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  1. OK, I got the wrong end of the stick there... So just to clairfy, the fact that the first digits of the numbers formed a bell-curve indicates that it is likely they were randomly selected, as opposed to produced in some non-random way? So basically, it's gibberish? And there's nothing notable or significant in the arrangement of the first digits?
  2. Sorry if this is a stupid or ignorant question, but does the fact that the numbers in the puzzle are distributed (is that the right word?) so as to form a bell-curve indicate that the numbers may have been somehow intelligently chosen - or "made up", as you put it? As opposed to being randomly chosen?
  3. I am trying to reach out to mathematically minded people So asking the same thing on two maths/physics forum is the logical thing to do I assure you I am no spammer I have been given these numbers and the arrow things by someone I know He told me what to write down He likes setting puzzles I trust him But who exactly he is is not important I have been told there is a solution And the hint is that it's something to do with black-holes Maybe what he's put together is wrong, I wouldn't know I'm just putting it out there, for anyone who's interested And I can understand your scepticism It literally means nothing to me Do with it as you will
  4. Only these two No more I wouldn't call it spam I'm merely asking different communities
  5. My source has assured me there is a solution and that it is possible to solve And that it is not just random numbers And I believe him I've been told by my source that it's something to do with black holes But I have no idea what I'm just an intermediary I'm not a physicist I know nothing about black holes
  6. Hello, I have been given a puzzle to pass on to people who may be able to solve it. Here it is: It doesn’t matter where it comes from I’m just an intermediary… Perhaps someone here will be able to solve it? Unfortunately there is no financial reward for solving it And apparently the solution tells us something new about black holes But I don’t know what I am not a mathematician or a scientist so it means nothing to me
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