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  1. The Julia set for zero is pretty boring, just a disk. If the area around the disk is colored by the quadrant the iterated constant is in when it diverges,(sorry if my terminology is wrong. please correct me) the pattern of a binary tree forms. If you could zoom in on the edge of the disk 'forever' would the points on the circumference be sorted into two sets?
  2. paintbynumber Julia dancing Julia anim3s.ogv
  3. moth

    Impeachment Hearings

    That would be nice. Looks like we'll have plenty of foreign assistance so everybody votes "right".
  4. moth

    Impeachment Hearings

    He didn't doit. Even if he did, it wasn't a crime. Also he has the affluenza so you can't blame him for his actions. This presidency reminds me of the death of a Spinal Tap drummer. A mystery best left unsolved.
  5. moth

    Impeachment Hearings

    YES i concur.But the trump people have been so successful convicting the democrats with conspiracy theories, I don't expect to see any reasonable evidence from them.
  6. moth

    Impeachment Hearings

    Are the president's lawyers claiming the witnesses are being mis-quoted and the documents don't support a request for a bribe while demanding we don't need to see any documents or hear any witnesses?
  7. wow sometimes i lookat things and don't even see it: ct^2-dx^2-dy^2-dz^2=0 or we're not in kansas anymore.Thanks for helping me with that.
  8. So frequency is just an expression of a photon's energy (momentum) and not a little clock. That makes sense, but there are photons from the B.B. that are billions of years old out there, and i guess it's strange to me that in some ways it was no time at all. Probably just me being anthropocentric.
  9. How do these rights affect constructal theory? And who is granted these rights. Only Humans?
  10. Thanks for your insights. I enjoy reading your posts, and usually learn something from them.
  11. Sounds like my innate rights are to eat and be food. Are there more?
  12. I think it's because time and frequency seem so related it's hard to understand how a photon can exhibit different frequencies in the same amount of time, zero.
  13. Thanks, i was wondering about geodesics and minimizing the action earlier but didn't want to muddle things up. That's the Lagrangian? (analyzing the action). I wonder about ds=0 for massless particles though. Is that because of the Lorentz factor or is there another reason?
  14. The institution of governance says it's an economic decision, who lives or dies. Do 'innate rights' matter if you're defenseless? I'm suspicious when i hear about using the mathematics that describe nature to justify economic decisions. Maybe because it cost a few trillion dollars to bail out the banks just a few years ago because of the complex math used to sell the 'derivative' financial products.
  15. This seems too generic. Does Ebola have the same rights as me?
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