'm only trying to make communication easier between us... It's alright....
  4. What is faith?

    I was trying to respond to a question. When the self is central to it's existence, there is some sense in placing faith in the self. It's more fundamental than egocentricity. Oneself can trust oneself that it exists. Once that is accepted, it can lead oneself down a path of faith. You do realize that I was only trying to answer your question... Sometimes, certain ideas are inherently difficult to explain or understand, or to communicate through words.
  5. What is faith?

    "Your" self is always yours. As long as "you" are observing from the perspective of "your" self, then "you" are the self. When you observe from yourself, then yourself is not separate from the self. So in this sense, one can place faith in the self rather than exclusively towards one's self.
  6. What is faith?

    I'm not entirely sure, if that's what your asking. I don't consider myself anything other than a thinker.
  7. What is faith?

    There's a difference between one's own self and the self. One can place faith in the self rather then one's own self.
  8. What is faith?

    Yes. It is one way to have faith.
  9. What is faith?

    Yes, by putting faith in the self.
  10. What is faith?

    I can't find any truths with absolute certainty, although I can try to develop answers based on my own understanding. There are some leaps of faith that have to be made in order to make any progress.
  11. What is faith?

    That's not a straw man, I was making a statement....
  12. What is faith?

    Where you say that "they' think they are special, I would say it a different way. I would say that they see themselves as the conscious observer as being special in some sense. In this sense they would be driven towards faith as a result of such thinking. I don't know what you want me to do if you can't understand my sentences besides trying to explain it again or in a different way... You could say that there is no ground for my personal faith. I would disagree because I see my faith as grounded in a particular set of beliefs, as part of a world view. Faith has a basis in a personal worldview. Actually, my idea of faith does not involve a belief in anything higher than the self. In my idea of faith, it does not require a higher power to be distinguished from the action or influence of the self. Nice thinking, although it hardly defeats my statement....
  13. What is faith?

    To put it another words: It's about looking inwards rather than outwards that leads one down a path to faith.
  14. What is faith?

    That is not what I am taking about. I am taking about questions about the inner world as in the inner self, the observer. It does not make sense to research the external reality to discover the answers to certain questions about the innermost reality of the self. There's a lot to be said about this topic. Quantity of answers does not determine quality.
  15. What is faith?

    Certain existential questions concerning the inner world of the self cannot be answered with research about the outside world.